Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Membership :

With so many internet Gurus around giving you tips on how to make money online,  It is very difficult for you to decide what will work for you and where do you start? 

It is possible that you end up with more questions than answers. I would advise you to pick a system carefully,  do all the research before joining and then stick with it and follow it without distraction.  You may make some mistakes while working but You will learn from those and develop yourself as a  good affiliate marketer.

I receive many emails inquiring about the wealthy Affiliate.. People's curiosity can easily be understood for one of the most sought after training programs for making money online. Today I am going to answer the most asked question -Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Membership?

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Membership

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun


Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most lucrative opportunities available online. More and more people are turning towards affiliate marketing as they have seen the potential.

Affiliate marketing industry is already worth $12 billion and growing at an exceptional rate.  Affiliate marketing is not going to make you rich overnight but is a long term money-making option to achieves financial independence.  

To start you online business, all that you require is a laptop, access to the internet and competent Training. Many people are trying to tap this opportunity by Joining Wealthy Affiliate training and be Wealthy themselves.

In this article I have shared all facts as an insider so that you can find the answer to question- Is wealthy affiliate worth membership.

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Is Online Business Risky ?

Learn Affiliate Marketing

When You have decided to finally start your business, You will have to start somewhere.

It would definitely help if you look at it in terms of RISK Involved.

First just try to find out how much time, effort and money would have been required to set up a brick and mortar business. 

If you plan to open an offline Brick and Mortar Store, the cost would include the money spend on

  • Market Research
  • Buying Shop or taking on rent
  •  Shop fittings like Furniture , Lighting, Laptops and CCTV etc.
  • Stock and Inventory
  • Recruiting Sales and account Personals

What if it doesn't work? Should you need to close the doors, you will only be able to recover a percentage of the total outlay.

On the other hand, online business, affiliate marketing in particular won't have a lot of expenses associated with it. You will have to spend money on

  • A Personal computer if already do not have it.
  • Internet Connection
  • Cost of Booking a Domain
  •  Web Hosting
  • Training Cost: Discussed in Detail later in this article. 

As you can see the risk is almost negligible compared to a traditional business. Should it not be working out for you, you will not lose a huge amount of money.

So, if your life depended on it would you start today? Affiliate marketing may be the best way to get started and leave the worries behind. Yes it take some time but assured results can be achieved with patience and persistence.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business?

You do not require any special education to get started. If you can operate a computer and surf web, you can start affiliate marketing business. 

Yes some basic skills would be required for affiliate marketing business and those can be imparted with an affiliate marketing training from the experts in the market.

You will not find any globally recognised affiliate marketing training course or examination , but it very much possible to find the best affiliate marketing training programs like Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you are not aware, there are already thousands of affiliate programs available and you find a product to promote in almost every possible niche.  

With the passage of time more and more people are starting their online business and affiliate marketing is too becoming very competitive.  But the market is still not Saturated as the shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay and Walmart are also expanding their areas and starting their operations in new Countries. 

 Role of Wealthy Affiliate:

There may be lots of free resources available online for learning Affiliate marketing but you would be looking forward to learn from the experts who know the industry and have got their credentials established. This is where the role of Wealthy Affiliate would start in your online success journey.

The main problem with the free resources available on you tube are they have not been prepared keeping you in mind but for making money for the youtubers who have loaded thoses videos. They do not provide the complete information and moreover free training s are never well organized and you may waste a lot of time without gaining any knowledge.

You need a step by step training with proper "To Do" list at the end of every chapter. You would require a complete training setup for clearing your doubts on 24X7 basis irrespective of TIme Zone of your country.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate University an experts in this field? 

Wealthy Affiliate Training platform also known as the Wealthy University (WAU) was founded by Kyle and Carson in the year 2005.  They met in University and decided to start something new in internet marketing which can benefit whole community apart from making money for themselves.

They gained extensive practical knowledge by working on various projects before finally launching Wealthy Affiliates.

 They created wealthy affiliate from Scratch and this training platform can be used for building  your business from scratch.

WAU offers an exhaustive training in affiliate marketing covering all the aspect of affiliate marketing like website Development, Keyword research, content writing , content marketing , email marketing, search engine optimization, research, Pay per click ads and much more.

