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Online presence has become very important for any business. Creating own website is still a big challenge mainly for small business. Though they can hire a freelancing website designer, for every change they will have to pay, which may add to their overheads. So it is always better to get acquainted with some website builder or tool to build won website rather than outsourcing it. I will now explain how to create a free website with Google My Business Website Builder.

Before we move further, you can check this option for creating free word press website with a click of few buttons by entering the domain of your choice below:

Though one can have an online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Pint rest or twitter etc., but unless you are a small business owner who is not keen to expand, you must have your own website due to some of the reasons given below:

Why Is Own Website preferred over Social Media?

  • Customer’s Expectation
  • Social Proof
  • Control your contents.
  • 24 hours business.
  • Competitors may already have it.
  • Generate business beyond geographical limits.
  • Put online training about the product.
  • Can be a resource centre for your staff.

Google’s Strategy- Help Small Business

A report released by business to business research firm clutch indicate that still 50% of US small business still don’t have their website. This could be due to lack of technical skills. Google is providing the free website in alignment to Google’s strategy to help small business all over the world to create their online presence.I have decided to help all those looking forward to taking advantage of Google My Business, a website builder tool for creating enable their own websites.

The website builder required to build the Website is now available on the Google My Business dashboard. This website builder lets smaller business create their one-page simple free website with Google by filling their business details. This website builder allows very limited customization if you are looking forward to having a more professional free web site, you can create here without any technical skills.

Website created with free Google website builder is synced with the Google My Business listing, Therefore, your website automatically gets updated for any change in the listing. Please follow the steps below to create Free Website for your business

Create Free Website with Google My Business- Steps to be followed


You must have Google account to create Website using this tool and add your business to Google My Business. You can add your business to Google here 


In the next step, You will be asked to enter your business Details and move further. In case Your business is already registered with Google My Business using other email ID, You will be advised to claim this business. Google will send a Postcard to your address to verify your Address.



After Completing the above step, you will Click on the Website on the left sidebar.On the next page, you will see a small screen.  click on, Get started. You will see the animated progress bar. Wait till the process is completed.



Once your website is created,  you will see a welcome screen for your site. Now Click on the tick icon to get started.


From the left sidebar, you can choose the theme by double-clicking the theme option. There are many options available for different themes with different colour combinations.You can edit your information if you like or add Photos related to your business.


Once you are ready with, you can click publish Button. You will find a popup screen with your website address like You can keep the same or you can edit and choose another one here. Google will also provide you with the option to buy your own Domain name.


Step 6:

Once you have confirmed the domain name, you can visit your website by clicking on View Site.

Congratulations, I hope you will be quite happy with your own free website with Google My Business Website Builder.

Now your website is ready, let us learn to edit and optimize it further.

Edit and Optimize Your Free Website with Google My Business

Google My Business provides you with the basic options to optimise your free website. Following options are available.

  • Changing the design by selecting a different theme
  • Editing headline, Description, Summary Header and Summary Body
  • Adding business photos
  • Changing Site address, site language or unpublishing your website completely.

More Settings:

You can add more users from your staff, Add more Business Locations, You have the option to buy your business domain or you can add the business mail also.

At present Google provides very limited features to Google My Business Website bit hope that Google will keep on adding the features. As and when Google would add any feature, I will list those feature here. You may bookmark this page and keep on checking for an update.

Google is providing the free websites in complete alignment with the Google’s strategy to help and enable the small business succeed online. Therefore we can expect more updates in near future.

I hope you will find this post helpful.

Let me know if this tutorial was helpful or if you have any queries related to creating a free website with  Google My Business website Builder tool or SiteRubix, another free tool to create the website in the comments below.</P

Please share with me your views on a free website created with Google or SiteRubix. Which feature you like the most? Or Any feature you may feel that not available with Google or SiteRubix,


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