The legendary marketer is a High thicket training Program created by David Sharp for teaching internet marketing.

A lot of hype is already created for this high ticket training program, but before joining, you must check if legendary marketer system is worth its price.

You may find a lot of positive reviews and promotional emails but they do not reveal the complete information.   Please read my legendary marketer review and find out - Is legendary marketer system a Scam? Is Dave Sharpe a Legit?

Quick Report

Name: Legendary Marketer
Owner: David Sharp
Price: $30 to $2500 +


Recommended : No, Unless You have surplus money



Legendary Marketer is high Priced Interment marketing training covering various aspects of online marketing like Sales Funnel, Social Media Advertisements & Creating and selling Digital Products


I will not call it a Scam but over hyped and over Priced Product that is not worth its Price.

I would not recommend joining Legendary marketer  as You can get better training at a much cheaper price. I have used the same training to build my 6 figure income Business Empire.

Legendary Marketer Review:


As they claim, Legendary Marketer System is an online digital training program, which provides tools and resources to generate online income.

It is a place where you can create and sell your own digital information courses. The legendary marketer System will train you to earn money while learning.

You may be an experienced digital marketer or a beginner in digital marketing space, Legendary Marketer claims to serve the purpose for all.

Who is CEO of Legendary Marketer

Dave Sharp is CEO of Legendary marketer system. Dave sharp is an inspiring leader and a credible mentor. In the last 9 years, he has trained more than 300,000 students to make handsome money online. He has created 3 multi-million companies from Scratch.

Within the course, you will learn to make your own sales funnel. If you are not aware of the sales funnel or feel this is a very new word for you, you can read this book on Sales Funnel.

Once you have joined legendary marketer, you will not be left alone, as they have experienced coaches to close the sales on your behalf.

Legendary Market Products :

Is Legendary Marketer System a Scam

Legendary market products rage from low-ticket introductory products to very high-ticket products. You can choose any of the following or more products as per your budget and start learning to earn money.

Legendary Marketer Products Options:

  1. Legendary Marketers Club

    Legendary Marketers Club is a powerful club packed full of training, education, and resources to start your own online business and then grow and scale it. You will enjoy monthly training and will have access to all past training, courses and live classes as well.
  2. Legendary Builder Masterclass

    The Legendary Builder Masterclass will train you on marketing strategies to start and build your successful digital online business. You will have access to master class training (4-part ) covering storytelling, presenting and leadership principles, lead generation strategies and sales skills.
  3. Legendary Leader Masterclass

    If you want to become a go-to leader your marketplace, Legendary Leader Masterclass is there. You will grow your own brand and dominate your competition. You will receive training on brand development along with product messaging and scaling strategies to grow your business to stable 7-figure level and beyond. You will also have access to the exclusive talks and interviews from highly successful leaders in multiple industries revealing the strategies they used to for growth.

How you Earn money with Legendary Marketer System? -  Compensation Program:

Legendary marketer system is not MLM and therefore you will not share your commission on many levels.

You will sell the product and get an affiliate commission. This works more like an affiliate program. Normally I do not recommend digital training programs dealing in MLM style as most of these systems are big scams like.

Legendary marketer system compensates you between 40 % to 60 %. If you sell an introductory program you will get 60% and for high-ticket programs, you will get 40%.

They will set 20% aside for their coaches and trained marketing personals that will ultimately help you close the sales.

You will have to bring Traffic to their website and rest of the work in making you successful will be done by them.

  • Everything seems so perfect, but it is not that perfect.
  • You can not simply become an affiliate and start promoting their product.
  • To promote the product you need to have that product in your kitty.
  • Let me explain this way. Suppose you are a $30 per month member and through your effort, if someone buys a $2500 product, you are not eligible to get a commission for that and you have to pass on the commission.
  • If you are planning to start with $30 per month product and are not planning to upgrade soon, you may not earn a lot of money as you will be spending more money on advertisements than actually You would earn
  • I always recommend people to join at a basic level and promote the product through your blog by generating organic traffic.

Traffic is the key- Rest will be taken care by legendary Marketer System

Once inside the training, you will learn hoe to write effective ad copies and where to place them. They will teach you to bring the traffic through advertisements but I want to discuss the organic traffic.

To generate organic or free traffic, you must create your own blog. Through blogging, you can promote any product you like.  Blogging will help you getting started with a very low budget and still offering a wide range of Affiliate programs to your subscribers.

In case you need to learn the art of Blogging, I would recommend you to Join Wealthy Affiliate University and a Free starter member. 

As a starter member, You will have access to the complete training for one week. Apart from training you will get 2 websites free of cost, which you can utilize for writing Blogs on Legendary Marketer.

You can utilize free membership to test if the training work for you. I have used the same wealthy affiliate training for making 6 figure income.

Legendary Marketer Pros:

1. David Sharpe, the CEO, has extensive internet marketing experience which reflects in his teachings.
2. You can have a Low Ticket Entry at $30 per month.
3. This is business in a box setup. Follow the instructions and you are ready to fly.

Legendary Marketer Cons:

1. You may not make much money at the entry level.
2. A lot of expenses in advertisements.
3. Coaches will try to sell the expensive product and if do not owe the same you will not get a commission.
4. You will be dependent on their website and never own the business

Final Verdict - Is legendary Marketer System a Scam?

 I won’t call it a scam rather it 100% Legit System. David Sharpe is an established name in Internet marketing and when he teaches the way he has made money and ways to duplicate the system created by him, It can not be a Scam.

I  would also like to congratulate all those who have started making money through PadlockIncome and Stream store after reading my reviews. I have received a lot of thanking mails. Though PadlockIncome is not very highly recommend the program but as long as people are making money, It is Good.

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  1. Thanks for this honest review. I’ve never heard of this program before, but it sounds interesting.
    As I’m working on an information product right now, I’ll probably give it a try.

    1. I have reviewed many online programs and found that 90% of these programs are online Scams. Some of the programs are hight ticket digital training platforms where you can sell the module you owe or digital product selling MLM. Legendary Marketer System is also a high priced but a legit program. As I stated in the post itself if you are planning to restrict yourself to entry level, it is better not to join Legendary Marketer system but in case you are ready to start, earn and invest you may be successful.
      But Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform for affiliate marketers. You can Join it for free and take advantage of free training. But in case you are serious about earning money, you are advised to upgrade to stater monthly membership for just $19 and there is no upsell. You will get 50 websites for free along with the best Keyword research tool, Jaaxy

  2. Thanks for this information. I have looked into multiple reviews and tend to agree with your and others opinions on this matter. I have never heard of Dave Sharpe before though is he that much of a big name in the industry?

    1. David Sharp has trained more than 300,000 students and therefore an experienced internet marketer and trainer. This time he has created a platform to sell digital training. One has to generate traffic to their website and rest of the marketing is done by the experienced coaches.
      Since the program is being run by the real person and provide an opportunity to earn in a legit way, I would not call it a scam.
      Normally this type of program is meant for experienced affiliates who know how to generate traffic. For a newbie it is not that easy, therefore I recommend a platform Like wealthy affiliate above legendary marketer system. They provide step by step training to sell an affiliate product. You can learn to build your own website and drive traffic to your website. Once you are familiar with the techniques, Programs like Legendary marketer system will enhance your earning potential to great extent.

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