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Panda Research is an Online platform offering money against completed offers, Surveys and reading emails. I have already reviewed some of the paid survey Programs like Inbox Pound and Gold Opinions earlier. Today I am going to share the details about another money making opportunity by taking Surveys. Panda Research review will help you be well informed before Joining it. The website claims that you will receive cash for each successfully completed offer or survey. Moreover, You will earn an additional Income for every email you read!

In the present economic scenario, Many people are searching for a legitimate opportunity to make at least some passive income online while others intend to achieve financial freedom working online.

Newbies often fall prey to online scams while searching for such opportunities. My reviews often help them avoid such scams and Join a legit program for making a regular income.

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Name: Panda Research
Owner: A & A marketing
Price: Free to Join


Panda research review


Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Panda Research is not a Scam but not recommended. By taking surveys or cash offers, you may not be able to make even your pocket money. If you are looking forward to make few dollars spending long hours, that's OK.

But if you are looking forward to improve your financial situation and earn full time income, Better avoid wasting time on surveys.

Moreover there are many complaints against the parent company A & A marketing of non payment and poor customer service. No action has been taken by company to resolve the complaints

What is Panda Research

Whois research reveals that the Panda Research website was created on 5th August 2004 which make it one of the oldest survey conducting Platform. A website can not sustain for so many years if it is a pure Scam.

On thorough investigation, I found that InboxPay, minds pay and Panda Research are all owned by A&A marketing having its headquarter at Illinois, USA.

The main purpose of Panda Research is to act as an intermediate between the advertising companies or the brands and the common man or consumer. The Platform is used for the organization for gathering the consumer's opinion about their products and hence improve the product based on the gathered information.

That also helps them gather information about competitors standing in the market. They take money from the companies and share a percentage of that with the members participating in the surveys.

You can earn money in the following ways

  1. By successfully completing Offers and surveys.
  2. Receiving discount coupons and giveaways when you participate in various offers and surveys
  3. Referring to your friends
  4. You can earn Additional Income by reading emails,  thresh hold limit is  $25 maximum per payout.
Make money Panda Research

Though there are many ways mentioned for earning money on their website, I am no way recommending you to survey Sites if you aim to achieve Financial Freedom as it is established that you can not earn substantial income by just participating in surveys and it is like wasting your precious time in doing silly things.

 If you excess time and are not concerned about making a living through online business, You may continue to read the finer details.

How Do Survey Site Like Panda Research Work?

First look at the Panda research site will tell you that it is a very simple site and easy to navigate. Once you land on their website, you will have to get yourself registered. On the top right-hand side corner, you will find the money they have distributed till day. At the time of writing this blog, they have paid $2,240,057

As of now Panda Research offers are Limited to USA citizens only.

Now Let me go into details of various options described above through which you can make money on this website.

Taking Online Paid Surveys:

 By registering with Panda Research, you become eligible to gain access to the frequently updated database of paid surveys. You will have to share your opinion on various topics mainly related to branded products or services.

Once the initial Screening is completed, you will be redirected to the client's website and participate in surveys.

As a registered member, you will also get the invitation in your inbox when a new client approaches them for conducting surveys on their behalf. The e-mail sent by PandaResearch will contain a link to the survey website along with a login code.

The first part of the survey contains screening questions and  If you qualify for the survey as per the standards set by the client, you will be allowed to continue with the rest of the survey and be paid.

A normal survey takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. You will become eligible to receive payment once the advertiser has approved your survey but you will be paid only when you have generated $50. All the payments are in multiples of $50 and paid in your PayPal account.

However, Panda Research does not warrant the approval of your survey by the client. It may happen that after spending long hours, you do not get credit for the surveys.

Participating in Paid Offers:

As per the information on their website, you will receive the paid offers once you have completed the registration process. These offers are nothing but a signup process for other websites which again will have some thresh hold limit for releasing your payments. And in most cases, this limit will never reach as they do not have so many offers are on their website. This is just a method of sharing your contact details with other scammers.

Earn Money By Reading Emails:

This is not a very lucrative option. Though you may make a few cents by reading those emails, most of the people feel that this is a very time-consuming process and create the distraction.

Earn Money Through Referrals:

You will get paid for referring your friends to panda research. You will get a 10% commission of the amount earned by your referral. I do not feel earning 10% of the few cents earned by your referrals is going to help you achieve financial Freedom for you.

Panda Research Pros:

 1. Panda Research is easy to navigate.

2. You will make a small amount of money.

Panda Research Cons:

  1. Low Payouts.
  2. High Thresh Hold limits.
  3. Limited options.
  4. A lot of complaints against the Company.
  5. Poor Customer Support

Is Panda Research a Scam?

I do not feel that Panda Research is 100% Scam but that does not mean that I recommend panda research. I have researched other survey sites also which do fall under the category of pure scams.  But the matter of fact is that you will not be able to make huge money by participating in surveys, cash offers or reading emails.

The approval process adopted by the advertisers is not transparent and Low Paying surveys create distractions. You will start participating in cash offers and surveys and after some time, you will realize that is hard to reach $50 withdrawal limit set up by panda research.

Most of the surveys are time-consuming and after participating in some of these, you may actually stop further taking surveys. Many people who have somehow managed to make $50 have complained that they have neither received their payments nor any reply from customer support.

Bottom Line: Are Other options Available for making money Online

The first thing you must know is that affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of earning money online but it takes time to learn and establish your business. You will have to master the whole process before making money. It requires dedication, patience, and persistence.

In case you are interested to make your career in affiliate marketing, I invite you to Join the best training platform Wealthy Affiliate. As you go along with the training, You will start making money though you may not become a millionaire overnight. But Slowly and steadily you will change your financial status and ultimately you will on your way to meet your financial goals.

I thank you for reading my Panda Research review and hope it has benefited you. In case you need any further  information, do not hesitate to leave a comment below

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