My SocialCaptain Review: How to Grow Instagram Followers Automatically


With 2018 just gone, All the internet marketers are busy stepping into the new year with new marketing strategies. Instagram, as you know, is one of the premier social network being used for business promotion and marketing.

Instagram is growing at a rapid pace and every internet marketer want to capitalize on this. Though growth is expected, it is not easy for a new marketer to find the right kind of people and to connect with them.

Without a steady amount of followers, the Instagram account will not be of much use. Therefore networkers are using automation tools to take advantage.

There are many automation tools available, I am reviewing here, “SocialCaptain“, much talked about automation service that guarantees real followers and growth of your Instagram account.

I had created an account on SocialCaptain for 3 days trial and continued using this beyond the trial. I started with 800 followers and in a month have doubled the following.

*Now SocialCaptain offers 24 hours Free trail only.  

Automation – Does it Work?

I have reviewed many automated money making websites which ultimately turned out to be the scams. But that is a different type of Automation where the creator of the software has created a readymade website with ready contents and you have to market the same. That, in fact, is not an Automation but they are just pointing your domain to their existing website.

Now People are turning towards Artificial Intelligence and time has come to explore some good services using Artificial Intelligence. Without actually using them, you can not decide whether service is offering something beneficial.

But all I can say with certainty is that good automation is going to worth investment in near future and first ones to utilizes will be benefitted the most.

I have used other Instagram Automation services but none of them have been able to help me achieve this level of growth with such a high level of efficiency.

Running an Instagram account otherwise is a quite dull and monotonous and repetitive process. You have to post the contents, like the contents posted by others, leave the comments and search for new people to follow. As an affiliate marketer, on most of the days, I can not spare time for all these activities and automation is really welcomed.

While choosing the automation services, you must be careful. If the automation tool is posting scam, Your account may be banned.

SoacialCaptain, However, is a scam free.

SocialCaptain Automation Service | Overview


SocialCaptain is an Instagram automation tool that is getting positive reviews and has gained a lot of popularity because it actually works. Anyone whether an influencer, blogger, online marketer, a photographer or an artist, looking forward to building an audience and growing future will be benefitted.

The Brand influencers are active on Instagram marketing, making a full-time income by reaching targeted audiences. Till now they were managing their campaigns manually as it is their Job but SocialCaptain App has enhanced their capabilities by automation and speeding up their account growth and guiding traffic to the main landing pages.

Artificial Intelligence System | Engine Operating SocialCaptain:

SocialCaptain runs on Artificial Intelligence Technology which is missing in other Automation Instagram Services being offered. Machine learning takes control of your account as soon as you sign up with SocialCaptain and operate it like a real human user.

It does not act like a bot, unlike other automation tools. The Bot based tools create likes and follow other accounts at a rate which human cannot do and send repetitive vague comments which do not make sense.

SocialCaptain manages your account in a completely human way and activities look natural. The natural activities attract real users and hence organic growth.

SocialCaptain Features:

Totally Automated Service:

The Automation service offered do not require any human interface once it is set up. It is always running in the background without any maintenance and downtime. Be it commenting on posts, giving likes and following other people, every activity is 100% automated.

Impulsive dashboard Interface:


The first I look forward to in any tool is its Dashboard and User interface.  Any Automation tool which requires a long amount of time understanding its Interface and settings does never stands out and liked by users.

SocialCaptain has kept the Dashboard very simple, visually attractive and easy to navigate. Moreover, they have provided a tutorial explaining each component and its use. I advise you to go through the tutorial before setting up SocialCaptin for your account.

Targetted Audience:


The Most critical element of SocialCaptain is its way to targetting you Audiences. You are using this tool to reach targetted Audience only and if the tool fails to put you in front of the right kind of viewers, this will become useless. You can use the filters to automate the selection of the right type of viewers. You can use the following 3 targetting Features.

1. Targeting Username

You can use this feature to acuminate Competitors audience. You can add the account name of a similar brand in competition to attract their viewers. By targeting those audiences, you are sure that they are interested in the similar type of products being offered by you.

2. Targetting HashTags:

As you know, Hashtags have now become prominent in social media search engines to find and promote the contents. There are many hashtags on Instagram and you can choose selectively some comment and niche specific hashtags. I advise you to be a bit careful in selecting the hashtags and not to choose non-relevant hashtags. VIwers following those hashtags will take your message as spam.

3. Targetting Locations:

A local physical store would like to target audiences in nearby areas whereas an e-commerce store selling digital products or an affiliate marketer like me would be looking for various locations. You can experiment based on your actual requirement.

Progress Tracking and Analysis:

Apart from the above features, SocialCaptain facilitates you with the abilities to keep track of your progress with real-time tracking and analytical tool.  You can watch the increase in your followers and how AI is interacting with other accounts.

Responsive Customer Support:

I have used many tools and programs and can assure you that customer support offered by SocialCaptain is really good. In fact, I can rate it second best. The topmost is of my # 1 recommended platform, Wealthy Affiliate. So I know quite personally that bad support can be detrimental to a customer’s experience.  They have the live chat option also and you do not have to wait for a long time for getting resolution. The customer support offered is definitely a plus point.

Pricing Plans:

Cost is an important factor for choosing an additional service. You do not want to have huge overheads while starting a new business. You can afford more money once settled but to start with, cost does matter a lot.

SocialCaptain offers thee Plans and you can choose the best suited for you. If you do want to make a longer commitment, you can choose the basic plan for 7 days and see the results.


Bottom Line:

Automation is making inroads to online marketing. AI will start impacting the way online marketing is being done.

SocialCaptain is a recommended Automation service for Instagram marketing.

If you are new to online marketing and planning to make money online, I advise you to join a complete step-by-step training with my#1 recommended program Wealthy Affiliate

Instagram will is a nice social media platform to promote your business and make an audience. I have seen many people committing mistake and start promoting products without own website. That does not lead to a sustainable business.

You must have your own website and Instagram or other social Media Platforms must be used to build viewership for your website and build own email list so that where ever you go, you take your subscribers along.

In case you do not have a website, I offer you one, absolutely Free.

I like to thank you for reading my post. If you have liked this, please share it with your friends and in case you need any further information, Do not forget to leave a comment below.


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