$500 Per Day Cash Machine | Is Website ATM A Scam or Legit

Is Website ATM a Scam?

Make $500 or more just Clicking a Button. Website ATM is totally done for you. 

You might have received a similar mail in your inbox inviting you to join Website ATM for making money online.

I appreciate that you have decided to do thorough research before joining the program.

Internet is flooded with similar advertisements. When I got started, I lost lot of money in Scams before I started making money online. After Achieving success in online marketing , I decided to start exposing such scams. 

Before we get stared with website ATM review and find the reality behind the owner's claim, I would like to share my recommend program with you that has helped me make six figure income last year.

WEBSITE ATM - Quick Summary

Name: Website ATM
Owner: Nick
Price: $ 47

Best For : No One



Misleading hypes, Fake Testimonials and Limited spots are some of those red Flags which I will discuss in details. 

First of all You can never make even $1 without doing any work leave apart $500.

If that really is the case then the owner of this program may not be making the videos and promoting them.

The system is designed to lure newbies searching for fast cash.

Believe me, You can make money online only if you are willing to do hard work and are consistent.

I am an online marketer and make full time income online. I know what it takes to earn $500 per day.

I am not demotivating you. Making $500 or more per day but at least there is no magic push button.

It is definitely possible to make legitimate income online but online business has to be treated like any other business. To be a successful online entrepreneur , you must be willing to work hard, keep patience and be ready to learn.

Any new business would require some extra skills. And with some training, It is possible to make 6 figure income online.

What is Website ATM?


Website ATM is nothing but a Website Builder created by Nick Harvey. It is being promoted as a cash machine which can be used to generate $500 per day.

The narrator in the sales video tells you that they are just going to sell 300 copies of the system and each website made by the system would be capped at $500 per day.

He wanted you to keep this as Secret but in reality when you are being recruited to promote the system and get some percentage from the sales amount.

Capping hardly makes any sense since no one is going to make even $5 with the automatically created website.

You can make huge money with your affiliate website but then you need constant traffic on your website. You will have to learn all the techniques to drive organic traffic and rank high in the search engines.

Once the website build by you start receiving the visitors and you will make money when they buy the products promoted by you but there can not be any ways to cap the money made by you.

So in nutshell, you will get a  DFY website upon joining the program.

They would just give you the access to the website hosted on their web server and you may have to pay a hectic sum for web hosting.

Moreover, they will never tell you that search engines do not rank the duplicate content and hence it will never generate any traffic and money.

Like any other Scam, the narrator of Website ATM sales video will try to convince you that you will start making $500 per day just after signing up. The Signing up Fee is $47.

If people can make $500 just by signing up and paying $47, I guess no one would do any hard work. 

In case no work is required for making money, why the owner of the program is advertising and selling the system for just $47.

I am an affiliate marketer my self and earn a full-time income online but I know how much hard work I have put in to reach this stage. I am happy that I have become my own boss and now working just 3 to 4 hours a day. It would not have been possible without burning the oil in my initial days.

Making full-time income online is definitely possible but it needs hard work and consistency apart from step-by-step training.

Website ATM also creates a misleading hype regarding Limited spots available in your Locality. In case you visit the website after some days, you will still find available the same number of Spots in Your Locality.

The almost whole video is made to inform you that you can start making $500 per day just after joining the system but they do not reveal anything about the system and how can you make money with the platform after joining.

The video seems to follow the same narrative used in other scams reviewed by me like "silk Road Effect", " 22 minutes to profit", "Bullet Proof Profit " and many more.

I always advise you to Join a transparent system which provides the free trial so that you can become familiar with the system.

How Does website ATM Work?

They followed the simple policy to lure you on their landing page having the sales video and pushing you into the Scam.

You might land up on their sales page following some SPAM email in your inbox or some social media advertisement.

Once you land on the sales page, they will ask you to submit your name, email, and mobile number. They will add Your details in their funnel and start bombarding your inbox with SPAM emails. They may also sell the information to the third party

Irrespective of the point whether you buy their membership or not, you will start getting promotional emails.

The worst part is even if you buy their program they will immediately hit you with upsells.

Believe me, they will disappear from the scene much before your anticipation and you will not be able to recover your hard earned money.

Website ATM - Red Flags:

The website ATM platform is a complete Scam. You will see the red flag at every step. Still, I would like to mention some of those.

  1. You can make $500 per day just on hitting the button. I have never seen such a magic button in my life.
  2. The narrator in the video will tell that you will make $500 per day without doing anything. If money can simply be made by doing nothing, why has he made the video and promoting it?
  3. The website creates unnecessary scarcity by letting you know that seats are limited up to 300.
  4. We really do not know the man behind the scene. If you google the name of the owner, you will not find any Nick Harvey associated with this business.
  5. The sales video do not show any picture of Nick. You will come to know about this name through the people used for testimonials.

 Is Website ATM a Scam?

Do you still have a doubt?

You may get some website against your Membership Fee but what you are getting is worth $47?

I normally purchase the products before reviewing them but in this case, I decided not to waste my money.

Everything about the platform indicates a Scam.

The website ATM is set up to play with the people's emotions who are ambitious to make some money online.

Simply you can not make $500 per day with DFY website without doing any work.

Is there an Alternative:

You can make money online but there is no shortcut. When I started a few years back I also struggled a lot to earn my first Dollar online.

But I never gave up and fortunately, I found a legitimate training program. I followed their step by step training and now I am earning Six Figure regular online income.

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