Rank and Rent Club Review :

Rank and Rent is one of those business models in which you can make real online Passive income.

If you are planning to start something online but unable to find any good option, you may Consider Rank and Rent as one of the options.

In this Rank and Rent club Review, you will find everything you should know about the best Rank and Rent Training course. I will be sharing the details about how it works and how much money can you make?

The only requirement for making money with this Rank and Rent is that you should be able to write.

You are not required to be a professional writer. If you go through my blog posts, you will find a lot of errors. I am not an accomplished writer.

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If you can send what's app messages or emails or have a skype chat, you can definitely write the articles and make money with Rank and Rent Training.

Rank and rent club review- Quick summary

Name: Rank and Rent Club
Website: Click Here
Owner: Herc Magnus & Todd Spears
Price: Free to join. Premium membership starts from $697.90





Though you are not renting a home, business is very much similar. In this business you will be renting your website for making money. 

Before renting you should have a website that must Rank high in the sdearch engines. That's why the name "Rank and Rent

You will just be renting your website and not selling or flipping it.

You will have the total control over the contents, Links and  whole website site.

You will put up the site for renting and people interested to take your site on rent will negotiate with you and take it on lease if both parties agreed.

The biggest quaetion will be who will be interested in taking your site on Rent and paying you andhow to get the customers?

This is where Rank and Rent Club training come into the Picture.

RankAndRent.club is a training program that train you on all the aspects of this Rank and Rent business.

To start with, it'll let you understand all the key elements and the complete procedures.

The first step of the business is to find the most profitable niche by doing an extensive research by using the tools provided inside the platform.

Next, you will create your own website and rank it on the search engines.

The website can be ranked for the low competitive keywords. The platform offers the keyword research tools named "Keyword Supremacy Unlimited" and  the keyword management tool named "Project Supremacy". 

RankAndRent.club is free to join. You'll receive the first 4 "entry" lessons, the latest webinars, useful ebook and checklists for free, and the software can be used for free for 10 days. You can get full access to all the materials and get extensive support whenever you decide to become a "Full Club" member.

Once yuor website is Ranked, people would ready to pay you rent.

But who? We wil discuss

Difference Between Rank and Sell & Rank and Rent :

Rank and Sell $ Rank and Rent seems to be similar but there is a marked difference between the two.

When you Rank and Rent , website remain your own property and you are still in full control of you assets.

Most of the initial Steps though remain same.

You can build own website for any of the following reason :

  1.  For running own business
  2. For Building and Selling
  3. For Renting

In any case , you will be performing at least the following steps which are required for ranking a website:

Now you can decide to either keep the website or sell it.

Rank and Sell is a profitable business but need a lot of patience and work.

Any prospective buyer would like to see the records to verify that the site actually making profit. They may ask you to show income proof for 6 to 12 moths.

Some one paying huge amount for your website have all the rights to look over all the details carefully.

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Who will Take your Website on Rent ?

This is definitely an Interesting question to Answer.

Building  a website is a very tedious job for many. Most of the local traders and newbies do not possess the technical skills to build a website and maintain it.

According to some people the concept of buying a ready made website is a costly affair and rather then than buying a website, they prefer to rent a site.

The following group of people may be your target for renting.

  1. Any Business dependent on Leads
  2. Newly launched Local businesses  
  3. Businesses looking for new resources to find new customers.

About the Creators of Rank and Rent Club :

Herc Magnus & Todd Spears are joint creator of Rank and Rent Club.

Herc was a rock star musician till 2014 , when he decided to leave his full time job and started internet  business with her girl friend.

By the end of 2015 , Herc was making more than $20000 per month with something with SEO

He was joined by Todd Spear in 2016 and they started developing some SEO software and by end of year 2017 they were making $500,000 per year.

Rank and Rent club was launched for training people in 2019 and now they in 2020 they have combined their software with training so that people joining their training platform can make real passive income.

Why the Rank and Rent Model is profitable, watch the video below to find the answer.

How To Join Rank And Rent Club:

You can Join Rank and Rent Club by Clicking the Button Below.

Yes, Rank and Rent is free to join. Once you have joined the platform, you will have access to first four lessons, the latest webinars, eBooks and Software for 10 days. 

You will have the full access to all the materials after becoming "Full Club" member.


Of course for making passive income.

