Today I am going to share the details of Javita Coffee weight Loss, a money-making opportunity alongside losing the Belly Fat. Javita Weight Loss coffee also known as Javita Burn + Control may help you lose excess weight effortlessly.

Javita Weight Loss Coffee is designed to tackle the three major contributors to weight gain i.e undigested fats and carbs, slow metabolism and lack of appetite control.

Apart from offering all these benefits, Java coffee weight Loss  Program offers an MLM opportunity to make money.

People feel that  Products being sold through Network marketing normally do not justify the huge claims made by the organizations. Many others have shown concerns about the compensation plans.

In this Javita Coffee Weight Loss review, I will share the details so that you can find out if the products offered are worth your money. I will also discuss the probability of making money with Javita weight Loss Coffee network marketing as an independent distributor.

Quick Report

Name: Javita International Ltd
Website: https://www.javita.com

Owner: Stan Cherelstein
Price: $99 or $599 plus monthly 

Opportunity: Network marketing



Are you serious about making money Online?

Javita International Ltd is not a Scam. The Products offered by Javita are internationally recognize for weight loss and weight Management.

However I do not recommend Javita or any other MLM as a money making opportunity unless you are a hardcore marketing personal. 


As per a survey more than 80% people who join MLM leaves the program in less than 2 months and all money spent on the starter Kit go waste.

 In case you are keen to change your financial Status, You can start learning online marketing and establish your online business to earn $10000 or more per month.

1. Javita Overview

What Is Javita Weight Loss Coffee?

Javita Weight Loss Coffee is a drink blended with natural herbs and botanical ingredients which help in boosting metabolism.

Javita Coffee is made from the coffee beans from South America, green tea from Japan, European chocolate,  exotic fruits from Brazil and Indian Ayurvedic herbs.

Aging Process Leads to sluggish metabolism which can be reversed by using proper calories burning supplements.

Caffeine and Garcinia Cambogia combined together can help you curb the hunger and thereby reducing the portion of your meals and also act as a fat burning agent.  Vitamin D3 present in the Javita Coffee targets the belly fat and EGCG burns the fat effectively. Patented ForsLean stimulates enzymes that help in burning fat and promote the development of lean muscles.

Javita was launched by a team of persons having the love and passion for coffee and Direct marketing. The aim of the company is to help average people to be their own boss and achieve Financial Freedom.

According to the owners,  the vision of the company is to establish itself as a direct selling health giant globally by offering tasty health improvement products and money making opportunities to everyone.

Javita Coffee weight loss companies mission is to create a solid foundation of the global business based on integrity, honesty, and teamwork.

The modus operandi of the company is much similar to the other MLM companies like American Income Life and Juice Plus already reviewed by me.

Products Offered by Javita Coffee Weight Loss:

As per the information available, Javita offers the scientifically formulated products that are blended with natural herbs, plants, and patented ingredients.

Products can be divided into the following three main categories:

Coffee and Tea Blend Products:

Javita Coffee offers these products made from the South American Arabica and Robusta coffee mixed with proven herbs for weight loss and botanicals for controlling your appetite. The combination also helps in improving the focus and boosting your increase energy.

As per the owners, the green Tea offered by the company is much more effective in controlling the Blood sugar due to the presence of patented medicinal formula Lean green.


Weight Management Products:

As the name suggests, Products under this category help you manage your weight by improving the metabolism rate.  These Products reduce the percentage of undigested Fats and Carbohydrates. 

3.3. ActiveBlendz

Instead of Drinking a glass of ordinary water, you can add ActiveBlendz to convert it into a tasty thirst-quenching fruit drink.

Apart from providing freshness, ActiveBlendz will also help you in balancing your blood sugar, weight and appetite so that you feel energetic for a longer period.

4. Javita Compensation Plan

Javita offers an MLM business opportunity for making money. To get Started with Javita Coffee Business opportunity, you will have to follow the Following Four Steps

  1. Buy at least one Join Pack to Become a Lifestyle Ambassador.
  2. Promote the Product and business opportunity with others.
  3. Reach STAR status in your first 30 days by appointing Down lines.
  4. Train your down-lines to complete the above three steps and duplicate your business success.

You can earn money by 12 ways divided into 3 categories

Rewards for Selling the Products

  1. Retail Commission.
  2. Customer Retaining Bonus
  3. Personal Customer commission

The rewards for Team building:

4. First Order Bonus.

5. STAR Bonus

6. Fast Track  Bonus

7. Team Development Bonus

8. Team Commissions

Rewards For Leaders

9. Car Bonus
10. Leadership Board Bonus
11. Ranch achievement
12. Diamond Status  Bonus

You can earn a retail profit of up to 30 % as an Independent Distributor.

If a customer joins under you opt for an Auto ship order you will earn a customer acquisition Bonus (CAB) on the first order placed by the customer which can vary from 20% to 30%.

The Networking commission is based on the business of the weaker Arm of your 3 Leg Matrix. This will undoubtedly have a big impact on your earning potential.

The company has adopted a 60% rule which means that no more than 60% of your Business OV should come from one leg of the matrix. It means you have to delicately choose the down line.  in case one of the legs of your matrix is outperforming other two legs, you will not get any benefit.

 Javita Weight Loss Coffee Pros:

  1. All ingredients of Javita Coffee are safe and provide some health benefits.
  2. The weight loss observed by some people could be linked with the rise in body temperature due to consumption of Javita Coffee Weigh Loss Products. Increased body temperature can lead to a higher metabolism rate and hence weight Loss.
  3. A study conducted by Harvard University has established that coffee helps in improving digestion and metabolism and it can prevent type 2 diabetes. It also provides a good amount of antioxidants.
  4. Garcinia Cambogia is one of the main ingredients of Javita weight management products. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) present in the Garcinia Cambogia is a proven substance in Weight Loss Management.  
  5. People have observed loss of Appetite after consuming Javita weight Loss coffee. Loss of  Appetite can help in Weight Loss.

Javita Weight Loss Coffee Cons:

  1. Javita Coffee contains more caffeine as compared to the other coffee products available in the market. High concentration of caffeine may cause High Blood Pressure.
  2. You may not like the herbal Aroma.
  3. Excess of Coffee may lead to sleeping disorders.
  4. Though coffee can help to control Appetite for shorter terms. However, On Prolonged continuous use, it may cause food cravings.

Is Javita International a Scam?

Javita is a legitimate company. The Products sold by the company may provide some health benefits associated with Weight Loss. Though Some of the more beneficial Products may be available in the market at cheaper Price,  I  Will refrain from calling Javita a Scam.

Though I do not find many Problems with the products, the money making opportunity through MLM, however, come under the scanner.

Making Money with MLM schemes is not an easy way. To grow your network, you may have to involve in Door to Dor marketing.

To begin with, You will approach your close friends and relatives to promote the products and scheme. This will have a bad impact on your relationship and you will find your name missing from some of the get-togethers.

You must possess hardcore marketing skills to grow your network and sell products. You may have to do a lot of cold callings for conducting the seminars and demonstrating the benefits of the Products.

The studies have shown that most of the people fail to recruit even a single downline.

If you feel that direct marketing is not your cup of tea, I will advise you to learn online affiliate marketing.

Once you have acquired the desired skill set, you can promote any product online without direct calling.

Customers will rather visit your website searching for the Products and in case they like your recommended products they will buy it online. Affiliate marketing works 24X7 and you will be making money during your sleep or while on holidays.

In case you are ready to learn Affiliate marketing for making money, You can Join my recommended #1 resource being used by a community of more than a Million

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