JVZoo academy is a sincere effort by Sam Bakker in collaboration with JVZoo to help you learn to make money.

JVZoo is one of the biggest marketplace for digital products and it provide opportunities earning passive income to the product owners and affiliate marketers. The products creator can launch their products on the this market place and affiliates can promote these products.

JVZoo Academy claims to be the best resource to teach you how to build a real business online and make money with JVZoo.

In this JVZoo Review, We shall be looking at what exactly this course has to offer and does it hold to its promises. Is JVZoo Academy a legitimate opportunity or a Scam?

JVZoo Academy - Quick Review

Name: JVZoo Academy

Owner: Sam Bakker

Website: Click Here

Price: $19.95 and above

Recommended: Yes



I have reviewed many online products by now. Most of so called Money making opportunities turned out to be plane scams.

Some of these scam were completely done for You and  too good to believe while few others offered too complicated strategies that were impossible to learn.

I really appreciate that you have decided to research yourself before buying this program.

JVZoo Academy offers you a much simpler but legitimate way for making money online i.e  affiliate marketing.

I got started with affiliate marketing few years back and now making full time income from the comfort of my home without any upfront investment.

The benefit of JVZOO academy is that you will learn to make money online without 

  • Having Own Product
  • Any Prior Experience.
  • Technical Skills
  • Email List
  • Costly Advertisements
  • Any Expensive Tools

That was the reason JVZoo academy has been able to sold 1500 copies in two days of its Launch.

What is JVZoo Academy?

 JVZoo Academy will provide you step by step training on how to become a top JVZoo Product seller and affiliate.

The training is different from other trainings available in the market as it walk you through both the processes. All other successful training products either teach you to create products and become product sellers or concentrate on teaching you how to become an Affiliate.

The Training created by Sam Bakker is endorsed by JVZoo and consists of complete training videos, blueprints and cheat sheets to show you the exact strategies used by Sam Bakker himself for making 7 figure income.

The training will not make you rich overnight but will enhance you skills in online marketing domain and will equip you will all the essential tools to put concentrated efforts so that you can achieve your financial goals.

There is no shortcut to success but the step by step training will definitely reduce that period and give you the shortest path to reach the destination where you always wanted to be. You will become a successful online entrepreneur.

More About the Creator of JVZoo Academy ?

Sam Bakker is an online established entrepreneur and digital marketer. He started his online business in 2009 and have already generate more than $8,000,000 in net profit through JVZoo platform.
He stated as affiliate marketer and he is now the biggest successful JVZoo vendor.
In this training he has shared all the knowledge required to replicate his business success.

What is Included in JVZoo Academy?


JVZoo Academy Strategy:

This is the  Front end Product is available for $19.95.

It includes 18 Nos Lessons covering all the information, necessary tools, templates and resources required for running online business as a vendor or an affiliate over JVZoo.

The training involves very simple stem and can be followed by anyone to achieve success.

The Kickstarter guides provide very extensive study on how successful JVZoo marketers build and run a successful online business.

The Product mainly concentrate on

  1. Product Launch
  2. Product Sales
  3. Sales Material.

Apart from that, You will also get access to 3 detailed guides on affiliate marketing. These kickstarter guides provide information on Email marketing. 

The Kickstarter Guides cover the Following lessons in Detail

1. Product Kickstarter:

The lesson will help you to create own digital product even if you are a newbie.

Creating first product is always the most difficult and important step in online marketing. You may be worried that you do not have relevant knowledge or skills that you can share with people online.

But when you stick with the course, it will build a confidence and open your eyes to the things you already know and how to share them as a product in the form of an eBook or Training video.

You may not be successful in your first attempt but then no one has been able to create a successful product in the first attempt.Practice will make you perfect.

Continuity and experimentation will help you gain the core skills to earn a living online and eventually become financially free.

2. Launch Kickstarter:

Once Product is created you will have to launch the product. This lesson will walk you through the process of creating a buzz around your product so that it launch is successful. 

The 64 pages guide will provide step by step training on everything you need to know before the launch. 