Rank and Rent will provide you complete training on search engine Optimization (SEO) which is the main requirement for being successful online.

Whether you continue with Rank and Rent business or start any other online business , these skills will help you to drive organic traffic on your website and make sales.

Most of the other training platform, I have come cross will train you on paid traffic and you will end up losing lot of money initially before you actually start making money.

Wealthy affiliate is other good and cheaper alternative as it provides the complete training on Building own money making website, Keyword selection, content writing , SEO and social media marketing.

You can join both the Wealthyaffiliate.com and RankandRent.club for free and test which one works for you before becoming a paid member.

What is Included in Full Club Access :

As a paid member you will unlock the access to the compelet training and Softwares.



You will learn all the following 4 core steps of Rank and Rent.

  1. FInd
  2. Build
  3. Rank
  4. Rent

Besides that you will also have access to all the modules of training to take any website from 0 to five figure income per month.

As a paid member you will have access to all the previous recorded training webinars which you can watch whenever you like.

GMB Module

You will starg receiving lot of calls when your website is ranked number one in the google.These calls can be multiplied manyfolds when your google maps listing appear in top three spots.

You wll not only learn to set up and rank your listings but also to protect yu assets. Yu will be able to find a new client instanly if you lose a client.

PBN Module

Private Blogging Networks are still the best way to increase your rankings. In case right PBN stratergy is not adopted, It wiill damage your website and result in de indexing.

In this module, you will lean to correctly use PBN's for achieving high rankings and protecting your website against de indexing.

Monthly Live Training:

As a full club memebr , you will have access to the monthly Live webinars where you can get trained on latest topices, ask quaestions and get answers from experienced coaches. Yo can discuss any problem being face by you in ranking your website ang get the solution.

Private Forum :

Only ful club memebrs can access this Forum which is hidden from free memebrs. You can discuss with like minded people and can be benefitted from their experience.

The Software :


Rank & Rent Club provides 4 important softwares to help you succeed in your rank and rent Business. 

1. Keyword Supremacy

Keyword Supremecy is a keyword tool to find most prfotable niches based on keywords and also the additional keywords for your content to rank your websites on search engines quickly. 

The important features include; auto-suggestions, similar/related keywords, global and local searches.

2. Project Supremacy :

Project Superemacy is a WordPress plugin to help you to buld optimize, and manage all your Rank & Rent sites.

The features include:

  • Manage WP
  • Rank Traccking
  • 301 and 404
  • Schema Markup
  • Link Management
  • Projce Planner

3. Local Supremacy Tycoon Account :

This software will help you sell and overlay your client accounts and it will also enable you to manage billings.

The features include:

  •  overlay site
  • Hang for rent sign
  • Customer trials
  • Client billing management. 

4. SERP Scout

SERP Scout is customer a software to help you by prospecting, finding and contacting new renter prospects.

Feature Includes:

  • Scanning Google
  • Finding phone numbers
  • Finding Emails and Facebook pages.
  • Scheduling follow-ups
  • CUstomizing client reports.

R and R "Full Club" membership Plans


The "Full Club" pricing plans are set out as follows;

  • Monthly: $247 (Discounted)
  • Annually: $1,997 (Discounted) for for the first 12 months, then $197 per month

I think you should plan it well. In case you are serious about making money online and would like to keep the membership for more than a year, you should go for annual.

If you want to learn SEO and leave after few months , then you may opt for monthly membership.

Refund Policy :

RankAndRent.club offers free trial for 10 days so that you get a feel of training. You get 4 lessons free and access to the softwares and webinars recorded in 48 hours.

Despite this , they also offer 7 days money back guarantee for your intial purchses that I feel is more than sufficient.

No refund is applicable on recurring charges.

Rank and Rent Club Pros :

  •   Excellent Training that can really help you in making passive income
  • Very useful Software
  •  10 Days Free Trial
  • 7 Days Refund policy

Rank and Rent Club Cons :

  • A bit costlier for beginners but training is worth its price.

Bottom lIne : Is Rank and Rent Worth Joining

Rank and Rent is a legitimate training that teaches you to make money online by rentng your website. You will build your own website and set up SEO for generating organic traffic. Once your website start ranking high on search engines, you can give it on Rent. The knowledge gained by training can also be used for doing any online business.


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