Padlock Income Review – Scam Or Legit System? 

Another day I got an e-mail for Joining Padlock income. I searched YouTube and after watching the video, my immediate impression was that Padlock Income is a scam.

 Padlock system is an online Plug and Play money making marketing System. Is Padlock Income a Scam?

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Before calling Padlock income a scam or Legit, I wanted to research thoroughly and then put together my Padlock Income review for you. I will explain everything about this system and let you decide if you want to join it. People are making some money out of this system.

What Is Padlock Income?


Padlock Income is a system designed to build members all over the world by signing up and then convert them into paying members. They will then replicate the process.

Therefore Padlock is an online MLM.

How Does it work:

There is, in fact, no physical product for selling.

Once you have joined, you will find the Jeremy Ruch telling you, how much money he has made and how he has very high email conversion products in their sales video. You will be required to watch his instruction videos where Jeremy will explain the next steps to be taken.

As a starter, you will be at Level # 1 and there are 12 Levels in Padlock. At every Level, you need to accomplish certain tasks as told to reach the next Level. Completion of these tasks will ensure that you are following their training and progressing forward. If you have not completed the tasks in a particular Level, you will not be allowed to go to next level.

The first task for Example:

Is Padlock Income a scam

 The first task in Padlock Income is to join about 30 facebook groups.

The problem will start here itself. Many Facebook administrators have become very cautious in accepting new members to avoid spamming in their groups. Few Facebook administrators will accept your request immediately and while for some other groups your request will remain pending or may be rejected.

But joining the Facebook group is not the actual task. You will have to join the group and promote Padlock income there and bring 10 leads. Acquiring Lead for the Padlock income is actual Task and unless you complete the task you will not be moved to next level.

By now you might have simply acknowledged that you shall be promoting the videos created by Jeremy on Social media and your leads will be doing the same.

It runs like an online Multi-Level marketing program but with a difference that it is just selling so-called training videos.

Does it raise a red flag? Is Padlock income a Scam or not?

If you are looking forward to earning 6 figure income online in a legit way, you can Join my #1 recommended program here. Or you may continue reading the review to take the decision little later.

Is Padlock income really free To Join?

Yes, it is. Padlock income is Free to join but not without a catch.

While you have crossed first levels, you will have to buy their products to continue with Padlock Income.

So the catch is, Joining is free but the program is not free. The money spent by you on buying the product is distributed to your upline and the Founder of the product. The commission range though is very good ranging from 70% to 100%

Still Not Sure How You Will Make Money?

The whole motive for creating these type of MLM schemes is to Join and Promote. Once someone joins through your referral Link, they will be placed under you and you will become their up line.

Upon Joining, They will follow the same steps in order to make money online. Your upline will start getting the money when you reach a level and start purchasing their Padlock Products and similarly, you will get the money when your downline would purchase the products.

So the whole idea behind Joining the social media groups is to promote your referral links and convert them into leads and raise the level. That’s why he wants you to join 30 different Facebook groups though they are not a necessity to progress through the padlock levels.


Why do I not  Recommend Padlock Income?

On the face, Padlock Income looks like a simple opportunity to start earning money, however, I will never such Kind of Online MLM schemes. Some of my reasons for not recommending Padlock income are:

  • Focus on Facebook Groups for Leads:

Social Media like Facebook is a great platform for promoting your business and reaching target Audience. The groups advised by Jeremy Rush may be great but everyone joining the padlock income will be promoting the same thing in those groups.

So how does it make your product different? What are the chances that lead will follow your link and not others?

Generating traffic in this manner has now become very competitive and that’s why you may not be able to get a single lead


  • Earning Claims seems to good to be true

I don’t feel that a newbie has any chance of making huge or rather any money Rush with this program. The MLM schemes like Padlock Income may be great for the experienced online marketers who know and implement different marketing skills. So once you have achieved some experience in online marketing, you can earn money through such kind of program.


  • Website Closes, Everything is gone!

The problem with this kind of opportunity is that you will totally rely on a single person and his website as a source of income. If it closes down, you will not be able to earn from it anymore.

As long as Jeremy Rush is getting the traffic and leads through people recruited for promoting this program, he may continue with it. Once there is a dip, he may choose to close this website and come with some other similar idea.

As of now the only persons making money may be Jeremy Rush himself and Affiliate who have joined at an earlier stage.

Some people still like to Join Padlock Income because they think:

  • No experience is required to promote such schemes.
  • You need to follow simple steps.
  • The system closes the deals for you through their own system. Once the lead has joined you are not required to follow them.
  • Few people have made money through the System.

If you feel you can follow their method of generating the income, you can join it here. As I stated Joining is free, there is no harm in Joining and trying the system.

If you are serious about making money online through Padlock, you must plan your game.

Conclusion- Is Padlock income a Scam?

I don’t think Padlock Income is a scam. But I don’t recommend such kind of MLM schemes to the newbies.

There is definitely money to be earned but claims are ridiculous. Rather than following such schemes, I will always advise a newbie to start either affiliate marketing or Dropship business.

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If you have any question regarding earning money online, You can leave a comment below.

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