You will be able to launch the product, set up your funnel and keep the right price after this module.

3. Affiliate Kickstarter:

Affiliate Kickstarter does dive deep into email marketing. Undoubtedly, email marketing is one of the most powerful way to promote own products or other people’s products as an affiliate.

Guide also covers "How to create Your offers" in detail but I feel the guide should have more details on how to bring subscriber to your offers. 

JVZOO Academy Mastery ($197 0r $37 per Month)


JVZoo Mastery is equivalent to getting your very own franchise. All the training lessons and tools will be available to make you business a success.

This Course will just start from where you left the JVZoo strategy. The knowledge will be further enhanced in very easy steps.

JVZoo academy mastery is divided into 4 different sections as Explained below

The Modules are explained as below:

Phase 1 : The Mastery System:

This training module consists of videos so as to enable you make crystal clear strategy to execute the plan and generate results.

You will be able to check what's working for you and what's not so that you can continue doing what is working without wasting time.

Phase #2: Building Your Growth Platform Mastery


This module will walk you through all steps required for establishing the business and running it for achieving success for long term. 

The training will guide you about the common mistakes made by online marketers and how to avoid them to achieve remarkable growth in business with JVZoo.

You will then have access to all the templates and legal documents for copying and pasting into your websites.

You will learn to market the products online for making money and strategies followed by the owner to make $10000 in first week as an affiliate marketer without creating your own product.

Phase #3:  Selling Formula Mastery


In this module Sam will teach you te formula used by him making over  $4,000,000.00 by creating and selling own products. His students have successfully applied the same formula to earn huge income.  

You will learn to successfully launch the product and sell it yourself ort through affiliates. You will learn to build long term product launch strategy for guaranteed results.

​You will find that making some quick money is good but earning recurring commission is very lucrative and build your permanent passive income stream.

The owner will teach you to use funnels for marketing up-sells and making recurring income.

Phase #4: Evergreen Commissions Mastery


This module is all about affiliate marketing and how you can make over $2,300,000.000 in commissions by selling other's products.

If you are keen to start your online journey as an affiliate marketer first then you will like this module the most.
The training videos will show you how you can start as a newbie and rack up consistent results as an affiliate over JVZoo.

You will learn email marketing and how to offer free bonuses along with your products. You will learn to create offers and promote them. You can download all these videos from JVZoo Academy download area

JVZoo Academy MasterClasses:

JVZoo Academy Masterclasses have been created by the gurus in the field. 

The master classes are meant to give you the practical exposure that you can apply into your business for seeing fast results.

These classes would have various resources like videos, downloadable and strategies that you can implement immediately 

The Following master classes are available

  •  Funnel Secrets Masterclass
  • Outsourcing Masterclass
  • Software Masterclass
  • Recurring commission sites Masterclass
  • Product Launch Masterclass
  • Million Dollar Affiliate

JVZoo Academy Pros

  1. A legitimate Business Opportunity.
  2. Step by step training.
  3. High income potential.
  4. Training is endorsed by JVZoo
  5. 100% money back guarantee.

JVZoo Academy Cons:

  1. Many up-sells. I would advise you to buy JVZoo Mastery.
  2. Creating first Product is difficult. I would recommend you to start making money as an affiliate before diving into product creation.

My Final Thoughts on JVZoo Academy:

JVZoo Academy is worth buying. The Platform provides an excellent opportunity for making money online. You will learn to become a top JVZoo seller and affiliate. 

Sam Bakker is an experienced marketer and top JVZoo seller himself,. Moreover training is endorsed by JVZoo themselves.

Neither Sam Bakker nor JVZoo would like to damage their reputation by sharing any scam or flawed strategy.

I have achieved the results with training and if you follow it diligently, you will also see the results. All you need is to put hard work, time and implement what you have learnt correctly.

I would like to thank you for taking time and reading this article. I hope you have enjoyed it thoroughly. In case you need more information, just leave a comment below in the comment section and I will get back to you at the earliest.

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