Helping homeowners and commercial accounts in reducing their property tax is a legitimate business that generates financial rewards.


People do not hesitate in hiring a professional property appraisal as it does not put any additional burden on them.

The experienced consultant do charge some some up-front consultation fee and once you are established and have got good credentials you can also charge upfront Fee.

Property Tax Consulting Training - Quick Review

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Helping homeowners lower their property taxes can be most lucrative work-at-home business model.

Local government do not curb their spendings and Home Buyers tax is used to bail out any of their program.

The home prices are falling and therefore Local government will be seeing a tax shortfall.  To make up the shortfall, they’ll left with no option but to increase the property taxes.

The additional taxes can be lowered by appealing but municipality will not appeal the property taxes for taxpayers.

The situation is quite unfair for property buyers but it provides a huge home based  business opportunity to the property tax consultants.

Most homeowners neither have proper knowledge nor time to look into their property taxes and verify if the taxes levied are correct or not.

Appealing their property tax assessment is a stuff that they would like to be handled  by some professional.

There are evidence to prove that there exists an error rate of upto  40% in estimating property taxes.

As per the National Taxpayers Union's information,  60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home value.

Property Tax Appeal Business is a High in Demand Work At Home Business Opportunity

In the present economic conditions the consumer is already hit by the increased living cost.

The Price for consumable items. Food items, electricity and Fuel have are already a matter of concern and now people are getting hit by the high property taxes due to flawed assessments.

You can leverage the advantage of present scenario by becoming a property tax consultant.

If you can offer a service that will help to reduce a erroneous tax increase, you can have many customers.

Role of Tax Appealing Consultants

As a tax consultant,  your role is to rescue your client by finding the lower cost comparable properties and putting together an appeal for reduction in the Tax. 

With Proper presentation, you can save 20%  or more on your client's property taxes.

Tax assessor or government bodies wont do this for public by going out of their way to find this information.

Lot of properties do exist with lower market values and can be used as comparables. You can find those properties and accordingly put up a convincing property tax appeal.

The Property tax Appealing consultant is a highly rewarding career and the Rewards for winning your Client’s Property Tax Appeal may Include the following.

  • Saving Thousands of Dollars for your client and thus earning a High commission
  • You can also advise your client to invest the saved amount in any other Scheme of Insurance for making more money
  • Clients satisfaction as they relieved of an Unjust Valuation and you get lot of referrals for making more money.

The property tax consultant business can be combined with similar businesses like mortgage brokerage trade, real estate and insurance to add more income stream .

Who can become a Property Tax Consultant?

You do not require any special skills and the Competition is very less in this industry and the cases questioning the property taxes are always multiplying.

If you can tell the difference between a small house and a big house, a house with a front yard and a house without a backyard, you can be a property tax consultant.

It is quite easy to become a property consultant if you’re interested but should know how to get clients and win property tax appeals.Without knowing this you’ll waste time and you won’t make any money.

A Good property tax consultant must know the following three basic things required for winning a Property tax appeal.

  1. Decent Format.
  2. Keeping Comparable similar.
  3. Making reasonable but acceptable adjustments for each particular valuation category.

The experienced consultants do not share these secrets with anyone else. 

You can learn all these techniques with this Property Tax Consultant Home Business Course opportunity by clicking the button below.

Money Required to Start Property Consultant Business

Unlike many other home based business Opportunities those require a substantial investment, the cost for starting Property tax consultant business is extremely low.

You may have to invest some amount in a good training that can get you started. You can use this e-book course to learn the tricks of this profitable home based business.

This ebook has all the pre-written forms, letters, and customer contracts required to do business and make money. Hopefully you will get you first even before completing this course.

Apart from the training fee, you may have to deposit the initial Fee with the department. Normally, the fees charged can be a percentage of the tax savings and an up-front fee that usually ranges from $90 and upward.

How much money can You make as a Property Tax Appealing Consultant ?

Your fees can be a percentage of the tax savings plus an up-front fee.

The up-front fee generally is $90 and upwards.

This up-front fee will give your client the peace of mind that his taxes are right.

In case the prospective client do not have any case, you will atleast make something for your time and effort. 

You receive a fee upto 100% of the tax savings when you win the appeal. Let us assume that your client's property tax is $10,000 and you have a  20% on their assessment then your fee would be $2,000. This amount will be spread out over 2 to 3 years so the client is rewarded by seeing an overall tax saving.

You can also offer to refund one time up-front fee if the final tax reduction is above a certain number. This offer will help you to win more clients and in case there is no savings, you have the one-time fee. 

What is Residential Property Tax Consulting Course ?

Residential Property Tax Consulting Course is a powerful course that teaches you from A to Z about how you can start and operate your own successful property tax consulting business fro the comfort of your home.

The course is very simple and start with the very basic things like what is property tax, why home buyers should pay it and how taxes can be lowered.

The course will provide a step-by-step training start your business to help a homeowner lower property-taxes and thereby making money.

The Course is a Complete Package that can be used to set up Property Tax Consulting Business and it include  a 241 pages ebook , Presentation Format, Pre-written Forms and  Marketing Plan etc.

You just have to apply the learnings to prepare the appeal winning presentation by getting the most out of your client's home figures.

The sourse offer a complete turn-key system to successfully appeal property taxes and make large chunk of money every single time you take on a client.

Bonus included in the Course?

  • Property Tax Appeal Forms (value $19):The forms are in PDF for mat and can be downloaded to your computer.
    These forms would help you in organizing the information in presentable format so as to enable present your evidence in good style.
    These forms are similar to that used by licensed real estate appraisers.
  • Property Tax Forums( Value $599): You will get pre-written forms, letters and  customer contracts. You will get the following forms
    • Sample and fill in Fee Agreement Forms

    • Sample and FIll in Advisor/Agency Authorization Form

    • Residential Solicitation Letters

    • Signed Contract Transmittal Letters

    • Thank You (For Choosing our Company) Letters for client notification

    • Filed Your Appeal Letters for client notification

    • Invoice Forms

    • Invoice Submission Letters for client notification 

  • Property Tax Consultant Marketing Plans (Value $500): You will also get our Property Tax Consulting Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan will tell you all the ins and outs of running this business and making it successful.
    You learn how to set up your business and learn how to go about marketing your business to a huge number of potential clients.
  •  Free Updates for life (Value $297): The regular information to keep you updated on the latest research and property tax appeal advice for life.
  • PLUS Marketing Help Desk (Value $157 + Value) - FREE Persuasion Tactics & Persuasive Sales copy.

Property Tax Consultant Course Pros:

  • Work from Home Business Opportunity.
  • Make money by Lowering Property Taxes and helping others.
  • Complete Turn Key Business system.
  • Step by STep Training.
  • All forms and formats included as Bonus.
  • Complete marketing Plan.
  • Recession Proof Business
  • Highly targeted unlimited leads
  • No Specific industrial exposure required.
  • 100% Money back guarantee

Is the Course worth Buying:

Property Tax Appealing consultant business is a Legitimate way of making money by helping Others.

The course will give complete insight into business. You may not be able to learn everything about the business and become an expert overnight.

Being an expert in any business take time but you don't need to learn very thing to start making money.

You can keep on learning and earning simultaneously.

This is a home based opportunity that still lacks practitioners. The business has a very high earning potential with very less competition. 

Clients are available everywhere looking for the Property tax consultants. The Business is unique, evergreen and recession Proof. 

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