Passive income Sumo has created a hype after its Launch and many people are eager to join the Program in order to make money online. 

In my Passive income Sumo Review, I will discuss this program in-depth and we will try to find out if there is any scope of making money with the system or if the Passive income Sumo a Scam?

What is Passive Income?

A lot of people would say that Passive income is the income received on a regular basis with no effort at all. I completely disagree with the definition.

You can not make any money without doing some work. Even Scammers making money online are doing some work. They are launching the products and reaching people online for recruiting them.

So I will define Passive income as the money being received by you on a regular basis now for your efforts in the Past. You have sown the Seeds earlier and now reaping the fruits.

You can either work harder whole life and make money or you can work smarter for some time and make money throughout your life.

 Passive Income Sumo Review -

Quick Report

Product Name : Passive Income Sumo

Website : Click Here

Price: $97 Front end and up sells

Recommended : No



Quick Summary

Passive Income Sumo training consist of 12 different modules to teach you 12 different ways of creating passive income streams from the same website.

Each module is designed to help with step-by-step training or instructions to set up and install that particular income stream.

Being an Affiliate marketer my self and making 6 figure income online, I know Affiliate marketing is the best way of making Passive income i.e putting your efforts upfront and making money forever. 

And when it comes to the Affiliate marketing training, no other platform come any where near to Wealthy Affiliate.

 What is Passive Income Sumo:


The owner of the System claims that With Passive Income Sumo, you will learn the steps required by you to work just a few hours each month for making full time long-term passive income. 

The owner claims that easiest way of making passive income is to design your business in "Set it and Forget it Mode" by following the path of least resistance. 

Once you have started making substantial income, you will have enough money and time to spend with your family.

I completely agree with the logic but setting up online business really need a lot of determination and patience. You must be ready to spend time on training and implement your learning without taking any shortcut.

 Please remember Rome was not built in a Day.

The purpose of generating Passive income is to make you financial independent and do the things which you like to do in this life.

Different Module of Passive Income Sumo:

Passive Income Sumo does not rely on just one method of making money. They combine different Modules on the Same website.

Personally , I do not like putting the efforts in different directions but concentrate  only on one way of making money i.e affiliate marketing. Let us now discuss the various modules of Passive Income Sumo.

1st Module:

In this module, You will learn to in stall your own member ship site. To start your own membership site you must have a saleable product.

The membership sites without a product are considered as Ponzi Schemes and fall into the category of Scams. 

I do not think this module is going to serve any purpose for newbies.

2nd  Module  :

This module is created to teach you E-mail marketing. You will learn to set up your Autoresponder for email marketing and learn to attract your targeted Audience to your lead page and then turn them into cash-paying customers.

E-mail marketing is an important part of Affiliate marketing but it comes very late in the Picture.

I am not convince with the sequence of Modules.

Unless you have your own affiliate website with a huge amount of traffic , email marketing will be of no use. 

3rd Module:

This training module will help you in starting your own CrowdSource Blog System. 

A crowd sourced Blog is the one where other people will create contents form you and you will make money.

This is not going to work for a new blog.

People would be interested to write guest posts on your Blog only when it is established and driving lot of organic traffic. No one would like to waste time and effort on a new website

4th Module:

This module deals with the Lead Magnets Licensing System. In this system you will learn to sell the rights for various templates , worksheets and other tools. 

This module is quite confusing and meant only for very experienced marketers who already have set up their funnels and making money.

5th Module:

The module deals with teaching you on selling the resell rights of your existing Digital Products, if you have any.

For example you have created an eBook on weight loss. Instead of just selling the eBook , you can provide reselling right to the buyers. 

You will make money upfront when someone buys the eBook directly from your website and you will also make money when some one buys the products embedded into the book with your affiliate links even he has purchased from the reseller.

6th Module :

This module will discuss creating your own course for Udemy. Video training is very popular these days and people are making huge money with Udemy by selling their courses.

You must have thorough knowledge about your subject before attempting any  such thing.,

7th Module:

In this module, the owner has shared the secret of creating eBooks for Amazon Kindle. You will find the tips and tricks used by other authors in selling their eBooks on Amazon. 

8th Module:

This module you will teach you to find the partners for setting up your own affiliate System. You will crate a system and your marketing partners or affiliate will promote the system for a commission.

9th Module:

In this module, you will learn to make income using other people's expertise in a niche and publishing the course without any knowledge in the niche.

10th Module: 

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS). Most of the affiliate websites are built on WordPress. As an estimate almost 37 million websites are powered by WordPress. 

People would always be looking for WP accessories like themes, templates or Plugins for managing their websites easily and performing certain actions.

In this module , you will discover the ways to create and sell in-demand WP accessories.

11th Module:

This module will train you on selling the services like Ghostwriting and SEO and finding the Freelancers to do the actual work at the back end. 

12th Module:

This module will train you on setting up an ecommerce store for selling digital products or services. 

In case you are interested to sell affiliate products from Amazon, you can create Amazon Store by using Stream Store  or EzyStore.

Is Passive Income Sumo A Scam: 

I will not treat Passive Income Sumo as a Scam but that does not mean that I am recommending the system. 

It is a low quality product that will not serve any purpose. Though there are 12 different training modules in the program, none of them go deep to provide in-depth knowledge.

 The training will give yo only basic ideas about different ways of making money but will not help you to make real passive income.

In case you are interested to become an online entrepreneur, you should learn from the experts in the field. it is not just about the training but the methodology followed to deliver the training is more important.

You can test the training followed by me to become success affiliate marketer. The training has helped me in making $10000 or more every month for last many years.

I hope you have liked this Passive Income Sumo review. In case you need more information , just leave a comment below in the comment section. I will respond at the earliest.

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