When I landed on the Killer Content System website, I thought it to be another Scam. Sales video begin with the owner,  Socrates Socratous making huge claims that he is going to give away access to his million Dollar System. He further informed that he has used the same system can automatically update and monetize 100's of money making sites. Just advised by him, I decided to watch the video till the end so that I can share my transparent views about the Program. Continue to read my Killer content System review to find out How much money can you make with the system ? and Is Killer Content System worth buying?

Quick Report- Program Name

  • Product Name:Killer Content System
  • Web Site:killercontent.com
  • Owner: Socrates Socratous
  • Price:


Killer Content is definitely the right name for this product because they have an insane amount of content right your fingertips (over 150,000 articles) The content is categorized into 980 distinct niches. New Content and Niches are being modified on regular basis to suit the changing trends.  Killer Content is not a static product but a living monster. You can set up the whole system with few clicks of the mouse and start making money.

Over All Rating :

What is the Killer Content System?

Killer content System is created to provide you the profitable niches, content to get started and ways to monetize the contents to make Passive Income.

Socrates Socratous promise that you can set up your money making websites with few clicks of the mouse and can use the special content system  Software provided as the part of the system to generate contents Automatically.

The system can be used for as many sites as you want.  Within a short duration,  you can have hundreds of sites full of contents. It is like a dream come true for any affiliate marketer.

If you are an affiliate marketer or just trying to start your own online Affiliate marketing System,You can surely check up this system for $ 47.

If you can make the website as fast as some of the other buyers are making, there is the potential of making some money with the system.

Who can use the Killer Content System?

Killer content System is designed for the newbies having no experience in designing website and affiliate marketing. The system can build your website very quickly. You do not require any special skills to use the system.

The good thing about the system is that you can start making money immediately.

Like any other DFY systems, It may help you earn some quick money.  You may be able to make a few hundred dollars but the system does not help you to be financially independent. It does not provide you the step by step training to continuously make $10,000 per month.

Though Killer content System is one of the product recommended by my for newbies, it is not my recommended #1 program.

What is included in the Killer Content System? - Training and Tools:

When you buy the system, you will get 10 basic training videos covering the following topics:

  1. How to use the system to make money with the Killer Content System?
  2. How to create 100's of websites using the system?
  3. To select a Profitable Niche.
  4. How to use PLR articles for making profits?
  5. Techniques To sell Digital Products?
  6. How to do email marketing?
  7. To outsource the work.
  8. How to convert PLR articles into eBooks?
  9. Training to increase traffic to your website.

You will Get the Following Tools Free with the Killer Content System.

  1. Automatic Killer content software to update your site contents regularly.
  2. You will get access to more than 15000 pre-written Articles.
  3. You will get an Article spinner to convert 15,000 articles into an infinite number of Articles.
  4. Killer Content Ad swap system for generating traffic for your website.
  5. The Killer content System paid traffic module.


Customer Support:

Customer support is provided by emails only. There is no provision of Live chat which you will get with my recommended #1 program wealthy Affiliate. Also, Wealthy Affiliate provides you an opportunity to interact with more than a million affiliate marketer community Live and get the benefit of their experience. You can ask questions in live chat and get an immediate solution.

Is Killer Content System Worth your Money?

Killer Content System is priced at $47. At the time of writing this article, Some special discount is being offered and you can get it for $37 only by following this link.

The contents and tools & tackles being offered with this system makes it worth its price and you will not only recover your money but make some handsome additional Passive income as well.

This is a good option for anyone who has never made any money online to make money and get some experience.

As I said earlier, the system will not make you rich or capable to earn 6 figure income. I have given a good rating to the Killer Content System but it is not on the top of my recommendation list.

The Content Killer System V/S Wealthy Affiliate:


The Killer Content System Pros:

  1. Economically Priced.
  2. It is easy Easy to get started and make money with the Killer Content System.
  3. Completely Done for you (DFY) System.
  4. You Can start making money right away.
  5. Can build many sites for you with few clicks.
  6. Inbuild article directory for contents.
  7. 978 ready niches to choose from.
  8. Ad swipe for generating Traffic.
  9. Worth Its Price.

The Killer Content System Cons:

  1. The system can be used for initial success and making money for some time but may not help you achieve ultimate financial independence.
  2. The search engines nowadays do not like the spun articles and you will have to produce your own contents to rank your website in search engines. The Killer content system does not provide any training on how to write your own contents.
  3. The Killer content system does not provide any training for keyword research and does not have a keyword research tool like Jaaxy which is available for free with Wealthy Affiliates training.
  4. The free trial is not available. You can evaluate wealthy affiliate free foirn7 days without any commitment using my link here.
  5. Support is not good. They just respond to your emails which can waste a lot to time. They do not have live chat facility like wealthy Affiliates.
  6. You can not interact with the experienced and helpful community and get benefits of their experience.

 Bottom line:

Is the Killer Content System a Scam?

The Killer content system provides you an opportunity to get started and make some money online. You will find some profitable niches, pre written articles, and tools to make extra money.

You will be able to make much in excess of what you have spent which is a positive thing about the Killer content system.  That's why I have not put this program into the category of scam

But the killer content system does not provide any value addition to your knowledge does not give in-depth training of affiliate marketing. The training videos are more focused on using Automatic tools for making money. This strategy may not work for a longer period.

As the search engines are changing their algorithm day by day. You must join a platform which not only gives you an in-depth training but prepare you for any changes in the search engines algorithm. That will help keep your site ranks unaffected with such frequent algorithm changes.

People are joining the killer content system treating it to be long term solution to their money problems, however, it is not true.

You can Join the Killer Content system for Short term relief and make money before you are affected by Google Panda.

or you can start step by step training in affiliate marketing to build your permanent business online to be your own boss in 3 to 6 months time.

In Case you need any further information about the killer content System or Wealthy Affiliate , my Recommended # 1 Affiliate marketing resource, Please leave a comment below.

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