SeneGence International marketing is a network marketing company based on skincare niche selling its products through Independent Distributors.  The company was founded by Joni Rae Rogers-Kante in April 99.  No one can deny the curiosity of the women for the Lipsticks and SeneGence seems to be cleverly taking leverage by Clubbing the long lasting Lipstick with a money making opportunity by reselling their product. Can you make money as SeneGence Distributor?

 Beauty and skin care industry is a million Dollar industry. You may be trying to be a part of this industry as SeneGence independent distributor to make Passive or full time income.

On the other hand, beauty and health care is very competitive market too as lots of other companies in this segment are already marketing their products through MLM.  When it comes to being successful in MLM , the reputation of the company, Product Quality and  compensation Plan do have a meaningful impact.

 I have seen many MLM companies offering the Products whose cheaper and better alternatives are available in the open Market. That makes the selling to close friends and relatives far more difficult.  In this SeneGence Review, I will be sharing more on all these and we will try to find if becoming a SeneGence Distributor a  right opportunity or is SeneGence another MLM Scam.

Quick Report

Name: SeneGence International
Owner: oni Rae Rogers-Kante
Price: $55 and more




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

SeneGence International Is an MLM Organization in Beauty and Skin care Niche. 

Though you can Join SeneGence International as an Independent Distributor by paying $55, it seems you will actually have to pay more on Demo Kit and have to keep more products for selling. The estimated Amount to start the business in my opinion will not be less than $1000.

Moreover to be eligible for Group Sales volume Bonus, you will have to buy the products worth $600 every month. 

That is a huge commitment. 

Moreover Author is not in favor of any MLM which target the close friends and relatives as first customers. 

Believe me cold calling and organizing Seminars is not that easy and Many people leave in few days of their Joining. 

If you too are not comfortable with MLM,  You may checkout the other legitimate options.

More About the Company - What is SeneGence?

As already mentioned SeneGence International is skincare MLM Company established by Joni Rae Rogers-Kante, a single Mother. The company has its head office in   Irvine, California.

The company started its operation in April.99 with its Flagship Product LipSense. To start with they offered only 6 Lip colors along with a Color remover and Moisturizer. The vision of the company is to make positive contribution to Women all over.

As the company progressed, Joni Rogers-Kante, the founder of the company,  traveled to many other countries with her team of scientists and botanists to find more ingredients those can be used to make Senegence Products Unique. As per Joni, most of the cosmetic companies were using almost similar ingredients in different composition.

Range of SeneGence Products:

Company is now dealing with Vast range of products in the Following categories

  • Skin Care
  • Anti-Aging
  • SeneDerm Solutions
  • Face Products
  • Eye care Products
  • Lips Care Products
  • Body Care Products
  • Hair Care Products
  • Perfumes

Can You One Make Money As SeneGence Distributor?

SeneGence is an MLM organization selling its products through Independent Distributors. Any retail product base company work the following lines.

  • Buy the starting Kit to become an independent Distributor.
  • Buy the Products for self-use and earn discounts.
  • Resell their Products to earn commission.
  • Recruit New Distributors to earn Network Commission.

 You can become an Independent Distributor by buying their business starter Kit for $55 having a retail value of $75.You will start getting the commission in the slab of 20 to 50% on different products.

Following new  Options are also available.

  • Fast Start Pack : $1195 (Retail Value : $3500, a discount more than 65%)
  • Significant SenSeller Pack : $795 (Priced at $1830 Discount over 55%)
  • Qualified Distributor Pack : $345 (Priced at $830 and discount more than 50%)
  • Glamour Demo Pack: $295 (Priced at $1000. Discount of 70%, mainly Samplers and Testers)
  • Lips Pack : $75 (Reatil Price; $200)

They offer to replace Distributor’s product up to $5000 in case of covered Loss of Inventory.

In case you are really interested in business, you may like to go with a bigger kit to keep the products with you for immediate sale  and a Demo pack. The combined investment would be more than $1000 which is very risky in MLM as sale cane not be guaranteed

SeneGence independent Distributor Compensation Plan:

You can earn both ways i.e Direct sales income and Network Income.


Direct sales income is generated on your PV. You buy the Products as whole sale price and get a discount on PV as given below

0 tom99.5 PV – Discount 20%

100 to 299.5 PV- Discount 30%

300 to 749.5 PV- Discount 40%

750 and above- Discount 50%

For 1 USD product, ½ PV is counted. That means if you buy the product worth $150, you will have accumulated 75 PV and get a discount of 20%.

Network Commission:

You qualify for the network commission when you recruit your first Distributor provided you have achieved a PV of 100 in same calendar month. 100 PV is equal to $200.

Therefore, in order to get the network commission, you have to buy the products worth $200 every month.

Are ready to buy Lipsticks worth $200 every month?


You will become eligible for Group sales Volume Bonus on Buying 300 PV in that calendar Month. In case you are eyeing at the GSC, you must be ready to buy Lipsticks worth $600 every month.

Is SeneGence a Scam?

SeneGence has been into business for last more than 20 years and Successfully paying commission to its Distributors. The company is dealing with a real Product.

I checked BBB and found that company has A+ ratings though there are few complaints registered against them.  33 complaints have been registered in last 12 months.

Most of the complaints are against the defective product and Poor customer Support. Company has denied the refund against the defective product as the product has been purchased through Independent distributor. This surprised me a lot as company appointed independent distributor are always authorized distributors and company must be liable to make a refund for defective Item.


Though the complaint have been answered but not to the satisfaction of customer and it seems that refund has not been processed till the time of writing this post 

Some of the newly appointed distributors have complained that they are not getting the Kits in time due to non-availability and hence have not been able to start their business even after paying for the Kit.


Though Company has made the refund , it has not accounted for the loss of distributor for putting efforts and not getting the products for sale as reflected in distributors response below.


I do not categorize SeneGence as a Scam but there seems to be some problems with the stock management and making Products available in time to independent distributors. But Volume of such complaints is not very high.

Though SeneGence may not be a Scam , it does not mean I am recommending you to Join SeneGence. I do not recommend you to am not join any MLM unless and until you are ready to run after close friends and relatives for selling your products and recruiting them into business. The chances are after some time, they may start avoiding you.

I always keep relation and business separate.

Moreover, cost of Joining and continuing the business is very High. As explained above , to earn the Group commission Bonus, you will have to buy products worth 300 PV or $600.

Bottom Line:

SeneGence is not a Scam but not recommended. I have my doubts that people searching for online options should commit into buying on regular business unless they have surplus money to do so.

Moreover when Cheaper legitimate options are available.

You can decide to build your own online Affiliate marketing Business which does not require high investment. Moreover you will  not have to  do cold calling and start running after your close relatives under pressure to achieve sales target of the month.

In Affiliate marketing, customer themselves visit to your website searching for the right Product.

To start affiliate marketing, You only require the right kind of tools and a step by step training. You can start following the Program Followed by me and replicate may success formula for making money online.

I Hope You have enjoyed my SeneGence International Review. This Review may help you choose your further course of action. In case you like to join SeneGence and have huge money to invest, SeneGence is not a Scam. In case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below.

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