Affiliate marketing is an art and can be mastered by anyone who is sincere about making money online. You do not require any special skills to learn Affiliate marketing and can get started any time.

It is never too late particularly in online marketing. The basic requirement for earning money  is your readiness to learn new things and implement your learning.  Half-hearted efforts would not lead you any where. 

If you are interested to make money by starting low-cost home-based business then affiliate marketing is the best option.

I would like to make it very clear that affiliate marketing is a real business and not becoming millionaire overnight type of scam.

 An affiliate marketer must have knowledge about each and every aspect of this business like Selecting a niche idea, building a website, Content writing, Search engine optimization and social media marketing etc. 

Like any other business, it requires proper planning, implementation, and execution.

Why Learn Affiliate Marketing? 

There are many reasons. Different reason applied to Different individuals. Some of the obvious reasons are

  1. You may be looking for an online home based business. Affiliate marketing is the best online home based business
  2. Looking for “To be your own Boss opportunities”.
  3. This is one of the best Low-cost Home based business ideas. You need not to have any office or keep the stock. If you have a computer and Internet connection, You can start affiliate marketing. You may have to spend some amount of buying a Domain name and web hosting. But with the Wealthy affiliate, you can get the free domain and free web hosting. Please fill domain name of your choice to get started
  4. You can adapt to Flexible Hours Working. Be it day or night. Anytime, anywhere.
  5. Any past experience is not required. You can learn very easily from the following Step by step training at Wealthy Affiliate and it is absolutely Free.
  6. You may look for additional passive income alongside your Job. If you can spend 5 to 6 hours per week, You may be able to earn a handsome income.
  7. This is a lifelong business and after putting initial efforts, you can earn for the rest of your life.

If you ask me “ How much money can you make from affiliate marketing”, my answer would be Sky is the Limit. Many Affiliate Marketers who have been consistent in Affiliate marketing are making regular 6 figure income. If they can do it, If I can do it then Why can’t you.  You must learn affiliate marketing step by step rather than roaming here and there.

What is Affiliate marketing and How to Start with?  

Do not hesitate and take the action, as action speaks loud, louder than words. Unless you jump in the water, You can not learn to swim.

In order to understand the Affiliate marketing Model,  have the look at the following diagram

Learn Affiliate Marketing Step by Step


In any affiliate program, at least three parties are involved apart from search engines

  1. Online Merchants: They want you to promote their products by joining their Affiliate Program. I have Joined affiliate Program of Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon, Click bank and Commission Junction.
  2. Buyers: Looking to buy the products. Most of the buyers perform a lot of research online before taking a final decision.
  3. Affiliates or associates: Acts as a link between buyer and merchant by providing the transparent review of the product.  You will build our own review website and help buyers to but the right product best suited to their requirement.

You can build your website free by entering your chosen domain name below. Once you have your free website, It will be easier to follow the rest of the training.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Step by Step: 

  • 1
    Selecting a niche: Niche is the topic, you want to create a website about. It may be the topic you are well versed with or anything you are interested in. As per Kyle, the owner of the wealthy affiliate, the niche is a group of people, you want to help. You can learn How to select a profitable niche by clicking here
  • 2
    Once you have selected your niche, you have to book the domain name and web hosting.  With above free website , you get the free web-hosting.
  • 3
    After booking domain name and web hosting, you will set up your website and design your website.
  1. 4
    Once the website is set up it is time to write the contents. You need not be professional writer to start writing the contents. Once you start writing , it will become a habit and with time your writing skills will improve Automatically.
  2. 5
    Content must contain the focused keywords which will bring your website to the number 1 ranking on Google. This is known as Search engine optimization or SEO.
  3. 6
    For SEO, your website title must contain the Focused keyword in the title and inside contents. So you have to search for the relevant (Less competitive) keywords.
  4. 7
    After Populating the website with contents, You need to drive traffic to your website.  
  5. 8
    Traffic source will be an online SEO, Social media marketing for free, Email marketing and once you can start earning, you can use paid marketing.

Best Affiliate Programs:

There are many Affiliate Programs available on the internet and it all depends upon your choice and interest in the Product you want to promote. Some of the Prominent Affiliate Programs are

  1. Wealthy Affiliates (Here you will get step by step training for affiliate marketing)
  2. Amazon
  3. eBay
  4. Click Bank
  5. Commission Junction
  6. Wal-Mart

Want to See How I am making $10000 per month

Here is an Opportunity to replicate my Successful business Model. I am not offering any ready made business but just sharing with you the Process to make money online. You can join the training as a starter member for Free to have complete access to the world class Practical training for 7 days. No Obligations, No credit card required.

I will personally be available there to answer any query and help you with your online business. You can also interact with me by leaving a comment here but inside the platform you get fast resolution

If you are looking for the best online home based business opportunities, take my word for granted that affiliate marketing is the best Low-cost home based business idea with the option of flexible Hour working. 

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  1. Oh, I didn’t know Walmart has an affiliate program. It’s good to see it in the list.

    I used to doubt affiliate marketing as a viable business online, until I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate. After seeing others make money with Amazon, now I am convinced.

    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate? With your website about meditation, how do you plan to monetize your site? What company in the list will you join? Is it Amazon, Clickbank or Commission Junction?

    1. Thanks for visiting my website.

      Affiliate marketing a viable business but like any other on line or offline business , it need proper planning and execution. Affiliate marketing not like become rich overnight type of scheme.

      I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and decision was taken after lots of deliberation. I had to take call between Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate but really I am happy that I Joined Wealthy Affiliate.

       My Meditation SIte is to help the people toward inward journey and I am not monetizing it. I want to share my experiences about positive affirmations which I learned with Manifestation Miracle by Heather. 

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