Drop shipping is an extremely popular business model for anyone who wants to make money online. The Drop shipping business model is best for people who have a limited budget but a zeal to become successful entrepreneurs. 

Since you do not need any stock of items you are selling online or handle shipping, it is possible to start a drop-shipping-business with very small money.

The drop shipping business model is very similar to any other e-commerce business with one major difference that the drop shipping store sells items from a third-party supplier who is responsible for fulfilling the order.

At this moment, you should not be much concerned about where to get items for drop shipping and who will fulfill the order on your behalf.  Alidropship WordPress Plugin will take care of all such things and you will just have to concentrate on promoting your business and making money.

Set up dropshipping business with alidropship plugin 

6 steps required to setup drop shipping store - quick summary

In this article I will mainly focus on AliDropship Plugin, Features and how it works but Let me first describe below the basic 6 steps required to set up drop shipping store.

  1. Select a Profitable Niche.
  2.  Perform a research on Competition
  3.  Find a reliable supplier for the products in your niche.
  4.  Buy a Domain matching your niche , Buy Web Hosting and create a website. I normally use Blue Host or Wealthy affiliate for Domain and Hosting.
  5.  Create a Marketing Plan.
  6.  Analyze the results and optimize your marketing strategies.

Why Go with Alidropship for Drop shipping Business :

The drop shipping business is all about setting up an e-commerce store and finding reliable vendors in your niche.

Though you can search products on Aliexpress manually and list them on your website, it is not easy. Webstore can not be built with one or two products but have to be filled with many.

If You want to have a content-based blogging website based on a particular niche, you can select one or two products manually for every post from Aliexpress without any special tool but in the case of a proper drop shipping store having 50 to 100 or more products, it is not possible.

 Browsing through the products, listing all the variants on your website with title, images and description is a very tedious job and that's where a tool like Alidropship becomes very handy.

In fact, With Alidropship Plugin, you can create a full-functional Drop shipping store in less than 2 hours with AliExpress Products.

If you are not familiar with AliExpress, it's a market platform where you can find the products in almost every niche for your drop shipping business. The network is a part of wholesale giant Alibaba and is created for a retail and drop shipping business.

AliExpress allows you to buy even a single item for almost close to wholesale price and vendors selling on the platform will ship it to your customer under your name. Therefore many Apps have been created to import  the products from AliExpress to Shopify or WooCommerce websites but AliDropship stands apart

For drop shipping business, You will have to copy the product from AliExpress to your store and set your mark-ups on cost. Once the product is sold on your website, you purchase it from AliExpress and advise the vendor to ship it directly to your customer. AliDropship plugin helps you to automate the complete process.

AliDropship plugin is the best automation tool for AliExpress drop shipping that can fetch the complete product detail from AliExpress including title, product description, and images, and import them to your store with one click only.

Main Features of AliDropship Plugin:

 Following are some of the main features of the Alidropship WordPress plugin:

  • Directly import an unlimited number the products from AliExpress including prices, images, descriptions, variations, customer reviews, etc.
  • The plugin allows you to edit the product title and descriptions for SEO purposes. You can also  add new images, texts, and videos
  • Your store will always be synchronized with AliExpress and any change in the product information will be reflected on your website automatically.
  • You can set up the mark-up price for different products and products will be imported as per the price set by you. Like you can set the price to be 2 (any) times the cost of products for products ranging from $0 to $5 and can add another condition for higher-value products. You can set as many conditions as you like.
  • It facilitates the automatic fulfillment of the order. Once an order is placed on your website, it will be forwarded to the seller directly eliminating any error due to manually sharing the data.
  • It comes with an inbuilt theme.
  • It comes along with lifelong customer support and free updates.
  • It allows you to choose from more than 100 million products.

Alidropship Plugin Price and Discount :

Ali Dropship Plugin is available for an $89 one-time payment. All other Apps or Drop shipping software are available in the market on recurring monthly or annual packages. I am really surprised that a better rather the best of all is just available for a one-time payment.

I am an affiliate of Alidropship Plugin and due to my good relationship with the Alidropship team, I have been able to extract a handsome discount of 15% for my blog reader.

Click Here to Get AliDropship Plugin at 15% Discount.

How to Activate Alidropship Plugin :

Once you have purchased the plugin from Adlidropship, you will receive a confirmation mail with your license. You may be required to enter your license before downloading the plugin from their official website.

There are two different versions of plugins available for download. If you want to integrate the plugin with your WooCommerce store, you should download AliDropship Woo Plugin, or otherwise, you will have to download the Alidropship plugin.

Moreover, there are two options available as per the PHP version of your website i.e PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 +. You will have to select the right option depending upon the PHP available on your website.


You can log in to your cPanel account and then go to software and click MultiPhPManager to know the PHP version being your by the server.


After downloading the correct version, you can log in to your wp-admin section and click the plugin, add new to upload the zip file. The plugin will then install automatically and you can activate it.


In case you do not want to deal with all this technical stuff, you can buy a readymade drop shipping store from the makers of Alidropship Plugin. Just click the button below and redeem coupon Longread20 for a 20% discount on your purchase.

Buy Readymade Dropshipping Store

Use Coupon LongRead20 for Discount

How to Find the Best Drop shipping Suppliers and Products :

Readymade Alidropshipping store comes with well-researched products and vendors but in case you want to proceed with the Alidropship plugin, your next step will be to find the best suppliers and products for your website.

Since AliExpress deals with more than a million products, choosing 50 to 100 best items (to start with) for your store is really a daunting task. I will not advise you to go to more than 100 products initially. Once your store is established you will have the idea which type of products are more in demand and you can slowly add more products.

You may agree that the best products are those which bring the highest profit. In my opinion, the products should match the following criteria:

  1. High in Demand
  2. Rare to find and Not being sold by many online stores
  3. Moderate price and shipping cost
  4. Must have a detailed description
  5. have good review ratings.

Alidropship Plugin Settings:


There are a lot of setting options available with the plugin but I will discuss the most important only. The rest of the settings are easy and self explainable. Still, in case you need any help with any particular setting option, you can leave a comment below in the comment section and I will reply at the earliest.

The most important setting before importing the products to the site is to set the mark-up price. You can set up different mark-ups for various price ranges by creating the formulas. For reference purposes, I have added the following 4 different Mark-up strategies for different price ranges.


 You can add a new formula by clicking add new formula and adding a minimum price range, maximum price, whether you want multiplication or addition factor.


You can also assign cents like 49 or 99 to make pricing more attractive or you can offer a discount here.

I would advise you to use Coupons for offering the discount. You can promote these coupons on social media for increasing sales.

The next important setting is to add payment options for your customer in the payments section. You can activate payment gateways for selecting credit cards or may use PayPal. You can connect your existing PayPal account or may create a new one for your drop shipping business.


Getting Started with AlidropShip- Import Products:

Once you have activated the plugin and decided on your products, it is time to import the products for your website. Importing products on your website is very easy and can be accomplished in few minutes.

Login to Your Website and click on Alidropship at the top of the side bar and then click import. You can now select the products from the database given below by selecting the product categories and subcategories.


In case you have created your own product categories, you can import the product into the desired product category or you can allow the plugin to create categories and subcategories by selecting   "create categories from product database".

Now click the Import button to import the products at a marked-up rate which you had set up in the previous step will be imported into your Website.

I Hope you have learned to setup drop shipping store with Alidropship Plugin. 

In this article I have not covered how to set up your WordPress site. In case you do not Know, Click here for complete tutorial on how to set up word press site.

In case you need further help with Alidropship Plugin or Dropshipping Business, Just leave a comment below and I will reciprocate at the earliest.

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