Partnership to Success Review | Is it a New Scam by John Thornhill?


John Thornhill has just launched his long awaited program i.e Partnership to Success. It is claimed to be a product that can help you in making money a legitimate way.

In the introduction itself John has clarified that this is not going to be a make-you-rich type of program and You will have to spend some time with the methods before you actually start making money online.

I do agree with John Thornhill on above but there are still more questions to be answered and in this Partnership to Success review, I will discuss about the course to enable you decide if it is worth your time and money.

I appreciate that you have decided to do a thorough research before joining the program.

To help you in your research beyond this review, I also like to share the links of live webinar where you can ask any question you may have in mind.

Partnership TO Success - Quick Report

Name: Partnership-to -success
Website: Click Here
Owner: John Thornhill
Price: $1997 or $197 X12 Months




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Sometime back, Online marketing guru John Thornhill announced that he
was running a webinar to teach all
he knows about making money online. 

John has more than 15 years of experience in creating and marketing digital products and has made millions of

If you are planning to make money online, it always make sense to watch such seminars and learn how it’s
all done.

In this Free Webinar, You will receive lot of information and free gifts from John.

  • You will learn everything you should know about creating your own successful product and Sales Funnel from the expert in the field having more than 15 years of experience. 
  • You will receive  Worksheets, Checklists and presentation slides as Free Bonus. These resources will  give you the complete detail of step by step action required for making money online.
  • You can participate in Q&A Session for clearing all your doubts.
  • You will receive a the recorded webinar so that you can see it later as well.
  •   You will receive all the support after Webinar

What is Partnership to success?

Partnership to Success is considered to be a comprehensive training in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce.

This is a 12 month mentorship program launched by John Thornhill is aimed to provide a winning formula to aspiring internet marketers  that has been used by him to make  7 figure income.

 I am impressed by the course as it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The training has a lot to offer even for newbies who do not have any prior experience in Internet marketing

By far the course is the best option for the people who can invest something around $2000.

I did not have that much money when I got started but I was fortunate enough to find a an economical option that is equally good or may be better in some areas.

If you are also saining in the same boat and do not have funds to pay $2000, you may like to try the program that has helped me in making $10000 or more per month last year.

What you get with Partner to Success?

  • MasterMind Training: Along with step by step training, you would also know all the tricks from John Thornhill to build your 7 digit online Empire.
  • Live Weekly Webinars: Learn from the experience of Successful Entrepreneurs.
  • Access to all the recorded webinars so that you can watch them as per your convenience.
  • Direct Telephonic Interaction with John Thornhill
  • Creating your own Product for Online Marketing.
  • Promotion of your Product by John Thornhill on his own Blogs and through his email list.
  • Free Access to Private Forum and  Facebook Group. 

Things I liked about the course:

  1. No Fake Promises of making you rich overnight.
  2. No DFY System for making money on click of a button. John Thornhill  has very clearly stated that you will have to work hard for making money. 
  3. The course is suitable for newbies who do not have prior experience in the field. The training will teach you all the basic things required to get started.
  4. If followed properly, you will definitely be making money much more than your present salary. You will enjoy the financial Freedom.
  5. 90% people who have joined this course are making full time living with internet marketing.

Things I do not Like About Program:

1. The training is costly though it is worth its price. Many people may not afford to pay approximately $5000.

2. The course does not have a live chat platform. But still you can use Facebook and Live forum for interacting with like minded people and learn from them

Do I Recommend Partnership to Success?

The training is legitimate and worth buying. I have got positive Feedback from most of the students and affiliates as well. Some of them have achieved very good results as shown below.


The course is highly recommended for all those who can manage to buy this course. You can attend the live webinar and clarify your doubtes before joining.

In case you do are not in a position to invest this huge amount, there are other legitimate training options are available.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

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I hope you have enjoyed this review and will share it with your friends on Social Media.

In case you need any further information , just leave a comment below and I will get back to you at the earliest.

Meet Arun Sabharwal

The author is an experienced affiliate marketer and a coach making a full-time income online.

He was laid off from His Corporate Job at the age of 51 during Mass Lay Offs.

When his colleagues started searching for a new job, even an underpaid one, Arun Decided to start his own Business.

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