You can Join wealthy affiliate training for a monthly or annual subscription but the best part is that they offer 7 days free access to the compete training so that you can yourself evaluate the worth.

Moreover you shall be able to launch you free website with your free training and rank it in Google.

The whole training is well organized into multiple sections for ease of learning and at the end of each section you will find the Action Plan.

There is a live chat forum that can be used to clear doubts instantly and Kyle and Carsons are also available for members to contact and they ensure that they respond personally to each and every mail sent to them. 

Wealthy affiliate training platform have includes all the resources and tools required for affiliate marketing. Moreover all the successful entrepreneur share their experiences on the regular basis which not only would motivate you but also set the guidelines for you. 

Most of these tools  like Keyword research tools, Content management system, Site Builder, Spell checker, Domain finder would be available online but as a premium member you get everything free with wealthy affiliate.

With the step by step training, Resources and tools, the Program leaves no room for failure, it is difficult if not impossible to fail as an affiliate when you are a member of WA.

Cost of Joining Wealthy Affiliate:

The main reason you would like to Join wealthy Affiliate right now is because it offers an option of free starter account so that you can try out the training and decide if you liked it.

Many platforms out there will charge $99 or more to join, and then you still have to buy the training modules. Here at Wealthy Affiliate all it takes to join is a username and password. You don't even enter payment information to get started.

As a starter member, you will have free access to the first 10 lessons of training in both the training modules i.e  the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp Course.

In these lessons you will learn more about affiliate marketing and get started with building your own money website after selecting the niche. You will also learn and write some contents for your website.

The best thing about the starter program is that during your first you can upgrade to premium for only $19 at discount of 61%.

I would  advise you to go premium on the 7th day to avail the offer and get access to the complete training. Now you can go through the training at your own pace and can move at any time. I feel you can invest $19 on yourself and see the affiliate marketing magic working for you.

The membership fee for second month onward is $49 per month. There's even an annual subscription option that cut the price to almost half and you have to pay $29/ month Only.  

How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

I would like to point out that that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick type of scheme. It is not possible to become a millionaire overnight with Affiliate marketing.

Building a successful affiliate business would require  a lot of hard work and effort.  But if you are willing to stick at it for quite some time without distraction and not give up then you are far more likely to succeed to become a wealthy affiliate.

You might have come across lot of online programs claiming that you can make $5000 or $10000 per month but Wealthy Affiliate do not make such claims and rightly so.

I am a premium member of wealthy Affiliate and making 6 figure income with wealthy affiliate training or I would not have been there paying my annual subscription.

I can assure you that training is one of the best and you will find all the resources and tolls to be successful. If you follow the training properly , nothing can stop you from replicating my business success.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Training membership worth Buying?

As I told the premium membership is available for  $19 for the first month and $49/ month thereafter or $29/ month if you opt for annual subscription.

Wealthy Affiliate  prime membership include  5 level of the Entrepreneur certification training and 6 levels of Affiliate BootCamp along with live weekly webinars delivered by Jay Neil, WA's head trainer.

In case you miss the live webinar, you  can watch it later any time as it will be available for you  with all the old webinars till date.

You will also get web hosting free for 25 websites and a website builder to build your website. You will have access to Free word press templates and thousands of Stock Pictures which you can use without any copyright worries.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership also includes free access to the best Keyword research Tool, Jaaxy. 

You can use Jaaxy not just for finding the low competition key word but also for finding other parameters like the number of websites competing for particular keyword, traffic for key word and total researches. These parameters are very important for search engine optimization and ranking high on Search Engines.

In addition to the above mentioned training resources and the tools, you will also become part of a very amazing helpful community. You will find the like minded people at various level of success. Some of them earning in 6 figures while some of them might have just tasted the success or some may be newbies like you.

Personally, I feel WAU training will guide you to the extent possible so that you can build your own successful online business which will change your life for ever. 

I hope I have been able to answer all your queries regarding worthiness of Wealthy Affiliate membership. In case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below in Comment section. I would reply at the earliest possible.

Good Bye.

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