There may be two possible reasons for you to land on this webpage.
1. You have joined Payday and still not sure if you can really make some money with Project Pay Day.
2. You have just heard about Project Pay Day and like to research if you can make money with Project Payday.

If you have not joint Project Payday, I advise reading my complete review before taking a final call.

What is Project Pay Day?

Some time back ” Project Pay Day” was one of leading online real money making opportunity but now it has lost its shine.

Please disregard the rest of this review as they are no longer in service. As I continually state, the businesses I recommend in the Recommended Businesses page are ones that I have tested and succeeded with and Project Payday was among the top ones that I made a living with.
Project Payday is a website providing some job opportunities, therefore, they actually do not pay you anything but allow you to the job for other as they connect you with the people providing the jobs and paying you for the work done.

But these jobs are somewhat unusual Jobs and most of the people out there would like you to complete an offer or join some program. Once complete these offers or Join their advised program, they make money and share a part of it with you.

This seems to be a legitimate opportunity but does not jump to the conclusion until you read the complete review.

How much money can you make with Project Payday?



This will depend upon how fast you could complete the offers.
And it would depend upon how much money you can spend? Do not be surprised, not all offers are free. There are only just a few free offers and the rest of them require to pay a small amount as handling and shipping charges.
Once you have completed the offer, a website on which you have completed the offer will verify the same before making the payment. SO there may be a little wait before you actually are paid.

People say that you can even make up to $50 to $80 per day for participating in these offers and completing them but most of the participating sites run similar offers and sooner or later you may run out of these good offers and your income from Project Payday may probably stop.

Why Must You be careful?

Most of these offers want you to try their programs and would require your credit card details for joining them Once your trial period expires they will put you on auto payment mode and will start charging automatically. You must be very careful to cancel them or you may actually end up paying more than what you have got to complete the offers.

You must also very careful while about filling out the offer forms a few of these offers come with add-on offers which you need to cancel separately. Therefore you must be very careful and keep an eye on checkboxes for those additional products. But if these are checked by default, you have to un-check them but only can cancel them by visiting their websites.

Is Project Pay Day a Scam?

I won’t put Project Payday into Scam category as you get money against the work done or completed offers however unusual these offers may be? The free opportunities may be limited but these are there and keep coming.
There are paid offers too but you must be careful to keep the records and cancel them in time once you are paid so that your credit card is not charged.
Though Project Payday is not a scam, you can not make sustainable income or full-time career out of this.

I feel most probably you are looking for the online business to make extra money and not to spend beforehand on the offers and you do not want to take a risk by sharing your credit card details with lots of websites.

Pros of Project Payday:

1. You can get started in no time. Probably you can start earning a matter of hours.
2. No SPecial Skills required.
2. There are a few free offers available.
3. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on paid offers and you get paid for joining these offers.
4. You actually can make some money.

Cons of Joining Project Payday:

1. A lot of offers are paid one and you need to share your credit card details.
2. You must be very careful as after trial period your credit card may be charged automatically.
3. Some add-on offers are checked by default in checkboxes and you need to be extra careful.
4. You can not make enough money with Project Payday.

Bottom Line:

I always advise people to look out for something which is sustainable and can help you leave your regular job during the course of time, if not immediately. I have established my successful affiliate marketing business and am quite happy with the results. The business is 100% mine and under my control and I work flexible hours.
Affiliate marketing is not meant for those looking for some fast money but if you want to be an entrepreneur and write your own success story.

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