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Here is another Program named Profit Point Autonomy which claims that You can make $500 per day by just pressing a button and that too 365 days a year.

I am going to share the details about the program very transparently and would check if the bold claims made by the owners are anywhere near close to reality.

We will check if the Profit Point Autonomy is a Scam or Legitimate money-making opportunity. Do you feel one can make $500 per day without working by just push of a button?

Please continue to read for the complete details.

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Profit Point Autonomy-Summary

Name: Profit Point Autonomy
Owner: Unknown
Price: $47 + Upsells




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

When I visited the Sales page of Profit Point Autonomy, I find it similar to many other  low quality courses that I've already reviewed in the last couple of months

I have discussed in detail why I treat this course as 100% Scam.  The training is of very low-quality and It won't help you make any money online. The main aim of the platform to make members by taking membership Fee who could inturn ell you more courses. The Platform will only make money for the creators.

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What is Profit Point Autonomy?

Profit Point Autonomy claims that they will teach you affiliate marketing in such a way that you can make $500 a day without working or doing anything. That immediately raised a red flag.

I am an affiliate marketer and can tell you that affiliate marketing is the best way of making money online but it does not work the way they are trying to communicate.

Affiliate marketing is not that easy and It requires real hard work before you start making money. That is another thing that after initial hard work you can enjoy your life forever.

The major problem with the Profit Point Autonomy is that it is a very low-quality course and does not teach anything required to be successful online.

 Most of the people make mistakes by not treating the online business as a real business. They feel that online business can make them rich overnight. They are the easy target for the scammers selling shining objects.

Making money online is a real business like any other offline business and you must approach it the same way you might have approached any other business.

I advise you to stay away from the programs like Profit Point Autonomy, Cash Day machine, Clout Pay or any other similar program that tries to make you believe that you can make money with just a few clicks of a button. The training is very similar to and therefore remind me of another big Scam website ATM.

If making money online is that easy then everyone would have been doing the same rather than working day and night to meet both the ends.


How Does Profit Point Autonomy Works?

The creator of Profit Point Autonomy made you believe that they are offering you a business-in box. You may expect a  plug and play website ready to make money. But even that is not the case.

The training consists of some videos that can get you started with affiliate marketing but on further instigation, those just turned out to be the simple tools required.

The training will teach to install some plugins on your website so that products can be fetched from online markets like Amazon or Ali express with your affiliate links.

When the visitor lands on your website and click on the product and bought it from the respective website, you would earn a commission.

A newbie searching for a money-making opportunity may treat it as the easiest and best way of making money which it is not.

Just by creating a website and throwing affiliate links there, you will not make the money. The biggest misconception is that your site will be flooded with the site visitors once it is Launched. That will not happen.

You need to market your website just like any other real business. You will have to learn to drive organic traffic to your website by bringing them up in search engines rankings and promote your website on social media in an effective manner without spamming the Social media.

The Profit Point Autonomy will not teach you to make money online but they are just after your hard-earned money.

Making money online is definitely possible but you will have to learn it from the masters in the world and follow their step by step training.

How much would it cost to Join Profit Point Autonomy?

You can join Profit Point Autonomy for $47. But once you join the Profit Point Autonomy, you will immediately be hit with the up-sells.

The up-sells also do not live up to the expectations. That is expected. When the main product you buy does not fully fill the promises, you can not expect much from the up-sells and you will end up losing a few hundreds of dollars more.

The creator of the website actually offers you a free money making website but when you buy the training, you will come to know that you have to buy the domain name and web hosting. This will add up to your cost.

Is Profit Point Autonomy a Scam:


There are many red-flags. There are indications of a Scam. You may find some reviews from the people promoting this Program. They will claim that Profit Pointy Autonomy is not a Scam.

Moreover, People will say that you are getting the training against your investment, however, low-quality that training may be. Quality of any item being sold in the market can be debated, Few People find the certain item very useful while it may be turned out to be useless for a few others. Therefore there may be a bunch of people claiming Profit point Autonomy legitimate money-making opportunity.

Few other Profit Point Autonomy reviews will call it a scam without even going into details. They will suggest that since the program does not work as advertised, it is a Scam.

But I will like to discuss the red flags with you and let you decide if Profit point Autonomy is a Scam and why?

Red Flags:

Misleading Claims:

The sales video of the system is trying to mislead the newbies and leads them to false expectations. It is never possible to make $500 per day without doing any work. You can not make a single dollar without working.

There is no magic button which would yield $500 on pressing.

The system does not work as advertised and it is designed to lure the people with false promises so that the creator of the system can make money.

The sales video also does not disclose something about the up-sells. Once you buy the system, you will be hit with the up-sells and you will come to know that you have not purchased the complete system.

Fake Scarcity:

This is another bid red Flag. The website has been launched with a purpose to sell training and they will make money when selling the product.

The main reason behind showing the scarcity can only be attributed to the Low Quality of the Product. They wanted to mint money as much as possible before people come to know about what is inside.

Owner Hiding:

You will never find any legitimate website without About Me / About Us Page. This web page is used by the companies to share their vision and mission.  However, Profit Point Autonomy does not disclose any information about the owner.

The only reason for not disclosing the identity can only be that the creator of the program do not want to get identified with Scam and may be planning a few more scams in future.

I tried to investigate further and found that the same web address has been used to market Web Site ATM  and MSW scams.

Fake Testimonials


Now I feel you can decide if the Profit Point Autonomy is a Scam or legitimate money-making opportunity.

Bottom Line - Is there an Alternative to Profit Point Autonomy:

Making money online is not impossible. As I said earlier I am making money as an affiliate marketer. The reason behind my success is that I treated the online business as a real business and not some easy way to be rich overnight.

I used to be like you who would easily be attracted towards these shining Objects. By the time I could understand the facts, I had lost a few thousand dollars. I still feel my self lucky that I could find a legitimate training and have learned to build own affiliate website and how it works.

I did not have any skills related to affiliate marketing but step by step training provided by wealthy Affiliate have turned me from a novice to affiliate marketing specialist who is making 6 figure income online after forced retirement.

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