Are you planning to Join NewU Financial to get your credit Score repaired ? You might be looking for the unbiased information before joining this opportunity. NewU has been in news for last few weeks. After reading this transparent review, you will have the first hand information that will help you decide if NewU financial is a really a good credit building opportunity along with doubling your money in 120 days or a Big Scam?

Since I am not a distributor or an affiliate of  NewU Financial therefore the information shared will be totally unbiased.

Quick Report

Name: NewU Financial
Owner: Jeff Long and George Wilson
Price: $100 Per share and $2500 for Credit Repair


NewU Financial Review

What is NewU Financial MLM Opportunity ?

NewU Financial Scam

The NewU financial service is an MLM opportunity putting all its efforts on the financial Niche. The company is co-founded by Jeff Long and George Wilson.

Jeff Long is not a new name in this market and his name is also associated with AutoXten, another MLM launched way back in 2011. AutoXten was classified as a Scam by online community and collapsed in few months.

Jeff Long then Launched SMS Dailies which did not Last Long either.

After staying away from new launches for some time, Jeff reappeared with Get Paid Social in 2015 followed by 1 Online Business in 2017 and Luvv in 2018.

All these three were Spam Pyramid schemes. These types of schemes are launched with lot of hype around them but do not take long before people recognize them as a Scam

George Wilson was associated with the companies like Empower Network and Infinity2Global. He was also a participant in Jeff Long’s 1 online Business.

Seeing their Past reputation and association with Pyramid schemes, you cannot expect something different. Let us see what is in store this time. Please continue to read, if are still looking forward to join this MLM.

What Are the Products Offered in NewU Financial?

NewU Financial is not a traditional MLM opportunity based on physical retail products. In fact, they do not offer any product except the membership.  Any MLM just dealing with affiliate membership can immediately be treated as a Ponzi Scheme.

A lot of Scammers out there are trying to follow the route of network marketing to launch these Ponzi schemes as this way they can reach recruiting target easily and multiply their money before people recognize the scam.

Due to such schemes increasing day by day, common people have stopped believing even the legitimate MLM opportunities.

Though there are many product based MLM opportunities available which one can join and make money, I never recommend joining any MLM. Network marketing can be a good choice for experts in marketing who are willing to chase people and convince them to buy the membership.

Affiliate marketing is just opposite as the customer searching for the products would land on your website looking for help being offered by you.

NewU Financial Compensation Plan 

NewU Financial Presentation

The members of NewU financial earn money in 2 different ways. The receive onetime referral commission by recruiting the downline and get up to 200% ROI.  If you have a credit score of more than 720 , you will have access to Corporate and Personal Funding but with a less than 720 Credit Score, you get paid for repairing credit Score.

If you have a credit score above 720, you can avail one of the two options available. 

Option 1: Invest $5K to get $50K Funding

Option 2 : Invest $10K to get $ 350K funding

The whole process takes about 4 months.

You will have to invest your money is repairing the credit Score of the persons having credit Score below 720.

Suppose Person ‘A’ have a credit score of 540 which NewU financial offer to repair for $2500 within 35 days. ‘A’ has agreed to take funding from financial partners of NewU financial once credit Score is repaired and agree to payback $5000 to the investor which is double the amount invested.

Now there has to be another Person Say ‘B’ agreeing to pay $2500 to ‘A’ and receiving $5000 when ‘A’ gets funding after repairing the credit score.

This way NewU financial will double your money in approximately 60 to 90 days which it claims to take for repairing the credit score.

As per the terms of contract a new affiliate having a credit score less than 720 agrees to pay 200% of the amount ($2500) it costs to fix their credit score to the affiliate (investor) who agree to cover this cost.

How an Affiliate with Less Credit Score Pays back Loan

Once the credit Score is restored, the Affiliate has to apply  a new corporation and take a loan of $150, 000

He will pay back $5000 (200%) to the investor from this Loan. The rest of the money will be given to the new affiliates and process will be repeated.

Cost Of Joining NewU Financial

Anyone can join NewU financial for free and start promoting as an affiliate. You will get a onetime commission of 30% for selling one share of $100 i.e. $30

Every $100 will get you one share of $20000 corporation and $200 back in 120 days. If you invest $1000, you will get 10 shares and $2000 in 120 days.  

Every corporation of $20000 will have 200 openings for recruitment. Once these openings are filled corporation will apply for a loan of $500,000

This loan will be utilized as below

  • $40000 to payback 200% ROI
  • $150,000 as consulting fee to financial partners
  • $10000 to service the debt
    • $210000 is invested in other passive income schemes (Details not given)

Is NewU Financial a Scam?

After reading this review you may still be asking if NewU Financial a Scam?

NewU financial is not a traditional MLM and they have combined the credit rebuilding formula with MLM concept.

Before declaring the NewU financial a legitimate opportunity or a Scam, I would like to draw your attention to the Following

  • Red Flag 1: Suppose ‘A’ gets the credit score repaired by taking money from ‘B’ and do not open a corporate and take the funding to return $5000. Chances are ‘B’ will lose the entire money.
  • Red Flag 2: NewU financial is giving an assurance of 200% return. In my opinion any such Legal company has to be registered with SEC in USA. I could not figure out if NewU financial is a legal entity to offer securities.
  • Red Flag 3: NewU financial perhaps may be evading the law by treating investments as Loan.

I really wonder if setting up a corporation by taking loan for taking loan and distributing ROI is allowed legally.

I also do not buy the idea that credit score can be improved by borrowing more money.

I have shared the information I could gather with my online research and leave it up-to you to take a call.

I hope You have liked my review. In case you need any more information, Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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