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I welcome you to my website. For the first time visitors, who do not know me, I am an affiliate marketer making 6 figure income online. I have been reviewing affiliate products for last so many years .

I do not recommend any program without actually using the program. Rest assure that I recommend only legitimate program that can be used for making money online.

To be honest I was much skepticle about this program when I first learned about the program. Still I attended the webinar to know more about the program and write a tranparent review.

Get ready for my honest Simple wifi Profits Review.

Simple Wifi Profits Review : Quick Summary

Name: Simple Wifi Profits

Owner: Chris & Andrew

Website: Click Here

Price : $18.84


Recommended : No


Introduction: What is Simple Wifi Profits

As claimed by the Owners,  Simple Wifi Profits is a detailed and step-by-step online training program. It is designed to make you learn the finer details of affiliate marketing and create a successful and booming $10,000 online business.

Can you really can set up a successful affiliate marketing business by subscribing to Simple Wifi Profits? 

In Fact It’s one such making money online programs that is created for selling a some creepy membership programs that supposedly makes you money by selling other people’s crap. 

Chris and Andrews are the founders of this platform. The system teach you you the affiliate marketing techniques that are proven to work for beginners.

They claim that they have used the same techniques to earn more than $950,000 in just 31 days. 

  • Completly Done for you System
  • Help you to Outsource the Business
  • Eliminate the need of a huge upfront budget by providing first few Paid ads free
  • Atrractive Price as similar system are being sold for $20000 or more

Creators of Simple Wifi Profits

Simple Wifi Profits was founded by Chris Eom and Andrew Wright. Both are experienced affiliate marketers with a proven earnings track record.

They share some useful but outdated information with the subscribers and help them learn the basics of affiliate marketing that otherwise are availale on YouTube for free of cost

They are energetic and experienced professionals who provide coaching sessions and also run a private mentorship group.

The teaching method adopted by them is simple and makes it easier for beginners to learn.

They avoid using any jargon and offer simple and implementable action steps for developing your affiliate marketing strategies.

You will find the training sessions immersive and well-designed, especially if you are a newbie. But the training won't help yoou to make any money.

Who Can Use Simple Wifi Profits?

Anyone with an interest and passion for affiliate marketing can use Simple Wifi Profits.

It can help you create a successful online business with sustained revenues. If you are a beginner in the affiliate marketing industry, then you must opt for Simple Wifi Profits.

How Simple Wifi Profits Work?

The working of the program is very straightforward and practical. You can get started by just  getting a personal link through a hoplink.

A hoplink is a personal official site of the program that helps you generate links.

The next step is to transfer all the substitutes and emails to your link. Once this is done, the program will manage the rest of the work.

What is being Taught in Program ?

The Training consists of  7 main training modules broken into many sections. It is not possible to go into detail of every section but I shall brfiely discuss each module typically.

Though the names given are different, I have kept these names as per the content provided in the training modules..

Module 1 : Discussion About Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 1 is Detailed Disucssuion about what is Affiliate marketing and how it works? It discuss the pros and cons of various affiliate n=market networks and how you can make money with them . It is a great resourse for the newbies who do not have any idea about affiliate marketing.


Module 2: Funnels Secrets

This chapter will reveal all the Secrtes about the Funeels and how can tese be used for making money online. You will also get ready made funnels.

You will use the learning to setup your own funnels with ClickFunnels and learn various marketing techniques to be deployed in your affiliat marketing Journey.


Lern to SetUp your Own Landing Page - Module 3: 

Here you will learn to setup your ownlanding page using on your website using Clicfunnel.

You will also recieve already done for you landing pages in case hyou are not interested to build them from scratch. You will just ahve to add your affiliate links and get started.

This chapter start your practicle trainin g where you take the action for setting up your money making website.

Build Your Business Empire - Module 4 :

In this chapter , you will lern about paid traffic like facebook ads and Google adwords and Solo Ads.

Paid traffic is vey important in affiliate marketing but may lead to loss of money if stratergies are not deployed correctly. Therefore you must learn paid ad techniques properly before emplying them.

In case you are spending $5 an an ad campaig n and make $10 woth it, you cane asily scal it up to a $100 or $ 500 campiagn.

You will learn all the techniques thst would help you make $500 to $1000 daily.

Module 5: Get Going

Now by now you migh have set up your ClickBank,  Clickfunnel, Facebook Business Manager account along with your Pre-Sell Page on money making website.

