Selecting a profitable niche

Niche is a topic on which you build your website with an aim to help a group of people searching for that particular subject. In my opinion, the most difficult part of starting affiliate marketing may be selecting a profitable affiliate marketing niche.

Starting a blog is always a fun but, the most important is sticking to that subject or topic. Most of us who have just started blogging end up writing one article on a topic and then moving to another next day. My advice is to stick to an idea and build your website around that idea.

I have known many newbies writing on smartphones one day and then moving to health next day and maybe politics the third day. This kind of blog has its own problem as it will fail to attract any targeted audience.

Sticking Around the Topic is a blog for bloggers, internet marketers and affiliate marketers.

So I will stick to the topics helping in learning affiliate marketing, internet marketing, Blogging, SEO, selecting Long tail keywords and so on. All these topics are different but related to affiliate marketing, online marketing, blogging, online entrepreneurship niche.

A Few Tips To Decide On The Niche Of Your Blog 

When finally you enter into selecting a profitable affiliate marketing niche, you must not choose a broad topic like:

  • Health
  • Football
  • Bluetooth
  • Movies etc

With these types of niches, you will not get the targeted audience. Such a broad topic would not rank on Google easily. So you have to be specific and find low competition keywords.

Instead, you must choose a specific topic limited to help people in a particular domain. Suffering from hair fall or How to remove dandruff or 10 best mobile phones under 10,000 are few examples.

 Thinking Process - Selecting a profitable affiliate marketing niche.

The best niche amongst the most profitable online niches is one, which is related to the topic you like, can generate good traffic, I mean for which you can find low competition keywords and also has a related affiliate product to promote and monetary value.

More than that, your niche should have a long-term future. People may not search for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 after iPhone 10 is launched.

Here are 4 key things that you should take note of when picking a niche:

  1. The topic of your interest.
  2. The number of searches.
  3. The future stability of topic like people will keep on searching for how to lose weight.
  4. Monetizing Aspect or availability of affiliate product.

 Something You Know and Love must be chosen

Make a list of all of the topics, you are interested in. It may be related to Food, Baby products, Music or anything else. These all have the potential to build a niche amongst most profitable online niches

At this moment you may be thinking to build a blog around the trendy topic. You can Google or find information on the books but if you don’t have interest in the topic, you may not be able to keep writing.

Blog building is not one day job, but a long-term process.

When you build a blog on the topic you are passionate about, then

  1. You will put the time and effort on your blog to make it successful.
  2. You will not get bored and abandon it in between.
  3. The fresh idea will keep coming to you.
  4. You will be more interactive with your audience.
  5. You will be able to answer the queries/comments coming from your visitors in most authenticated manner.

Still Confused, I don’t’ know the topic

Do not worry, Sit down and make another List, which may include

  1. Your hobbies?
  2. How do you spend your free time i.e. listening music, playing cricket, gardening, cooking or traveling? All these are great most profitable online niches.
  3. What topic normally you discuss with your friends?
  4. Your Job experience?
  5. The topic on which you read books.
  6. Any business idea.
  7. Or anything which you still want to learn

Once you have done the brainstorming, you will find lots of topics and then start the reverse process by keeping that aside, which are of least interest to you. Once you have done this, you will get the idea for your niche which is most effective of the most profitable online niches

How Am I getting the ideas?

I get million of ideas daily and I am not joking. I am part of a community of more than a million people all of them are sincere bloggers not only earning handsome amount through blogging but helping each other with ideas. You can also join us free. You will get many refreshing ideas per day to build your niche.

What next?

After you have selected the topic, You must Google it to find the traffic and do not be afraid of completion Since I will guide you how to select keywords in any niche t beat the competition in any niche.

If you feel that your idea cannot receive the traffic, stop here and look for next idea on your list and continue till you find an idea with effective demand.

An idea with more competition with high demand is better than an idea with Zero competition with less demand.

The key is to strike a balance between your interest, and the level of competition.

The path to success is taking action. Inaction won’t lead you to success. Action always speaks loud, Louder than words.

Beat the competition

Current affairs like an election, Olympics 2020 can always become one of the most profitable online niches ideas but these are broad ideas and you have to brainstorm into these and find the targeted audience and find low competition keywords I have just checked and found that “ next summer Olympics 2020” is the best idea with least completion. You can check it your self with JAAXY. Join and enter the phrase to check the competition

So I advise you not to be afraid of competition in the niche as in any niche we can find the key works with least competition and good traffic using tools like JAAXY.

If you are interested in Bluetooth headphone, you can find a low competitive keyword to rank you higher in Google and once you are ranked you have enormous income potential. Using JAAXY, you will find that  "iPhone Bluetooth headphones" is the best keyword with low competition. So once we know this, We can rank in Google in one of the most profitable online niches


So now you know

  1. How to find an idea for a niche.
  2. How to check if niches are workable.
  3. In any niche, we can find low competitive keywords to rank higher in Google.
  4. Do not be afraid of competition, as without competition there won’t be traffic.
  5. Find an idea and stick to it the for a longer duration.
  6. You must have the tools to research the low competitive Keywords. JAAXY is the solution.

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