You might have landed on this page searching for the best software for conducting webinars. 

We all know traffic is the lifeline of online business and Automated webinars are excellent ways to drive traffic. There are a number of great webinar software that enable you to run automatic webinars, but most of them are quite cumbersome and very costly.

Moreover, many of them even do not provide the desired functionalities. Today a new WordPress plugin called Prime-time Webinar is released.

The Plugin allows you to create and run Automated just in time (JIT) Webinars, Evergreen Webinars, and also Hybrid Webinars right from your WordPress authority site.

Prime Time Webinar Plugin Review  - Summary

Name: Prime Time Webinar Plugin 

Owner: Andrew Hunter

Website: Click Here

Price : $27 


Recommended : Yes




Prime-time Webinar Plugin is a New Webinar Plugin that makes It extremely easy to run Automated, Evergreen, as well as Hybrid Webinars right from your WordPress website.

As a digital marketer , you might already know the importance of running webinars and if you get software for running automated Webinars right from your own WordPress website, nothing can beat it.

The Automated and Live webinars are used by online marketers for :

  • Building an Email List
  • Interacting with the Prospects Live
  • Sell On Autopilot

Prime-time Webinar (AKA PTWebinar) WordPress Plugin enables you to create and run these webinars with online conversation functionality, pre-programmed chat remarks, and timed offer display screens directly within your WordPress site.

  • JIT Webinars With Countdown Features
  • Enable you to Schedule Live Webinars 
  • Option to Replay
  • Allow you to chat comment live in the Webinar room
  • You can pull Video from Vimeo or other platforms
  • A timed Phone Call to  action Deals 


Primetime webinar WordPress Plugin provides you the simplest way to run automated and evergreen webinars at almost no cost as you can buy the plugin at a very reasonable one-time cost.

The Plugin is loaded with lots of Features. Some of them are explained below.

Automated Webinars :

ThIs wordpress Plugin enables you to conduct either a one-time webinar or may scheduLe it on a daily or weekly basis.  

Just In Time Webinars:

All JIT webinars can have the capabilities of displaying a Countdown timer or call-to-action Facility.

Live Chat Features

This Feature allows you to answer the chat comments in Live automated webinars.  

Preset Timed Comment :

You can pre-set the timings of already recorded comments as per the flow of automated webinars and can also push the live comments to your future webinars.

Timed Call to Actions :

Webinars are the best way to sell your product automatically. The participant watching the webinars are those who are almost ready to buy and you have to just push them to your offer at the right time.

You can use these webinars to show your offers automatically at the right time.

  This helps in increased conversions.

Countdown Timers

You can create urgency with the countdown timer having redirect capabilities. The redirection will take your visitor to the offer page and therefore increase conversions

Capture Emails

Automated webinars are the best tools for creating your own email list.

You can use this list for any of your future offers. The plugin allows you to insert your HTML code to integrate with any available Autoresponder

Custom Pages

You can create new pages for upcoming webinars within WordPress or any page builder being used by you by copying and pasting the shortcodes.

Prime Time Webinar Plugin Cost :

Prime time webinar WordPress plugin is available with two different pricing options.

You can buy the plugin for personal use by paying $20 (Discounted Price). The Developer version of the Plugin is available for $25.

Both the License allows you to install the plugin on an unlimited number of websites but in case you want to install it on the client's WordPress website, you should buy the developer's license.


Primetime Webinar Plugin Pros :

  • Loaded with all the features of contemporary costly software.
  • Affordable
  • No recurring monthly or annual charges
  • Can be used to create webinars within your WordPress website.
  • No Technical skills required to use the plugin
  • Shortcodes can be used to create new pages.
  • Can be installed on unlimited websites.
  • Can create an unlimited number of webinars
  • Video can be pulled from YouTube or Vimeo.

Primetime Webinar Plugin Cons :

Not able to find any. If you come across any shortcomings please leave a comment in the comment section below.

Conclusion : 

Prime time webinar Plugin is one of the best plugins to be installed on your website. The Plugin will definitely help in increased conversions.

The Prime time webinar Plugin can be used for creating three types of  Automated, Hybrid, and Evergreen Webinars.

There is no limit on the number of webinars you can set up with the plugin and also you can install it on unlimited websites.

The plugin allows you to chat with the live attendees and answer the questions as asked. The questions will be recorded and can be added to your future webinars at a preset time.

The Prime Time Webinar Plugin is recommended by me.

I hope you have liked my Prime time webinar Plugin review. In case you have any further questions, just leave a comment below. I will definitely respond to all your queries at the earliest possible.

I take a leave now. Good Bye.

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