As an affiliate or Digital marketer, you must be aware of the importance of Social Bookmarking. In case you want to drive traffic to your post, it has to be shared on Social media. Though There may be a lot of other plugins available for the job, Social Snap is claimed to be the best social sharing WordPress plugin available in the market.

No Other Plugin match the Features provided by Social-snap word press Plugin. This is one of the most important tools on way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer


The visitors on your site must find the social media sharing buttons in the right place. The most appealing content produced or written by you will become viral only when shared by the readers

Features of Social Snap

Social Snap is very easy to use Plugin and does not require any setup. The following are some of the important Features of Social Snap.

1. Maximum Numbers of Social Networks:

Social Snap Social Media Sharing Plugin can be used to share your Blogs on the following 30 Networks.


2, Sharing Button At Any Location

This Plugin provides a lot of flexibility in the placement of Sharing buttons within your Post. These positions can be customized to increase shares.


3. Customization – Button Shapes, Animation, and colors

Different Sites have Different Styles and Themes. So you should choose the color and style best suited to your site and taste. Social Snap is very handy in selecting and customizing the sharing buttons as per your Choice.


4. Share Counters – Individual And Total

You can impress your readers by displaying the numbers of Social Media Shares. You can customize the Location and when you want your readers to see it.


5. Customizing Social Media Tags- How it looks when Shared

By Customizing the way your post look on Social Media, You can enhance your reader’s engagement and CTR.


Social Snap- Pros

  • It is very Easy to use and No set up is required.
  • You can choose to display all or any of the 30 Social Media Network available for sharing.
  • The sharing Buttons Look very Beautiful on Any Device, Be it a laptop or a mobile.
  • It can automatically shorten the URL via Bitly.
  • It provides the Complete Analysis of How your social Media Sharing is working.
  • You can set it up to show the sharing counter after a threshold or preset limit is reached.
  • You can display different buttons on different devices so that they merge well with big and small devices.
  • You can use the bubble-up widget to share the best performing content to increase engagement of readers.
  • Widgets and shortcodes can be used to show the sharing button at the best-suited location.
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee.


Social Snap is available with 3 different price tags ranging from $39 to $299 per annum.

Plus version is available at a price tag of $ 39 per year and can be used on one site only and it does not include the Add-ons.

If you want to use the plugin on more than one site, you have the option to choose either Pro version which can be used on 3 sites or Agency version which can be used on 15 sites.

Both these higher versions come with Add-ons. Social Snap Pro is priced at $99 per year whereas you can have Social Snap Agency for $ 299 at a special discount of 40%

Important Add-ons

The following Addons are included with Pro and Agency version.

  • Social Media Poster: It saves your time by automatically sharing your new Posts on Twitter and Linkedin Account.
  • Social Media Login: It allows users to log in to your site by using their Social Media Accounts i.e Google. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.
  • Old Post Boosting: You can set-up the plugin to automatically share your old contents on your Social Media Accounts.
  • Social Content Locker: You can use this Feature to ask the readers to share your contents on Social Media before displaying the complete contents. This Feature is helpful in increasing social sharing.

Bottom Line:

Social Sharing is the most important aspect of online marketing and must be handled very carefully. Social Snap social Media Sharing Plugin is one of the top plugins which can be employed for increasing the sharing ratio and engagement of your reader. It is highly recommended by me in case you have established your blog and looking forward to Promoting it.

In case, you are new to affiliate marketing or have not been able to generate any income, it is always advisable to first learn the affiliate marketing from the leaders in the game before buying such useful tools. This Plugin will definitely help you with social media sharing but you can not depend on one plugin to increase traffic on your website and rank it high on Google.

I was in a similar situation a few years back till I got introduced to wealthy Affiliate- my #1 recommended Program for making money online. This is free to join the certification program providing step by step training on affiliate marketing. You will find a community forum inside where most experienced affiliate marketers are ready to help you succeed in your online journey.

In case you have any question regarding Social Snap Plugin or affiliate marketing, you can leave a comment below and I will definitely respond to your comment at the earliest.

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  1. Hi Arun, and thanks for this thorough review.

    This sounds like an amazing plugin. Right now I’m using a free plugin, but it is so limited. I really like the addons. Having it automatically sharing new posts on social media would be such a time saver.

    You said it would post to Twitter and Linkedin. Can it automatically post to any other platforms?

    Thanks again,

    1. You are right Suzanne. Free plugins are available but they do not have such rich features. As an affiliate marketer, you have a lot of other works to do like selecting a profitable niche, keyword research, writing contents and SEO optimization etc. It always helps to automate certain processes like social media sharing so that you can concentrate and spend time on your main job. It automatically shares on Twitter and LinkedIn and saves time in sharing on other social media platforms.

  2. This sounds like a very interesting plug-in. I have a question though. I am using Author Box plug-in which also has social media sharing. My question is, would these two plug-ins not work well together. Or in other words, would it be wise to use both or just stick with one. I like the Author Box feature, but I do not think that the social media functions compare to Socialsnap’s features. Is there any other “Meet the Author’ type of plug-in to use instead of Author Box?

    1. Hi Colleen
      Thanks for visiting my post. Author Box is a really good plugin for providing Author Box at a different location but not flexible with Social Media Icons and does not help in automatic posting to social media platforms. So the main functionalities of both the plugins are different. Though you can use both the plugins, I would advise you to install a limited number of plugins as more plugins may tend to slow down websites.
      As a real human, I feel you always have an “about me” and “contact us” page on your website. In case anyone wants to reach you they can reach through contact us page or by simply leaving a comment on your post.
      If you like people to see your author Box and automate the social media sharing, you can use both the plugins or else any one of these which most suit your style. But in case you want to schedule sharing your posts on social media or want to share the same automatically every time you write a post, Social Snap is the best.

  3. Arun,
    Looks like Socialsnap can make a difference in getting your post shared on Instagram and Twitter. Will sharing old content only be available on these two networks. I am looking for something to auto post to Facebook, is there one available.

    1. Hi John
      Socialsnapp is a very helpful plugin in sharing your contents on Instagram and Twitter. Though you can share on any social media platform using Socialsnal automation is only available for Twitter and Instagram. There are other plugins and platforms available for sharing posts on Facebook as well and some of these sucks and slow down your website. I will soon review the best available plugin for sharing your contents on Facebook and will inform you.
      Arun Sabharwal

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