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Today I am going to review Profit Maximiser by Mike Cruickshank and in this review, you will find all the answers to your queries and will know what is there in Profit Maximiser for you before joining it?


Quick Report

Name: Profit Maximiser
Website:Click Here
Owner: Mike Cruickshank
Price: £1 for 14 days trial and £97 annually thereafter + Upsells




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Profit maximiser is right Platform for people having interest in binary Trading. 

With this trading platform , you can make money without having much knowledge in trading.

Software is designed to take care of risk involved in betting. 

Profit maximiser is not a Scam.

There is always risk involved in betting however intelligent your software may be.

I personally do not invest in trading but making passive income through Affiliate marketing.

I have established my Affiliate marketing business and now making 6 figure income. 

If you do not have any interest in betting and looking for a long term opportunity to make money online, you can opt for my #1 recommended resource. 

 What Is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is a binary trading platform to earn 100% tax-free income any time. You will have access to many bets any time with real-time updates.

Mike Cruickshank has designed this software to offer unparalleled access to many sports, casino, and other financial spread-betting programs to generate, tax-free profits – in your spare time!

Profit Maximiser allows you to take advantage of free bet opportunities offered by bookies to new customers so that they can try and become a member.

Under normal circumstances, bookies will offer you a free bet only after you have spent some money on betting.

It means if you are not lucky enough, you would lose some money before getting the free bet opportunity and you may be out of your pocket. However, with Profit Maximiser you can watch its unique in-depth step by step training videos & examples. 

You will have to follow the instructions to make the best use of the risk-free bet offers. All you required is to invest in the winning combinations suggested by this software and rest of the things will be taken care by Profit Maximiser in auto pilot mode.

How much PM costs:

Before subscribing Profit Maximiser for £97 annually, you can take advantage of 14 days trial period for just £1.

Take advantage of 14 days Trial for £1 now

Even if you join the annual subscription, you can avail 60 days money back guarantee.

How Does Profit Maximiser Work?

Profit Maximizer daily posts the data collected from various casinos and bookmakers on their website. This data includes the free bets, price boosts and many other kinds of offers. As a member of Profit Maximizer, you will also receive the tips to make a guaranteed profit though matched betting.

The biggest advantage with their website is that you will have access to many specially designed tools which would assure the guaranteed profits, by increasing your betting efficiency.

Every day, You will get great offers and those would really help you make money.

Is Profit Maximiser A Scam?

In recent times, the binary trading options have become very popular for making huge profits by smart ways trading.  But Scammers have been actively taking advantage of the popularity. You can find many such scams online but Profit Maximizer is not a scam but a real innovative trading system and is recommended by me.

How Much Money Can Be Made Using Profit Maximiser?


Money in any business whether online or offline can be directly proportional to your efforts and time you put in. I propose you to be a learner for the first month or at least for a few days. It does not mean that you will not make money during the learning process but along with the small earnings you will test the water.

Once you are familiar with the process and spend enough time, I think you will be in a position to earn between £100 to £1000 each month.

Who is the best candidate for Profit Maximiser:

Profit Maximizer is for everyone who would like to make money online through binary trading but have no idea about how to proceed. It may be for you if you are into doing binary trading but not getting the desired results and not making any money. It is for you if you want to make money online part time or full time from the comfort of your home.

What is included in Profit Maximiser:

  • £688 Betting Mastermind
  • £97 Matched Betting Software
  • £97 Each Way Sniper
  • £97 Bookie Blowout
  • £97 Accumulator Generator
  • £27 Bonus Bagging

Profit Maximiser Support:

Profit Maximizer provides excellent support through Email and facebooks private community. Whenever you need help, you can send a mail for personal attention and also you can leave a question on the facebook group. Someone from the Facebook community will definitely help you

 Profit Maximiser Pros:


  • Profit maker is 100% Automated.
  • The website is user-friendly.
  • You get paid trial of 14 days for just 1 British pound.
  • Backed by 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Daily update of free betting offers.
  • In-depth training for using the software.
  • Not a platform to make you a millionaire overnight, but you will definitely earn huge profits.
  • Facebook and Email Support.

Profit Maximiser Cons:

  • Only for residents of UK and Ireland.
  • Monthly subscription options not available.
  • Initially, you may lose a bit but on a long run that will be compensated.
  • You may become addicted to gambling.

Bottom Line:

I personally do not trade in binary options. That is not my taste but Profit Maximizer is not a Scam. This is a genuine opportunity for people interested in free betting and binary trading. This software takes care of the risks involved in betting and help them make a reasonable profit. But you can never eliminate the risk of losing in any type of betting, how much intelligent your software may be.

Moreover, Profit Maximizer is not available in all countries.

But there are other options are available without risk of losing a single penny. In case you are not a resident of UK and Ireland or even if you live there but not interested in binary trading, you can opt for legitimate business. Yes, I am talking about affiliate marketing. I can recommend you a legitimate affiliate marketing and training platform available in all the countries and is free to join. You can read my complete review of wealthy affiliate here 

In case you are not interested in binary trading, you can my # recommended program here for free and start making money the way I do. Replicate my 6 figure income success formula.

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