Publish0x is a Crypto based online publishing Platform where you can make money sharing your contents or reading the contents shared by others.

The platform is a Crypto agnostic publishing platform that supports all the contents related to CryptoCurrency.

Both Publishers and Readers can earn Cryptocurrency on Joining the platform. The Website gives you tip or tokens in your account. You have the liberty to decide how much tip you want to give to the  authors for writing the articles and how much you want to keep your self.

Publish0x Review- Quick

Name: ​Publish0X
Website:Click Here
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Publish0x is pronounced as publish as 0x is silent. It is a "Crypto Powered" Blogging platform which may not be first of its kind but have plans to become the biggest.

Publish0X pays you money for either of 3 Activities

1. Writing an Article on Cryptocurrency.

2. Reading the Article written by other writers.

3. Promoting the Platform by  becoming Publish0x Ambassador

Once you join Publish0x , you will have to apply separately for becoming an author. 

Becoming a writer with Publish0x is a bit difficult. 

They would ask you to submit a Sample post related to Cryptocurrency even if you already have an existing quality blog, 

 If you are accepted as a writer , you shall be allowed to post unique contents written by you. Posting Duplicate or spun contents are strictly prohibited and if you post such contents, your account may be blocked.

 You get the tips as a reader when you read the article and start following a writer. You will decide to share the percentage of the tokens with the writer.


Publish0x deals with the following Tokens agt present

  • Bounty0x
  • Project Hydro
  • DAI Steblecoin
  • Basic Attention Token

As a Publish0x Ambassador, you earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals. 

Publish0x is a good platform for making few dollars per month.

You will not become rich or financially independent with Publish0x but may add few dollars to your account.

I Like the concept but I won't spend much of my time as a reader or even as a writer. It is good to be there for some time and enjoy reading the article but I would like to concentrate more on other products in affiliate marketing business that has helped me making 6 figure income last year.

I promote the products those offer upto 75% recurring income. There is a process of selecting a profitable niche and converting it into money making machine. 

How can you Join Pubish0x ?

You can join the Publish0x for free by clicking the Button Below. The registration is free. You can use your Twitter or Facebook account for signing up.


Once logged into the site, you will have to fill a small registration form. You will have to enter your email ID, choose a user name and Profile URL.

You will, have to provide a brief description about yourself and upload your profile Avatar to complete the registration form.  

Once you have completed the form, You will receive a confirmation mail from Publish0x with a link embedded in the mail for confirming your email.

Upon clicking the Link sent through email, you will be taken back to website which complete the registration process and you now have the access to your Dashboard.

You can now start exploring the website and find the articles that interest you. 

How to make money by reading Articles ?

If you do not like writing, you can make money justy be reading the articles. Once you have logged into the website, you can explore various articles and start reading.

At the end of article you will find the option to tip the writer. You can allocate the percentage as you wish by moving the slider as shown in the picture below.


By moving the slider, you can decide how much percentage you want to keep and how much you want to to tip to author.

You can read as many as articles However you can only give the tip after 24 minutes. Once you have given the tip , a 24 minutes timer will be set and you can give tip and earn cryptocurrency only after the timer has expired. It means you can give tips to 5 writers in two hours slot and earn cryptocurrency for your self as well.


How Can You Become An Author:

You may not be an avid reader and would be interested in making money by writing own articles.

In that case you can apply for same by clicking the "Become An Author" button on your Dashboard.


Upon clicking the button , you will have to fill a basic form providing the details of your existing blog and on which topic you would be interested to write.

The company takes 24 hours to review your application and approving it. They may contact you and ask to submit a sample article before accepting you as a blogger. 

Once approved, you can start writing the articles and you will make money when the readers would give you tips. 

I have already explained above the process how a reader gives tip to the writer. The company gives the right to the readers to give tips to the writers.

The money you earn would depend on the percentage shared by your readers. If a reader decides to split the tip equally with you, both the parties will earn $0.01. 

As more and more readers would read your articles, you will be on your way to making a good passive income.  

I know $.01 may seem very less but as the number of your followers would grow and more people would read your articles, you may earn handful of money.

