A lot of money making opportunities are being promoted online. Making money online may not be impossible but it is not easy either.  As a first step, You should be able to differentiate between real money making opportunity and a Scam. Today I am going to review Profit 365 to help you know about this system. The Owner of the Profit 365 claims that he will the training to you on how to make substantial money online easily.

Profit 365 Quick Review

Name: Profit 365
Website: profit365.co
Owner: James Lewis
Price: $34 + upsells



Profit 365 - Summary

 Profit 365 is an affiliate marketing Training Program created by James Lewis. The training mainly concentrate on promoting ClickBank Affiliate Products using Solo Ads and Youtube Videos.

You will be paying to other marketing experts to promote your affiliate Links through email sent to their email list Subscriber.

This is very risky preposition as those subscribers might have joined the list for some other product and would be least interested in this system.

You will not be promoting the products to the targeted traffic and end up losing your hard earned money.


As an online marketer, I know that making a living online is not as easy as some of the Scammers would like you to believe.

Profit 365 does not fall under the Scam Category and they provide some basic training to get started with Affiliate marketing.

However training is not complete and seems to be outdated but may help you make some money.

In Case you are interested to join Profit 365, Keep on reading the complete review.



What Is Profit 365 System?

Profit 365 is a system which deals with affiliate marketing training. The owner of the system claim that the system will help you learn how to make money online by promoting ClickBank's affiliate products.

The total affiliate marketing training is covered in 15 videos of approximate duration 0f 2.5 hours.

As you may know, affiliate marketing is the best option to make money online. But you must be familiar with all aspects of affiliate marketing.

Profit 365 system, however, does not contain enough details to make you expert in the field. The videos are very old and have been created and sold under another training system already.

The training emphasized on using solo ads and youtube platform for promoting Clickbank affiliate products. You will also be trained to build your email list using click funnel.

The motive behind launching the system would be to help you make money online and training does provide some basic information about affiliate marketing.

Jamie Lewis himself is an experienced online marketer and is making a lot of many online but you can not make money as fast as claimed by him in the sales video.

The Solo ads and Youtube channels help in driving the traffic to your money making a website but it is not all that easy and requires a lot of work.

The claims that you will have total control of the system and start making money immediately are totally baseless.

I personally don’t like this type of marketing gimmicks but these quite common amongst the creators of the product for pushing you into buying their products.

Sales video actually do not share any details about the system. The video is just to tell you how much money can you make with the system.

Another thing that you will encounter when you reach the website is a video that doesn’t offer very much details about the actual course that is offered.

Believe me, there is no shortcut for making money and unless you are ready to work hard you will keep on using money by joining different platforms rather than making any.

Profit 365 Company Overview:

Profit 365 is launched by James Lewis. He is an experienced online marketer and makes money through affiliate marketing and also by selling his own digital products. I have already reviewed Profit Injector, another training program created by him.

He has created a lot of campaigns to make money with various affiliate networks like Amazon. eBay, CJ and ClickBank Etc.

In this system, he is offering you one of these readymade campaigns so that you can add your own affiliate links and start making money.

He has also included training on how to use various methods for driving traffics for this done for you System

Can you Make Money with Profit 365?

Yes, you can make some money with Profit 365 but there are many other factors to be considered before joining the system. You should not expect to make thousands of Dollars immediately as claimed by the owner.

In order to succeed in the affiliate marketing business, you must know how to drive targeted organic traffic to your offers besides the paid traffic.

Paid traffic is not very highly convertible and is very risky. If you do not have experience in running Solo Ads, you may end up losing a lot of money in experimentation and finding what works for your offer.

The Site visitors may just be researching for the products and may not be actually interested in buying the products but you will have to pay for each click on your PPC campaign

In my opinion, paid traffic may not work well for the beginners who are short on budget and can not afford to spend a huge amount to get started.

I am an experienced affiliate marketer myself and making 6 figure income but I have never relied on the paid traffic.

I have learned to drive targetted organic traffic and make own list rather than buying the list from the third party as advised by Jamie.

Profit 365 does not train you on building your own money making a website and creating contents for your website which is the basic requirement of online marketing.

Cost of Joining Profit 365 Program:

The front end of Profit 365 is very affordable and can be joined for $34 payable once. However, Like many other similar products, you will be hit with many upsells.

This is where the creators of the system make money. They will trap you into buying the cheaper product and then offer the upsells.

They are not very transparent and do not disclose this in their sales video.

Once you get bombarded with the upsells offers, you would start feeling that those are required for making money online and then you would end up paying few hundreds of dollars in search of your first affiliate commission.

Profit  365 Pros:

  1. The training deals with the legitimate way of making money online.
  2. You will learn the basics of affiliate marketing and can get started in the right direction.
  3. The system offers money back Guarantee.

Profit 365 Cons:

  1. The training does not teach touch the main aspects of affiliate marketing like website creation and content writing.
  2. Training does not focus on SEO techniques and organic traffic.
  3. The system is not transparent about the upsells.
  4. You can not expect to make a living out of this system.
  5. The sales video makes false claims of making money fast with the system.


Is the Profit 365 A Scam?

Profit 365 System cannot be categorized as a Scam as the system provide basic training and you can make some money with this.

In fact, if you ignore the upsells, the chances are that you will be able to recover the money spent on buying the system, if not more.

The training is too basic and outdated and the worst part is that you make to believe that affiliate marketing is very simple.

DOne for you System does not work most of the times and if you are serious about making money online, you must invest your money in a system which teaches affiliate marketing from scratch.

I do not recommend you buying a system which concentrates only on one aspect of affiliate marketing i.e paid traffic. To start with I never advise you to burn your fingers by spending on the Solo ads but rather spend your time and money on a trusted system which can train you to make money with any affiliate platform by creating your own brand.

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