Profits Unlimited Membership:

As requested by some of my readers, I have decided to write Profits Unlimited Review. In this review, I will give you all the necessary information you need before deciding whether Profit Unlimited Membership is worth to invest your hard-earned money and valuable time.

I hope that after reading this transparent review, you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

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Profits Unlimited Membership- Quick Report

Name: Profits Unlimited
Owner: Paul Mampilly
Price: $49 and 2 Upsells




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Profits Unlimited is created by Paul Mampilly who has got good experience in the field of Stock Trading.


Profits Unlimited membership is the subscription to the investment bulletin published by Paul.

The Paul will Provide the Stock information to you with a Stop Loss of 8 to 10% based on his experience in the Domain but will not trade on your behalf.

Profits unlimited is not a Scam although it is only  somewhat  be useful for the people investing in Stocks.

You may be aware of the fact that no one can give you any sort of Income Guarantee in stock Trading due to volatile nature of market.

Since, I do not invest in Stock trading myself , I do not recommend to others as well. I have seen many people losing lot of wealth in stock trading despite their experience in Domain.

After being laid off from my Corporate Job, I got involved in Affiliate marketing and Earning full time income.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business and results are somewhat assured.

Though I can not give you any guarantee even with affiliate marketing business but I can assure you that if you are ready to work hard, you would definitely make money. 

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What is Profits Unlimited?


As informed above, Profits Unlimited is an investment newsletter created by Paul Mampilly. He Claims that this newsletter will provide you with a lucrative investment opportunity beyond compare. He inform that you may get a return upto 8000 percent on your investment following the trading recommendations give by him.

I do not agree with such claims as I have never seen any program delivering such feats.

In my opinion Stock trading is a very risky preposition and no one can predict it correct every time. There are equal chances of losing money. 

You can always find the experts having different opinion on the same stock. Some of the experts would advise you to hold or buy more for a particular stock as it may give you a good return whereas some other experts would advise you to sell it immediately.

I agree that Paul has worked in the industry for many years and have got real exposure, making 8000 percent in short time is not possible.

 Paul is an expert in the domain and you can judge him for the results after buying the Profits unlimited membership.

Give it a try if you have surplus money to invest in Stock. I feel that stock trading carry a risk of loosing the hard earned money and at least I can not recommend you if you are already in tight spot. 

How Does Profits Unlimited Work? 

This program is very simple. You can opt for the Profits unlimited monthly membership and start receiving the investment bulletin published by its owner Paul Mampilly. The membership will cost you $49 per month.

The program however will just provide you the recommendation and will not trade for you. Paul Mampilly do not offer any trading platform.

Further As expected, Paul Mampilly do not offer any guarantee for any sort of return by performing these trading activities.

He would guide you with some information and recommend few stocks with buying price, selling price and a stop loss of 8 to 10%.

Even if you adhere to his recommendations, you  carry a risk of losing 8 to 10% with every call.

You will receive these investment letters with updated information every month.

Despite my negative views for trading options, I won't put this program into a Scam category.

Paul is making money for his expert advise and there is nothing wrong in this. It is up to you to access the advantages / disadvantages of an expert advice without any assurance to make money in quick time.

Stock trading is definitely not a quick rich scheme on the short term basis but a plan for long term benefits if you have a risk appetite. 

What is included with Profits Unlimited Membership?

  • Monthly NewsLetter: You will receive an investment news letter every month with details of the targeted Stocks for investment. 
  • Model Portfolio: The Investment proposal received every month will cover all the essential aspects of stocks like Purchase Point,   Exit value, Anticipated time and Stop Loss.  
  • Weekly Updates: Paul Will keep you posted with latest happenings in Stock market i.e portfolio, current positions and Events every week. This will help you closely monitor your trading activities, loss and profits.
  •  Alerts: You will receive the alerts from time to time so that you can take prescribed action.
  •   Member's Area: You will take the consultation in member area for up to date information about Stock trading.
  •  Customer Support: As claimed by the owner of the system, you will be provided proper support and when every you have a query some will be there to answer it.

Profits Unlimited Pros:

Expert Stock Trading Advice – Paul Mampilly has more than 10 years of experience in Stock Trading. By Working with him, You  will have an edge in the market. You can be benefited with his expert advice and   useful information. 

The Owner of the System knows all the ins and outs of this business and assure you of delivering the right information at right time.

An opportunity with Potential  – The technology is changing very fast. The people in this era have the advantage of merging the innovations into business. The new innovations in the Stock market softwares have helped in tracking the stocks and predicting their behaviour in much better way.  better way. 

You can take the advantage of these new developments only if your are well informed and receive information regularly.

It is always better to rely the information provided by the experts to  use it to its fullest potential.

Best investment options – There are many people mot looking to be quick rich but interested to invest their money in stocks for longer duration. However, they lack proper knowledge in the field and have to rely on half cooked information provided to them by media. 

If you are really passionate about investing in stocks, you can subscribe to this system for receiving their regular information and increase the chances of your success.

Profits Unlimited Cons

Stock Market carries a Risk: Stock investment carries a very high risk of losing the money due to volatile nature of the market. You may lose part of your investment or whole of it. However Loses can be kept under control by strictly adhering to stop loss advice.

Exaggerated Claims:  The claims of success are much exaggerated. You may get some idea of trends by researching an organization but can not make ridiculous claims like certain stocks are ready to surge by 8000%.

If Paul has so much concrete information, He would be busy making and might have become a millionaire rather than printing a weekly newsletter.

How Much it Cost to be Profits Unlimited Member: 


Bottom Line: Is Profits Unlimited a Scam?

Profits unlimited a not a Scam but that does not mean that I recommend it. Stock trading is a very risky preposition and you should only try it if you have a high risk appetite and can afford big losses.

I have done detailed research about Profits unlimited and found that though making quick bucks in Stock Market sounds good, I am not convinced this newsletter offer much value. I do not believe in the overblown claims of huge profits. Profits Unlimited is not an outright scam, but I feel Paul Mampilly lacks credibility and lot of his recommendations have not worked and resulted into huge loss to the community.

In case you are looking for investing in Stocks , you may first learn it yourself.

If you are looking for a passive income, there are better options available and affiliate marketing is one of them.

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