Shoppers Voice Review:

The power of internet can easily be used for making full time income or some some extra money. There are many different ways for making money online and Taking Surveys is one of them.

Shoppers voice is one such popular site offering an opportunity  to make money with paid surveys. It is not surprising for newbies to ask the questions if Shoppers Voice is worth Joining or Not.

This Shoppers Voice surveys review is going to provide the answers to all such relevant questions besides looking at how it works, the Pros and Cons of Joining Shoppers Voice  and we shall also check if it is a legitimate opportunity or a Scam ?

Shoppers Voice Consumer Survey Panel- Quick Review:

Name: Shoppers Voice
Website: Click Here
Price: Free to Join


Recommended : Only For Free Samples, - Not for Making Money Online


I have already reviewed many other paid survey websites that either turned out to be scams or with very low quality surveys.  Some of  them were just created to capture visitors Data and sell it to third Party.

Shoppers Voice is not a Scam.

The Legitimate paid survey sites can definitely help you make some extra cash or some discount coupons etc and may add to current revenue, but they can not become a source of full-time income and do not help you in achieving financial freedom.

If you want to make a full-time income online that can replace your current job, I will show you how to build a permanent source of Passive income revenue in the long run towards the end of this review .

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What Is Shoppers Voice About?

 As per the claims made on their website, Shoppers Voice had been providing America's consumers information about different products and services for more than last 30 years.

They gather insights, preferences, and opinions from shoppers like you by conducting online consumer opinion surveys.

There is no fee for joining the company and participating in its consumer product survey.

You will be rewarded for sharing your thoughts once in a year about how your favorite brands, products and services can be improved.

These companies in turn will reward you with free samples coupons, Coupens and as special offers tailored to you.

Shopper’s Voice will also allow you to participate in a draw to win its free survey sweepstakes.


Joining Shopper's Voice Consumer Panel is very easy. You will be required to open a free account by clicking the take our survey.


The Registration form is very simple. You will have to complete voluntary consumer mamaber survey that take 15 to 25 minutes.. You are advised to let the main shopper in your hose complete the survey so that authenticated data can be captured.


To register with Shoppers Voice Consumer Panel for consumer surveys, You must have attained the age of 21 and  either be a resident of the USA or Canada.

Once you have registered on website, the company will review your application. It may take upto a week before final feedback on your membership status. You must keep in mind that only one person per housed hold is allowed to be a member.


Shoppers Voice do not pay in cash or gift cards.

This is not like other survey panels where you earn points for completing number of surveys and redeem them. You have to complete the survey only once in a year and keep getting rewards throughout the year in the form of money-saving coupons or Free Samples.

Instant rewards would be sent based on your answers. If you take a survey and inform that you have pets at home, you may get discount coupons for Per supplies.

Apart from these rewards, you will be automatically entered into a draw for a $1,500 Cash Prize sweepstakes for the month in which you complete the survey. The winning candidate will receive information through email and have to complete and return an affidavit of eligibility and a liability release within 14 days.

Shoppers Voice Membership Basic information:

Shoppes voice does not have any mystery Shopper  program. In case someone send any misleading message , you are requested not to respond to it.

As already informed the shopper's voice is free to join and your not required to but anything for getting the rewards.

As per a recent survey conduct, 86% of  members Join Shoppers Voice for receiving free samples. You may remember that you also have a chance to win $1500. Shoppers voice gave away more than $18000 price this year.

You may receive welcome letter within 7 to 15 days after completing voluntary survey and one member per household is accepted. In case more than one member shave applied for membership, the person who has replied to their welcome mail first will be accepted.

Panel is open for the citizens of USA and Canada at present. You can share the benefits of Shoppers Voice consumer survey with your friends.

Shoppers Voice Pros:

  • No Joining Fee and you are not required to buy anything.
  • You have to participate in the survey only once a year.
  • There are many ongoing Rewards in the form of Discount coupons and Free Samples.
  • You will have a chance to win $1500 sweepstakes.
  • Your information is safe as they do not sell it to any third party.

Shoppers Voice Cons:

  • Membership is open for USA and Canadian citizens only.
  • Shoppers Voice can not be used for making money online to achieve financial Freedom.

Bottom Line - Is it Worth Joining Shoppers Voice Consumer Survey Panel ?

Shoppers Voice is a legitimate survey Panel. They do not charge a single penny from you for the membership. You get enrolled automatically in their draw for $1500 only once and you will also receive ongoing rewards through email in your inbox.

You can Join Shoppers Voice and start getting free samples but the platform will not make you rich. You not make money to support your family or leave 9 to 5 Job.

In case you are looking forward to join it for making money, there are other legitimate opportunities available online.

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I hope you have enjoyed this Shoppers Voice Review. In case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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