This chapter will guide you to set up perfect Facebook campaigns and after setting up one , you will be replicating the same stratergies for reating more.

Once you have learned the art, it be very easy for you to do it on daya to day basis. 

Module 6: Scaling it Up

You may feel that some of these chapters are the repetetion of erlier chaptere. To some extent you are right but they do carry some addiitonal information. Yes this information could have compiled with chapter no 4 itself but repetion makes the man perfect and more you read and practie, more you will learn.

You must read it carefully and learn to adopt for scaling up your business. You will learn to clonning the best perfoming ads and increasing the budget while removing the ads that are not performing. You will also learn the reyargetting techniques to follow up your prospective.

Module 7 : Super Affiliate Hacks

This Module will teach you more tips and tricks to be incoprorated into your affiliate marketing business.

You will also find the free bonuses here that would help you in long run. You will get the following bonuses if you joing the webinar Through the link below.

Bonus 1: Copy our Done for You System worth $4997

Bonus 2 : Done For you Outsourcing worth $1297

Bonus 3 : Instant Access to our VIP COmmission Club worth $997

Bonus 4: High Ticket COmmission worth $2997

Fast Action Bonus : We will pay for first Few Ads

Simple Wifi Profits Pros 

Simple Wifi Profits is full of excellent features. The key benefits of using it are discussed below:

Detailed Resources and Tutorials

You get detailed resources and tutorials on affiliate marketing. The tutorials have a good balance between being detailed and not being overwhelming. The finer points are explained meticulously that helps in a better understanding of the concepts. The learning materials are available in both text and video formats that make them more useful and versatile. The tutorials follow a step-by-step approach to explain the details of affiliate marketing. These detailed tutorials and learning materials can help you achieve success in your online business through affiliate marketing. You can take your online business to the next level and attain financial independence.

Ideal for Beginners

One of the key benefits of using Simple Wifi Profits is its versatility. It is designed to be of use for both new and experienced affiliate marketers. You can have limited or no technical knowledge of affiliate marketing and still take up the training. There is no mandatory prior experience of affiliate marketing needed for joining. The creators have designed the learning resources and pedagogy to make it easy for beginners to grasp and conceptualize. The use of complex terms and jargon is eliminated. You get the tutorials delivered in a simple manner and as a step-by-step guide.

Robust Support and Networking

Another advantage of subscribing to Simple Wifi Profits is the robust support and networking it offers. You get support from the creators round the year on a 24/7 basis. You will be provided with calls twice a month from the creators for necessary support. This is a thoughtful feature and establishes the priority accorded by the creators to their subscribers. It can help you get your doubts clarified and learn new skills that can help drive your online business.

Meticulously Crafted Course Design

The training resources are meticulously crafted. The creators are experienced professionals who have expertise in affiliate marketing. The inputs provided by them are backed by real-world experience. The creators have used these strategies to make considerable money themselves. There is no reason why you cannot use them to make money.

Money-Back Guarantee :

You get a 45-days money-back guarantee with your subscription. However, the money-back guarantee comes with strange terms. Simple Wifi Profits will refund your 100% subscription if you make $10,000 using it. This is weird and there is no logical explanation for it. If you do not like the product and are unable to make $10,000, then you will not be entitled to a money-back guarantee.

Simple Wifi Profits Cons: 

The major cons of Simple Wifi Profits are as follows:

Little Bit Costly: 

It seems to be a bit costly to start with but actually it is not. Similar programs are being sold for $10000 or more. I am told that in a few days, the procie for Simple wifi Profits will also increase. 

The best part is that It is a one-time fee and you do not need to pay any monthly subscriptions like other affiliate trainig programs.

Some Tutorials May Seem Repetitive :

In some tutorials, the creators provide screenshots of people who have made handsome money by using Simple Wifi Profits. These screenshots are repeated too frequently and fail to capture your attention for long durations. A few coherent case studies could have been more effective and engaging for the audiences. The first 45 minutes of the introduction webinar provides details of the creators and how much money they have made. It becomes a bit repetitive at times and could have been edited better.

Conclusion :

Simple Wifi Profit remains a popular and effective platform for helping people in developing and promoting their own online business. The tips and tricks shared by the creators in the course are invaluable. You can learn to develop strategies that can drive your online business venture. You can learn from the course even if you do not have any prior experience and knowledge of affiliate marketing.

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