Profit Mate Review :

Profit Mate is created by Brendan Mace, who is an experienced online marketer. He has created many digital products in the last few years to help people make money online.

As Brendan Mace himself is an affiliate marketer he knows what it takes to be successful. Some of his earlier products have created a lot of hype.

In this Profit mate review, I will throw light on Profit Mate and explain how it works, if this product from Brendan mace comes anywhere near expectations.

You have rightly decided to read the Profit Mate review before spending your money on buying the products. that's the way to avoid online Scams.

Profit Mate Review - Quick Summary

Name: Profit Mate

Owner: Branden Mace

Price : $ 16.93 + Upsells

Useful For : No One

Recommended : No



What Is Profit Mate?

According to Brendan Mace, Profit Mate is a very simple system that collects the email addresses from the "contact us "page of a niche website. In other words, Profit mate is an email scraper.

As you know, the toughest part of affiliate marketing is to generate leads and you have to work very hard for that. You must have your own landing page, a huge amount of traffic, an autoresponder, and so many others things.

Profit Mate is claimed to be an answer to all your problems and it can generate leads very quickly, as quick as counting up to 3.

Once you have the subscribe list, you can promote your offers and make money online. The complete process sounds so simple. Isn't it?

You can make money with an email list but believe me if creating an email list is so simple then people would not have been spending tons of money on Click Funnel for creating Opt-in and landing pages.

Profit Mate will help you create an email list but that list will be useless as far as making money is concerned. The email fetched from the "contact us "pages will be of the site owners who would not be your target audience. Don't expect that they will buy any affiliate product from you.

In simple words, you are not building any profitable business with Profit Mate rather you may end up restricting your account o Google.


The software would require a Google API key associated with your Google account. When you start sending unsolicited emails and spamming people using this software, your account may be banned.

Google follows very strict Policies on this. That's why affiliate marketers deploy double opt-in and take customer's consent before sending emails.

How Money Can You Make With Profit Mate?

I don't think you can make any money with Profit Mate as you will not be building an email list of the people searching for some product or service. If you want to make money with an email list, it should be of the people searching for that particular product.

The software will scrape the emails of website owners from the "contact us" page of their website. Most likely they will not be interested in buying your offer and it may happen that rather than buying from you, they will add your email to their mailing list and start sending their offers.

Yes, some of them may be buy services like SEO or Social Media advertisements,  in case you are an expert in these services. In case, you are an expert, you will not require this kind of software anyways.

Profit Mate Upsells :

Whenever you buy something cheaper like this at the front end, you should expect some upsells. Being an experienced online marketer, Branden knows how to shell more money out of your pocket.

Once you buy Profit mate and log in to the member's dashboard area, you will be presented with these upsells. You will be forced to believe that making money would only be possible if you buy the complete system and in the process, you will lose more money. This is a vicious cycle.

Even after buying these upsells, you will not make money. The money will go to the affiliate marketers promoting this system and the creator of the system.

Upsell #1: Pro Version for $67 - For making 10 X money.
Upsell #2:   Completely DFY  system for $197
Upsell #3: 100 % Done-for-you leads $97
Upsell #4: Google API integration $77
Upsell #5: Unlimited traffic $197

Is Profit Mate A Scam?

Yes, Profit Mate is a Scam.  I do not expect such low-class products from an experienced affiliate marketer who otherwise also making millions of dollars. But some of the products launched by him in the last few years have turned out to be scams.

You might have seen some positive reviews about this program but they are written by the affiliate marketers who are promoting his program and do not feel bad about becoming a part of the scam.

Profit Mate Pros :

  • No Website Required
  • No technical skills required (But still do not work for newbies)
  • Affordable (Front end but a lot of upsells)
  • 30 days warrior Plus money-back guarantee

Profit Mate Cons :

  • You will not make any money.
  • Low-class product (Call it a Scam)
  • No transparency, Many upsells
  • Create eagerness to buy with a fake timer. You visit the site again and will find the same timer.
  • Not newbies friendly

Bottom Line - Profit Mate Review( Is there an alternative available)

First thing first. Do not buy this scam. This is a pure waste of money. Branden Mace is now used to making money by selling fake products to newbies. They just got trapped in order to make some quick bucks.

Making money online is possible but not the way it is being explained by Branden Mace. Only affiliate marketers will make money with this Product.  But again affiliate marketers can make money with legitimate products as well. I failed to understand why so they promote products like this.

I am also an affiliate marketer, making 6 figure income. I have refrained from promoting low-cost scams. I learned affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate University. They are the experts in this field and when you learn from them, you would learn to make money, where I learned to make money from affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, etc by promoting the branded products.

There is no short cut and if you want to make money online, you have to put in the hard work.

There are more than a million people turned into successful entrepreneurs by following wealthy affiliate's step-by-step training and are now making full-time passive income.

If you want to build a profitable online business, then you have to set up your own website for promoting affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing is not a scam and can help you achieve financial freedom without cheating people and without promoting scams.

Rather than losing money on these scams, upgrade yourself with the Right Education.

In order to make money online, you should learn to select the profitable niche and how to create your own website. Besides, you will also learn to write product reviews and search engine optimization so that your website ranks high on search engines.

Rather than wasting time on scams or rather reading reviews, you have an opportunity to get started with your own business by learning affiliate marketing.

By clicking the button below, you can join free and evaluate the complete training system for 7 days. No credit cards required, No obligation. You can be a free member for your whole life.

The step-by-step training will help you to create your business without hurdles and a live community of like-minded people will be ready to answer all your queries 24 X 7.

With this I conclude My Profit Mate review. Can you make money with an email list. Yes, but not with owners email scrapped from Contact us Page.

In case you have any further questions, Just Leave a comment below in the comment section.

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