Striking with a lightning charged youthful energy, Rain Nutrition stormed onto the MLM scene in the spring of 2009 with a mission to brand themselves uniquely away from traditional health and wellness companies.

Capitalizing on the success of popular empty-calorie energy drinks containing extreme levels of sugar, caffeine, and sodium flooding the market today, Rain Nutrition has literally sowed the seeds for health-conscious consumers thirsty for alternatives.

Rain Nutrition’s products are produced with an advanced process known as “cold press seed extraction”. A process where antioxidants are extracted without the use of chemicals, heat, or distillation from tiny seeds of berries and herbs. The results of this process are invigorating products that cleanse the human body like nature cleanses mother earth after a summer rainstorm.
The company’s flagship products Rush and Soul provides potential business associates and customers a glimpse of what to expect from Rain Nutrition’s promising future.
Rush- an energy drink that comes in an 8.4 oz can when consumed increases your endurance, focus, and power.
Soul- a 3 oz shot supplement with anti-inflammatory properties that support the immune system and replaces cell energy.
Rain Nutrition has added health supplements and weight management products since the company was first established.

7 different ways to earn long term residual income with Rain Nutrition Compensation Plan :

1. Retail Profit- retail cost minus wholesale cost=your profit.
2. First Order Bonus- paid when someone you personally enroll places their 1st order.
3. First Order Match- you’re paid a 50% match when your personal enrollee enrolls a new distributor.
4. Team Commissions-10% weekly of the lesser of the right & left team volume
5. Leadership Bonus- 3% of all company commissioned volume (CV) when attaining a rank in Builder or Executive pools.
6. Generation Match Bonus- 50% of company weekly (CV) when you reach the rank of director or higher.
7. LifeStyle Bonus– guaranteed monthly bonus for 3 months when you reach the rank of Pearl Elite or above for 4 straight weeks.

Amateur opportunity seekers may be tempted to bypass this opportunity for several reasons such as fear of the unknown or just the fact that Rain Nutrition is a new company. Savvy business builders in the multi-level marketing industry know the opportunity for the highest profit potential can be earned when a company is new and in the early stages of growth.

Another fact that can’t be ignored is that Rain Nutrition products are a niche market with a worldwide appeal to potential health-conscious consumers.

One major drawback for most multi-level companies either new or well-established is their marketing system. Most hold strong to their belief of teaching new associates the “time tested” method of creating a list of everyone they know and chase after them because it’s the best way to build their business.

Back in the day this strategy worked but was a slow, time-consuming process leaving you at the mercy of the people on your list. If they didn’t buy from you or join your business, you were trained to find a different way to twist their arm until they submitted to your offer.

The great news is with the advancement of technology and entrepreneurs refusing to submit to the old school way of marketing, a new system of marketing was developed that revolutionized the multi-level marketing industry.

A system that is universal and applicable to any business opportunity. A system that puts you in the driver’s seat with potential business partners begging YOU to come along for the ride!


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