My Home Job Connection is a website which claims to provide you with a job near your home. However, the claims made by them are 100% false and their website will never fetch you any job. Rather they are an affiliate of some other program and by referring you to that program, they are making money. Please continue to read my Home Job connection review to save your money.

Before I start my review……

Quick Report:

Name My Home Job Connection.

Price: Free to join.

Overall Rating: Revealed at the end of the review..

What is My Home Job Connection and How they scam you?

They have kept this name to make you believe that they will get you a job near your home. When you land on their website they will ask you a number of questions They will ask you to put your zip code, and then how much money you want to make followed by the number of hours you can spend online and type of job you are looking forward. After this questionnaire, they will capture your name and email ID so that they can put you on their email list.

This trick probably won’t work for long as just on the first page itself you come to know that they are scammers.

How the questionnaire raises red Flag?

I am now going to demonstrate how you can find their scam?


Always 27 Jobs:



On the first landing page when you enter your zip code you will always find 27 jobs near your area, irrespective of the zip code you enter. I have tried it with different zip codes and every time I got 27 Jobs near my area.


Further Useless Questions:

How-much-money How-many-hours Skills-required Skills-required

After entering the zip code further question like the how many hours you want to work and what type of income you want seems to be useless. They want to prove that they will match your Job requirement but whatever you choose, you will be directed to the same job. You will be taken to another landing page which states that you can earn $ 100 in just 24 hours.



In fact, you will not make money claimed by them.eather than making money you will have to pay more to those programs they are referring to, in order to join those programs.


As you can see above, the first few jobs they referred to are Toluna Surveys, Survey Junkie and Vindale Surveys. You may be aware of the fact that these survey site will ask you to pay a membership fee for joining them and once you have joined them either you will not make any money or you may spend a lot of time to complete a survey and may get a fraction of a dollar paid. Not only that the money paid would be very less but minimum withdrawal would be so high that you may not reach the threshold limit ever.

Next Red Flag:

If you still like to continue to next step, you will be directed to another scam website EZ money team which is nothing more than a link posting website. you will be asked to pay $ 67 for a readymade website and a fake training.

No owner Identity

This is the biggest red flag. You would like to read this great post to learn the Ways To Avoid Work From Home Job Scams

I have tried to find out the owner of the website but could not locate the section revealing the identity of the website owner. This is the big red flag. If they have the legit opportunity, why would they like to hide? If we have known the identity of the owners, we could check the information on social media to find out if we can trust them.

I would never recommend a program without establishing the identity of the person who has created the program.

The fake Facebook likes:

My last attempt was to establish the truth about so many like on their website. I scrolled down to the bottom of their website and clicked the social media icons. But instead of directing to any social media profile, these icons will take you to the top of the page where they are showing so many fake likes.

When they do not have any social media presence, how can they get the likes?

Rating: 1 out of 10

Bottom Line:

Let me Summarize one again what I have found on their website:

  • Always 27 Job openings, whichever zip code you chose.
  • Redirecting you to other sites which would ask you for money.
  • No Social media presence.
  • Unknown Owner
  • Fake Facebook likes.
  • Fake testimonials.
  • They try to get you to join unreliable sites, but the links don’t work.
  • I have given them 1 star since you may find some real survey job on their job board.

In my opinion, My Home Job connection is a scam and I can not recommend any program with hidden identity even if it is free to join. They are just directing you to other programs with their affiliate link to earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is not a Scam and I am myself earning a full-time income from Affiliate marketing. But I have never tried to hide my identity and have an affiliate disclaimer on my website.

If you’re really looking to earn real money online a legit way, you must be prepared to work hard and have patience. No one can make money overnight by posting those links.

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