Profit Redux Review:

Profit Redux is the brand-new program created by James Sancimino. The owner claims that the system is created to give you a secret way of making passive income online and maximizing it.

The Program has everything required to make money and you can start creating $243.41 from day 1 by promoting affiliate products. The owner Further claims that you do not require any skills and program is meant for everyone.

Don't rush to join the system after seeing these Bold Claims. Please reads the complete review. In this review, I will reveal all the details to make you informed Decision.

Quick Report

Name: Profit Redux
Website: Click Here
Owner: James Sancimino
Price: $17


Recommended: No



Affiliate marketing is the legitimate way of making money and that's the reason most of the online money making program are focused on Affiliate marketing.

The Claims on the sales page that you will start making $243.41 in 48 hours are very exaggerated and raise red flags.

Affiliate marketing is not a quick rich scheme and No legitimate program can give you instant cash.

I am an affiliate marketer making 6 figure income. Even I could not make any money initially at least for few weeks.

I Joined a step by step training and followed it thoroughly. I worked hard and kept patience and it took some time before I started making money.

Profit Redux sales page claims that system is very simple to follow but they do not disclose anything about the actual System.

I fee that the training is about making money by promising affiliate products through YouTube Videos.

The front end training is very basic and you would be offered many OTO (One time offers) more often.

That's another problem with such kind of programs. 

The initial value is kept reasonable but once you have purchased it, you will be asked to shell more money in the name of advanced Training.

Moreover you tube marketing is just one small part of affiliate marketing and the complete affiliate marketing involves many more steps.

You must know how to build your money making website, writing contents, SEO, Generating organic traffic and much more.

In case you are still planning to buy Profit Redux, Please read the complete review or else if you are sincerely looking forward to learn the complete affiliate marketing for making full time income, you can test my recommended training for free.

What is Profit Redux?

 Profit Reduxis a simple training to earn 3 figures passive income a day, 4 figures in a week and 5 figures online year after year. The basic training includes 10 Step by Step Videos and some bonuses.

The Video Cover the Following Topics

  • Introduction
  • The Golden Rule IN Internet Marketing.
  • The Game in Affiliate Marketing
  • Where I (James) Put the YouTube Video Example
  •  Why Video is the Way to Go
  • Walking you through One of the review Video (Created by James)
  • Promoting Products in Affiliate Niche
  • How to get Buyer Subscribers
  • Why is it important create a video Daily
  • 4 Tips to rank your YouTube Video high

Apart from these 10 main videos, you will get following 2 Bonus videos and a link to download Bonus

  • How to Get Free Traffic on Facebook
  • 7 Powerful Beliefs of Insanely Successful Peoples

Who is the Creator of Profit Redux?

Profit Redux is created by James Sancimino. He is an experienced internet marketer, Blogger and Product Reviewer. He has been making money in affiliate marketing and therefore there can not be any question mark on his knowledge.

He had recently launched WPLockdown, a software for protecting the Web sites and the product has been received well in the market and have helped people immensely.

Profit Redux may help you learn creating Product Review Videos and Using Social media for ranking them  for promoting them but this is just a fraction of affiliate marketing.

YouTube is very popular among affiliate marketers but making money with YouTube is not at all that easy.

Moreover you just can not build your business on one leg. You should have your own site to connect with people and build a trust. People will listen to you and buy your recommended products once they have faith in you.

How Does Profit Redux Work?

As per the information provided by the narrator in sales video, the Profit Redux work in 3 very easy steps.

  1. Go through all the Profit Redux Training Videos,
  2. Implement the learning into practice.
  3. Sit relaxed and make money

Whom is the Profit Redux Meant For?

Profit Redux is not a newbies friendly and is meant for the people who want to promote affiliate products by making you tube videos.

This is not meant for the people who are camera shy.

You may use lot of tools and software but you need very good hardware i.e Camera, Tripod and Microphone for making  good videos.

I use Cofunkool Vlogging set for the best results in Vvideos.

The Profit Redux can be used for making some money by Experienced Affiliate marketers as they can promote Profit Redux for a Commission.  

Profit Redux Pros:

  • Reasonably Priced.
  • Video training on Promoting Products on You tube Videos,
  • Money back Guarantee

Profit Redux Cons:

  • Does not cover all the Topics of Affiliate marketing.
  • Do not provide any insight into SEO and organic Traffic.
  • Does not teach you to create Money making website and your own brand.
  • Lot of Up-sells

Bottom Line– Is it worth buying?

Profit Redux is an Over hyped Training program that may help you making some money but it will not make you rich.The claims that you will be making $243.11 per day inthan 48 Hours are highly exaggerated,'

If product is so useful then the creator would have been making money with the system at rather than selling it for $17 by recruiting Affiliates.

You may find lot of positive reviews about the system written by the affiliate of Profit Redux who would be trying hard to sell Profit Redux by offering you lot of bonuses.

If you are a newbie looking forward to make money online, You should not be looking for any shortcut for making money fast.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money but you must learn it from the leaders in the market.

You must learn how to create your own money making website without any technical skills, write content and rank high on search engines and only then you will be able to make money online.

  Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is the best affiliate marketing training Platform and they offer 7 days free access to the whole training. I advise you to test Wealthy Affiliate free and see if it works for you.

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