Chances are that while searching for a genuine online earning opportunity, you might have found Six Figure Mentors(SFM} and decided to read the reviews before joining SFM. You may find lots of positive reviews from Six Figure Mentors affiliates but they can never be unbiased. In this article, I am going to provide you unbiased reviews of SFM as an outsider who is not promoting SFM. Is Six figure mentors a scam or legit. How Does Six figure Mentors business opportunity work? Can you earn with the Six figure mentors? Before discussing in Detail, Here is the Quick report

Quick Report

Name: Six Figure Mentors
Price: Free (Please check my complete review to find something if really free) to $ 20,000




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Six Figure Mentor is a High Ticket training Program. You can Join them for free as a student and learn nothing. As a student you just have the access to a video explaining how you are going to make money with their system. They still do not share about what the exact System is?

The next level (Essential memeber) is priced at a enrollment Fee of $297 and $97 per month thereafter i.e  $1443 for the first Year.

To access the complete system what so ever it may be , You will have to enroll as an Elite member by paying  additional $2500.

Do you have $4000 to start with? If yes Please continue to read the complete review and find out how much can you make with SFM?


Let us start with the detailed review.

In this review I will cover:

What is SFM?

Two Internet marketers Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek created SFM in 2010. Their program was intended to teach you affiliate marketing through digital training. They were able to generate some success for themselves but their student failed to recreate the success. So people start leaving them.

In 2012, they revamped their whole training modules and add a team of professional telemarketers to close the sale on your behalf. I have already reviewed a similar program, Legendary Marketer System by Dave Sharpe.

In fact, SFM is another MLM (multi-level marketing) program offering you the basic knowledge of internet of affiliate marketing and indulging you in selling their own products.

This type of knowledge already available on the Internet free of cost. In case you are searching to start your own affiliate program, you can have access to a far better training here, for free.

I have Joined and promoting so many affiliate programs and products but have never paid any money to become their affiliate.

I have joined the paid step by step training only after being convinced by the training material and modules. After achieving success with the offered training I have started promoting their training without paying affiliate Fee.

I have never come across any legitimate affiliate program charging money for becoming their affiliate. Therefore this is a red flag.

Are there real “Mentors”?

SFM claim that their training is a mentor-based training. Actual truth is that your sponsor will play the role of your mentor and there is no expert teaching you step by step.

I joined another program wealthy affiliate for free and found that the owner of the program themselves providing the training and mentoring the affiliates. You can ask questions and they will respond and clear your doubts. That is called real mentoring.

Here the chances are that your sponsor may be a beginner and he himself may look out for a complete training. Think of this scenario. How a person who might have just started internet marketing can teach you affiliate marketing?

The matter of fact is even Stuart and Jay have not been able to make money by following their training module and hence now started these high ticket program so that when you sell these training programs they can make money out of this.

So I would like to clarify that SFM does not provide any mentorship. It is a simple training platform with some digital video training and basic marketing concepts.


Tools and Services provided by SFM


DBL or Digital Business Lounge:

DBL seems to be site builder on their platform for creating websites. I have my doubts whether you would be able to transfer these sites to another hosting platform if required. I will never recommend a site hosting or site builder if it does not provide you with the option to transfer the sites to another hosting platform of your choice.

Graphix Creator:

As per their claims, Graphix Creator is an application to create a cover for your ebook. You would need a cover only if you would know how to write an ebook or create a digital product your self. They are not providing any training on writing ebooks then what would you do with this Graphix creator.


SimpleLeadCapture is a landing page creator to help you build your list. What is this list for? Just to sell their program.

In my opinion, If you are really interested to make money online, you must start by selecting a niche and then creating keyword rich contents for your website.

Next step in the process is generating traffic for your website. A list will not work without traffic. If you do not have genuine visitors, who would join your list.

A list is the most important phase of affiliate or online marketing but before that, you must learn a lot of other things. I have created this post for you to have more details on affiliate marketing.


This tool is provided to track your marketing efforts. In any successful business, you need to track and analyze your efforts so as to take the corrective action. But before that, you need to build a business and training must concentrate on the building business rather than tracking it first.


Cost of Joining SFM:


There are four options to join SFM

  • Affiliate Access: Free
  • Student Access: $25 per month.
  • Essential membership: $ 297 one time and $ 97 per month after joining.
  • Elite membership: $2500 add-on above Essential membership.

Do not get fooled. They offer nothing free. This is a trick to get your emails and bombard you with lots of scammed mails.

Once you have joined them free, you will get to see one video advising you to upgrade your membership. I clicked all the links available on their website to have access to something free. But every single time I was taken to the same page with video advising me to upgrade my membership.

I case you are looking forward to promoting their affiliate program for free, they still would ask for your credit card details. In case you forgot to cancel your subscription in 30 days, they would start charging $25 per month.

If you are still interested to check, you can create your account with SFM and check the reality.

My personal experience with SFM and the reason to leave them:

As I said I am not an affiliate of SFM. This does not mean that I have not joined them. I always like to have inside information before writing a review. I Joined them for free to see what is on the offer.

I did not provide them with my credit card information as I Left them after joining free.

I was expecting few good training session as a free member so that I could make up my mind and get converted to paid membership.

Contrary to the expectation they were just forcing me to get into paid membership without giving access to any sort of training. It indicates that they are not providing quality training and are afraid that free members will not get converted to paid membership after watching their video.

Is the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) a Scam?

SFM offers some educational Videos and Software for DFY business. The whole business is build around selling their videos. You are not building your own brand or business but just promoting their videos.

They promise you will make money by selling  their high tickets training program. They will like you to believe that they have created a readymade business for you so that you can earn 6 figure income. I am not sure how many people would be willing to Join such by paying Close to $20000. 

I can assure you that no one is going to build a business for you. If you are new to Internet marketing you must spend some time on taking a worthy training to build your own business.

Suppose I have a product to sell and you are interested in promoting my product. What will I do?

I will check your credentials and once I recruit you as an affiliate I will offer some commission on sales but why would you pay me for promoting my products?

Any affiliate program asking for money to promote their products fall into the category of Scam.

Bottom Line:

I have joined many other programs and promoting them. I have got a training to promote any kind of affiliate product. Whatever affiliate network you choose, the route of promotion and earning money remain same. You cannot start generating income overnight by such business in box type platforms.

I always recommend new Internet marketers to start promoting products from a well-known platform like Amazon, Click bank or wall mart by choosing a product of your interest.

And you must join a training,  teaching you all the tricks from scratch. Once you have the knowledge you can promote any product and will not be depending on such scams.

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