Are you planning to start Freelancing Business and looking forward to Joining My Freelance Paycheck to acquire knowledge about freelancing and how to make money with it? I appreciate that you are doing the proper research and trying to find out the facts by reading My Freelance Paycheck Review.

After reading this review You will be able to ascertain if My Freelance paycheck is a Scam or legitimate training to help you make money as a Freelancer.


My FreeLance Paycheck- Quick Review

Website: ​Click Here
Owner: Laura Pennington

Price: $47/Ad Pack



Are you serious about making money Online?

Arun Affiliate Marketer

My FreeLance Payck is created by Laura Pennington for revealing some big secret about Freelancing Jobs and how to earn 6 figure Income with this.

The Program is not a Scam but not very highly recommended and that is why I have given 2.5 Star rating.

If you are keen to make money only as a Freelancer, the program will immensely help you. Freelancing market has already become very competitive and is nearly saturated. People are not making the money they used to make few year back bv selling their expertise as a freelancer.

If you are open to explore other legitimate ways of making money , I can recommend you better ways for achieving financial Freedom.

I started affiliate marketing few years back and now making 6 figure income. You can also start you training by clicking the button below and learn affiliate marketing step by step and be online entrepreneur just like me.



My Freelance Paycheck is a training program developed by Laura Pennington to teach how to make money by freelance writing work from the comfort of your home.

The concept of making making money online with your skills is not new now and there are lots of websites like fiverr and where you can register for free and start selling your gigs. Freelancing is a legitimate option for making money.]

Though do not have much concerns about the quality of her training by the sale video used by Laura Pennington seems to be misleading.

Rather than concentraining of revealing the plus point of her training she is trying to lure you by telling how much money can you make as a freelancer. 

The marketer promoting their programs would like you to believe that they are going to share some super secret magic formula for making money. 

They just do not tell you straightway that there is no way other than working hard and following a good training.

A Freelance writer is not a new commodity and a secret thing anyways. People have been doing it even offline for so many years. People write for established writers, Publications and Magazines a freelance writers.  

Therefore I do not like the way she is creating a hype for making money rather than straight away promoting her product. She may be attracting newbies who are not sure how much money can they make as a freelance writer.

Freelancer writing is a real job but there is lot of competition and it is not like that you will apply for the job and get it. People will like to check the work already done by you and as well compare your work and price with the competitors. I mean you have to prove yours credentials and beat the competition.

And the positive thing is that there is no shortage of writing gigs and even all the big companies are moving towards content marketing and starting the blogs for product promotion. So thy will be looking forward to hire good freelance writers.


 As a " My Freelance Paycheck Buyer" , you get the following items in your package.

  • My Freelance Paycheck main eBook
  • My Freelance Paycheck MP3 Version
  • Video Training consisting of 23 sort videos
  • Quick guide to start your gig on Upwork
  • Success Multiplier PDF
  • Templates to respond to your client.

The product score high on the quality part and would be able to successfully reveal you the various ways to get these writing gigs and make money online.

Though a lot of  free information would be available online, I would not advice you to rely on free information as you may be wasting your time. The training is economically priced and useful. You can get your free report by clicking here.

My Freelance Paycheck package will definitely help you in formulating  the strategies for improving your credentials on freelancing websites like Freelancer, upwork and Fiverr. in such a way that potential clients may not ignore you and would like to hire you as a writer.

You will find the great tips in the eBook to sell yourself to the the potential clients effectively.   

Can You Make Money With My Freelance Paycheck?

Yes , you can make money as a Freelance writer and there is no doubt about that. You should  follow the training sincerely and take action. Just by buying the training, you are not going to make any money.

Money won't come that easily and you may not make what you are expecting at least initially as a newbie.

Most of these freelance places follow the ratings procedure and will let the customers know whether you are a new member or seasoned member and how many gigs you’ have successfully completed, the customers views on the quality delivered by you and how many time you have failed to deliver the gig.

You will have to follow proper work ethics and customer have all the rights to reject the work done by you and cancel the order. They will get their money refunded which they pay to these website against placing the order. Of Course these freelancing websites pay you upon successful completion of the job and acceptance by customers.

All I am saying is that you will have to work hard to build your profile and up your ratings so that you get continued work as a Freelance writer. You  will have to build the relationships with the existing customer s and win their faith for being a successful freelancer.

To start with you must not keep very high expectations but with time it could be possible to make 4 figure income online. But that is going to take much longer time. 


My Freelance Paycheck is not a scam and that training will help you in your efforts to get established as good freelance writer. 

It is better to buy such a program from experienced people rather than searching for free resource and wasting your time as time is worth money. If have already decided to build your career as a freelance online writer, you should get started at the earliest as competition will keep on increasing.

Though the My Freelance Paycheck is not a Scam and recommended , it is not highly recommended.

In case you have decided to make money online, You can earn more by writing for yourself and not by writing for others.

Instead of searching online jobs, I would advise you to start your own online business and be a successful online entrepreneur and make money to support your family.


 I am making money online by writing for my own self. I make money as an affiliate marketer by writing product reviews on my money making websites. 

If you enjoy writing, you are in the best position of making money by writing for yourself. All you have to do is to follow a step by step training to learn to write in a way that will make money for you. 

You can choose a product of your liking and start writing in your own style. You are not going to be rich overnight and it will also take some time to establish your own business for making passive income. But it will be your own business and you will not be working for anyone else.

I am already making 6 figure income with my affiliate marketing business and it will only go up from here.

I hope this article will help you to make a final decision and help you take that first step towards making money online. In case you need any more information, Just leave a comment below in the comment section.

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