Savage affiliate by Franklin Hatchett has been in news ever-since its Launch. Most probably you might be looking for the authenticated  information before joining this training Program.

 Is Savage affiliate by Franklin Hatchett a Scam or worth money?  

After reading my complete review you will have enough information to decide whether you can join Savage Affiliate for making money online and how far this training can help you in establishing your online eCommerce business. 

Quick Report

Name: Savage Affiliates
Owner: Franklin Hatchett
Price: $197




Franklin Hatchett is an experienced online marketer and a Trainer. 

He is mainly known for his expertise in e-commerce and Drop shipping Domain.  

I was quite impressed with his earlier training courses eCom Turbo and eCom Elites. They were really the worth the money spent.His earlier products were related to his own field i.e ecommerce and dropshipping.

But of late People are not making enough money with Drop shipping. 

The drop shippers are facing so many issues related to product quality and delivery with the products sourced from aliexpress and that has resulted in cancellation of lot of orders and therefore loss of profit. 

It might have led Franklin Hatchett to launch Savage Affiliate which is a training module related to Affiliate marketing.

SInce he is not expert in the field, his new Product Savage affiliates, though may not be catagorized as a Scam but it is not upto the mark.

There are better trainings available in market at a lesser price and  being delivered by the leaders in affiliate maerketing.

In caes you are looking for a complete training in Affiliate marketing and be successful, You may join a training that has helped more than a million people in last few years in establishing their successful online affiliate marketing business. 


Savage Affiliate is the brainchild of Franklin Hatchett, who is an established online marketer and trainer. He is well known for his successful products such as eCom Turbo, eCom Elites, and Shopify theme. This time Franklin has tried his hands on an affiliate marketing training program to share his experiences with affiliate marketing and way forward for newbies joining the sphere.

Savage Affiliates consists of 9 video training modules on  affiliate marketing.

 I do not trust such kind of video training easily as they share only limited information on affiliate marketing. In most of the cases, you will find the bunch of information which would already be available on YouTube or other platforms for free.

The so-called internet gurus would like you to join their training program presenting it as a real deal. Once into the program, you will find that their training would be more focused on marketing their own videos on social media or using paid ads.

Franklin Hatchett has created the right kind of product. Though you will feel that some of his videos contain very basic information which otherwise is available for free. We should not forget the fact that he is offering a complete package from basic to advance to make video training useful for all.

9 Modules of Savage Affiliates Training

  • Module 1: Affiliate Introduction
  • Module 2: Niches & Products
  • Module 3: Building Your Assets
  • Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing.
  • Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing.
  • Module 6: SEO Traffic.
  • Module 7: Paid Traffic Training.
  • Module 8: Free Traffic Training.
  • Module 9: Email Marketing Training.

The first module gives basic information about affiliate marketing. This is meant for the people who have no previous knowledge about affiliate marketing  and just got interested to make money online.

Franklin has shared his own success stories and the methods he has employed to become a successful entrepreneur. He is just not a trainer but a successful internet marketer himself who is continuously earning $10,000 per month or more.

In case, you feel that you will start making money immediately then neither this course nor affiliate marketing is meant for you.

But if you follow training sincerely and are consistent in efforts, you will achieve success. Franklin will train you on how you can start making money even when you are sleeping but it will not happen overnight.


This module comprises of 12 Videos providing you complete training on finding the affiliate products, selecting the profitable niche and various affiliate marketplace or platforms like JVzoo, ClickBank and other.

As per my advice, You should initially choose one platform based on your selected niche and after gaining some experience, you can start more websites and promote products from other platforms. The training is very straightforward and to the point and he has hardly missed any detail.


You are not being trained on brick and mortar store so do not get confused with the assets. The Affiliate marketing assets are your websites, posts, and contents. In this module, you will be trained on buying a domain, setting up your website, installing plugins and creating a landing page. He will also teach you driving traffic through Social media and email marketing using Autoresponders and creating your Funnel.


