If you are in online and internet marketing, you may already know the importance of finding the best keywords for your contents. You can use the Jaaxy Keyword research tool for finding the right keyword with the least competition to generate targeted traffic for your website which otherwise is the most difficult and time-consuming task. A website without targeted traffic is probably as good as a shop without Customer.

A website can only promote your business and helps in earning money if it is ranked high on search engines. If you are looking for targeted traffic for your website, Jaaxy is  Solution for you.

Quick Report

Name: Jaaxy
Website: jaaxy.com
Owner: Kyle and Carson
Price: Free to $49/ month




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Jaaxy Keyword research Tool is one of the best Tool for Online Marketers. rank high over other research Tools because of its Simplicity and ease of use.

You would need this tool once you have setup your website and are looking forward to write compelling contents using Long tail key words. 

You have probably just entered in Affiliate marketing domain of Thinking of Doing so.

Do you just need the tool  or a step by step training to succeed in Affiliate Marketing?

What if I Offer this tool as Free with the complete step by step training on Affiliate Marketing?

Yes You heard it right. 

In my Jaaxy keyword research tool review, I will show you why Jaaxy is considered the best competitive keyword research tool. I will also guide you to use Jaaxy to solve your problem of finding the right keyword in no time.

Who Owns the Jaaxy:

Jaaxy is owned by Karl and Carson and they are the owner of the wealthy affiliate as well. Since they are affiliate marketer themselves, they know the importance of keyword research and the process involved. Using most of their experience, they have designed Jaxxy in such a way that it gives you a lot of instant information about the keyword which can be used to generate traffic.

What Is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?

Jaaxy is an advanced keyword research tool. It collects information from search engines and after processing the information, it will give you the list of long tail keywords instantly with lots of details like a number of searches, competition, and other indicators.

I will discuss all these indicators in details.

Jaaxy will provide all these details in a matter of second which otherwise will take hours if collected manually.

Furthermore, Researchers can be automated with Jaaxy. Jaaxy is mobile friendly and the best part is that you are not required to download and install it anywhere like other keyword research tools.

Why am I using Jaaxy?

  • The most advanced version of the competitive keyword research tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • Give the right information in real time.
  • Saves precious time.
  • Jaaxy can be used to perform keyword research for your Google AdWords and Bing advertisement campaign also.

Various indicators provided by Jaaxy and their meaning.

1. Avg ( Number of searches per month):

When you search for any keyword, Jaaxy will immediately give you the indication for the number of people searching for this particular keyword every month.

2. Traffic:

This will give you an idea of traffic, your website will receive if it is ranked on the first page in search engine. Now if you create your post around this keyword, you will get free-targeted traffic. You are not building your post for search engines but if you neatly craft your web post around the keyword, you will get free traffic

3. QSR (Quoted Search Results):

QSR will tell you about the competition. The quoted search result is the number of competitor’s websites ranking in Google for this keyword.

Definitely, You will be looking for less competition but then you must keep on eye on traffic also. You must have an approach of researching for a keyword with less competition with some good traffic. I like to build my post for a competition less than 200.

2. KQI (Keyword quality Indicator):

This will give you an indication of the actual quality of the Keyword. As an affiliate marketer, you will like to build your website around great keywords only.

KQI use three colors:

  1. Red for Poor.
  2. Yellow for Normal
  3. Green for Great

4. SEO:

SEO gives you the indication whether your keyword will have the possibility of ranking in Google or not. It is the combined score for competition and traffic. Higher SEO means more probability of ranking in Google.

5. Domain name:

Jaaxy will tell you whether the domain name with the same keyword is available. This is helpful if you have not build your website and you are looking for keyword and domain both.

Practical Example:

I have researched for “Jaaxy keyword research tool “and got the following results.

the-Jaaxy-Keyword-research -tool

If you compare the top two options, you will find that the keyword "Jaaxy Keyword research tool review" have a little bit less traffic but you will be competing with very less number of website for this keyword and SEO is also very near to perfect.

If you are planning to write content for  " best keyword research tool", hold on. You are not going land anywhere in search engine ranking and will be wasting your time and efforts.

Other Functionalities:

In addition to Keyword research, Jaaxy has other features also. Due to this, Jaaxy can be used for:

  • Niche ideas
  • Affiliate programs
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Brainstorming the ideas.
  • Ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Therefore I treat Jaaxy as best suited most advanced competitive keyword research tool.

Who can use the Jaaxy keyword research tool?

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is ideal for anyone in digital marketing or online marketing. It is the best option available for searching for good keywords with the least competition and high traffic. This will provide most accurate real-time data for your keywords.

Jaaxy serves the purpose of someone just starting an online business to very experienced online marketers

All the noteworthy features provided by Jaaxy are very difficult to find in one tool. Hence with Jaaxy, you are not required to skip to other tools for your SEO needs.

The Good about Jaaxy

  • Easy to work with.
  • Provide more keyword ideas in one search.
  • Provide your site ranking for the Keyword.
  • No need to download any software.
  • Provide real-time correct information.
  • You can check domain availability within Jaaxy.
  • Good training videos.
  • Very good technical support.

The Bad about Jaaxy

Try it  Free and Share with me in comments, if you find any

 The Bottom Line

Jaaxy is an incredible keyword research tool because this does not require any special skills to use. Furthermore, Jaaxy does not require any installation. As a result, Jaaxy is my # No 1 recommended tool for keyword research.

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