How To Make Money As  Crypto Currency As An Ambassador:

You can make money by becoming promoting the platform as an Affiliate. They like to call their affiliate as Ambassador. 

You can access your Ambassador page by clicking the "Ambassador Program" button on the drop down Menu below your name on top right hand corner.

Upon clicking the Button, the Ambassador Page would open and you will find your Affiliate Link and Affiliate Banners.


You can share this affiliate link and Banners on your website or Social Media for earning money. If Some one Joins the program though your Link, You will make 5% for life time on their income they earn as tips. You will earn 5% on the total money your downline give to authors and keep with them  

Affiliate marketing is the most legitimate way of making money online but it is not that easy. You can not expect to make money by just sharing few links. If you keep on flooding your  social media account with affiliate Links, it may be blocked. 

If you are new to online money making domain, I would advise you to spend some time on learning affiliate marketing for making money online in order to become financially independent and  support your family. 

When I started few years back, I did not know anything about affiliate marketing. I lost lot of time and money running after shining objects. I was fortunate to find a legitimate affiliate marketing  training run bey the leaders that has helped me making $10000 per month last Year. Using my invitation below, you can have 7 days free trial and check the potential.

How to Withdraw Money?

Publish0x is a crypto based platform and hence they pay you in Cryptocurrency. Bsides Publis0x, you need 2 more accounts to cash out.

You must have a Ethereum based hot wallet that can be used to put the Ethereum based tokens. The platform allows you to use Meta Mask, Chrome browser Extension  or MyCrypto. Mata Mask has the advantage that their wallet can be opened in a Mobile App called Cipher.

As already informed above, Publish0x use different tokens to reward you Therefore you will have to withdraw these tokens to an Ethereum wallet first. The Exchange may not accept these tokens and if you send them directly to the Exchange you may lose your earning.

You can swap your Tokens received from Publish0x with Ethereum using Uniwap Exchange protocol or Bancor Network  Now You can cashout using any Ethereum exchange. You can join Bitpanda or Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchanges for cashing out. 

.I would like to caution you about 12 to 24 seed words given to you in your cryptocurrency. You should write them on a separate piece of Paper and store them securely so that you can access them when ever required. You will lose access to your funds without seed words.

You should not store them digitally as they can be hacked and your money stolen easily. Hacker can easily hack Photos or files from Phones or Apps.

Once you are taken above steps, You are ready to setup your money Profile.

You can add your Wallet by clicking on Setting tab. You must ensure that the address mentioned by you is correct or else You will loose the money. Money sent to any wrong address can not be retrieved. 

After adding the correct address and checking it again, You can visit dashboard and hit payment Button.

Cash out the coins and Be Happy.

Accounts are processed every Monday. You can see the tokens withdrawn in your MetaMask account on Tuesday. 

From Metamask Sent them to the Uniwap and exchange with Ethereum. Once swapped , you can deposit them with exchange and request money withdrawal to your Bank. 


Arun Affiliate Marketer

Publish0x is a legitimate opportunity for making Money Online.

It Allows you to make Money as a 

  • Writer Or Blogger
  • Reader
  • Ambassador

The Company Pays you in Cryptocurrency on Every Monday. You can withdraw the Tokens , convert them to Ethereum, deposit them in a crypto exchange  for further withdrawing cash in your Bank.

You can Join Publish0x Today by Clicking Here and start earning Cryptocurrency.

I am a member of Publish0x and if you Join through my Link above I will be benefitted.

Publish0x is an excellent site but it is not on the top of my list when it comes to making Money.

You can make money as an Ambassador only if you know the affiliate marketing in depth.

Affiliate marketing is not a Rocket Science but you must acquire some skills before promoting any Product.

Moreover You must have your own Website where you can place the banners and other put other advertising material.

I would like to recommend you a training that hes helped me in making $10000 per month after I was laid off from the Job. You can also test drive the same for free without any obligation.

I hope you have liked my review and will share it with your friends on Social Media. In case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below in the comment section and I will get back to you at the earliest

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