If you are not aware, Clickbank is the biggest and most sought after marketplace for affiliate marketers who are interested in promoting digital products. 30 Videos in this module will impart the complete training on joining the ClickBank free, finding the right product and the ways to promote it using free and paid traffic.


I  always give preference to promoting Amazon products over other products. This  Module will take you through the steps of joining the Amazon associate program to promote retail products. He builds confidence by sharing some real affiliate websites making huge money through Amazon affiliate. You will be trained in selecting the right Amazon Niche & products choosing the right kind of keywords for  SEO and driving traffic. You can either create a niche site or authority site.

I sincerely advise you to treat the training as a learning process and not to follow any successful site blindly. You must choose a product, you are versed with so that you can write honest reviews about the products.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the backbone of digital marketing. Being an SEO expert myself and using it for my blogs and clients, I can tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than generating organic traffic to your website and ranking it high on Google. Franklin Hatchett has dedicated 29 videos on SEO to cover both ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO.

IN this module, You will also learn to build back-links for your website using web 2.0 and PBN but You must be very cautious using these techniques as many websites using only these techniques have been penalized by Google.

But never the less it is a great effort by Franklin to take you through all the steps of SEO effortlessly.


If you are not just content with the free traffic and are not keen to wait for a longer period to earn money or want an immediate result, you would more likely to concentrate more on paid traffic. The main source for paid traffic is Social Media like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Solo advertisements. Franklin has covered all the three mediums in this module.

I will advise you not to overspend on paid traffic before actually mastering it or else you will burn your fingers. You may set a budget for paid traffic and try not to shoot beyond.

You can start with one platform rather than spending time, efforts and money on all type of advertisements and lose money without getting the desired results


This module takes you beyond SEO for generating Free Traffic. You can drive free traffic using You-tube Videos or other forums. Using your own YouTube channel, you can enhance your earning potential.


 Email marketing is what every affiliate marketer need to master. Email marketing helps you making a long-term relationship with your readers. Once you have captured the Email you can share valuable information about the product through Emails and build a relationship with your customers. Once the relationship is built and the customer has confidence in you they will not hesitate in buying more products recommended by you.

I appreciate that Franklin Hatchett has gone into details of Email marketing. He has gone into details of establishing Email marketing using Autoresponders and click funnel.

Bottom Line:

Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett is not a Scam. Franklin is an established online marketer and really know the stuff i eCommerce and Drop-shipping Domain . The Savage Affiliates training may not be classified as  top class. I rate it very high, But still, it is not my recommended # 1 program mainly due to the fact that it lacks lot of things. I have come up with a comparison table below for you to understand the difference. 

Difference between Salvage Affiliates and Wealthy Affiliate:

As you may see you will  get free web hosting for 25 websites , Free website builder and keyword research Tool with Wealthy Affiliate which are the backbone of affiliate marketing. 

In case you decide to join Savage affiliates, You may have to purchase all these at an additional cost and monthly expenses cost will become abnormally high.

More over you will find a wonderful 1.5 million strong community within wealthy Affiliate training platform which would help you at every step.

 I thank you for reading my Savage Affiliate Review. In  case you need more information, Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Thorough review on Franklin Hatchett’s material. I like how you showed a good perspective on the costs and material that is included vs. what is provided with Wealthy Affiliate which has been the 1# online university for that last several years.

    I’ve never heard of Hatchett’s courses, but I have done research on courses similar to his. I am unconvinced whether the cost warrants going with his course or WA’s simply because the community, support and ongoing resources provided with WA seems to be of a greater value.

    Of course for $197 vs. ongoing payments, does have its plus sides. Thanks for this in-depth review!

    1. Franklin Hatchet’s material is worth buying and I do not treat it as a scam. But if you just need the study material, a lot of books are available at a cheap price. You can buy “Affiliate Marketing A to Z”. It is not the material but personal mentorship which counts. When I started a few years back, I had similar options available but I choose wealthy Affiliate over others due to real-time support on every topic, a strong community ready to help and continuous updating of resources to accommodate new techniques. You will have a live webinar every week on the latest topics in affiliate marketing. That is what makes wealthy affiliate, the best training, and affiliate program ever.

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