Can the Done-for-you SociEmpire system help in solving your lead generation Problems? Is SociEmpire a Scam?

am not a big admirer of any Done for you type of systems. In the past few years, I have reviewed 100's such systems, and most of them were either scams or low-quality Products. 

Here's another example of a similar type of scam.

 I doubt that a single ready-made DFY Lead generation system can be a solution for every business in the world. All the companies have type of customer base and a different set of requirements. 

Lead generation is vital for every business on the earth, but a step by step training is the only solution. There's no shortcut. Complete training in affiliate marketing can only help.

Sociempire review -  quick summary 

Name: SociEmpire
Owner: Vendor Cindy Donovan
Price: $18.87 Front End and OTO's and Hidden Cost


Recommended : Only to Experienced Affiliate marketers


SociEmpire Review – What is it?


It is supposed to be the most ‘Done-For-You’ system ever released, including everything required to get the results fast without any technical skills or creative talent.

It is a fully developed App to target high-paying customers looking for Powerful lead capturing Funnels.

SociEmpire is an App that gives you an agency website for selling prebuilt services. In addition, you will have access to copy and paste tools and software to provide customized solutions (Lead capturing Funnel) to your customers for finding new leads.

You may be able to build the Funnel using a copy and paste tool and other DFY software and delivered it to your customers in 15-30 minutes. The exact process will be repeated again and again for making more money.

 About the Creators of SociEmpire:


SociEmpire is a result of some of the joint efforts of Cindy Donovan, Kim Torrefranca, and Nikhil Neswankar.

Cindy is an experienced digital marketer. Some of the earlier products like Dropshiply and Vidtoon created by Cindy Donovan were really good.

DFY products like DFY Hero 2.0 and Copy Dyno, however, failed to impress.
Nikhil is also an experienced affiliate marketer and vendor who launched TRIPLING, etc.

What Will You Get When You Buy SociEmpire :


SociEmpire is Packed with a lot of Features. When you buy SociEmpire, you will receive the following in your Dashboard.

Done For You (DFY) Client Finder:

You will get the inbuilt list of keen influencers interested in buying these kinds of services. They are supposed to be high-paying targeted clients who actually need lead capturing Funnels for their campaigns.

In fact, they would be ready to spend a good amount. Therefore, you will not waste your time on the people who are not keen on your services or can not afford them.

Agency Website:


You will get an agency website to add a buy now button for selling custom build Lead Funnels. You can customize all these funnels using cut and paste tools and other helpful software available in your dashboard.

You will get step-by-step training for learning customization.

Social Media Influencer Funnels:

These pre-designed funnels are loaded with pre-written emails hosted on their servers. You will have to add your customer's name, Social Media handle, and images to customize these emails for your customer. These emails can be used by your customers as a sequence of Autoresponder emails.

No Sales efforts Required :

The system is so designed that it does all the selling by itself. You will not be required to call your clients. Instead, the agency website will capture the leads of targeted customers and close the sale with the skillfully crafted email sequence.

Cleverly Crafted eMail Sequence:

The sequence of well-crafted emails will help you to convert complete strangers into high-paying clients with the proven copy and paste method.

DFY Graphics Templates:

You will also get fully graphic templates designed by a team of professionals. You can put your name there and customize it as you want.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter Ad Creatives:

You can use these highly convertible Ad creatives for running your campaign on Social media. The step-by-step training will train you to run your ads on a very low budget.

Special Created Legal Pages and GDPR Compliance:

All the pages will have inbuilt GDPR compliance, AntiSpam, privacy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, etc. So that you can only concentrate on your sales!

How SociEmpire System Works?

SociEmpire is totally a DFY system and works in 4 easy steps.

  1. Buy the system and activate your Agency website to go live. Follow the training to put your buy now button on your website.
  2.  Activate your traffic system so that your Funnels can send the DFY emails to prospective clients.
  3. Get payment from your clients for the services to be rendered. Your clients will pay you directly.
  4. Use One of the Prebuilt templates. Use Cut and Paste tools to customize it as per your customer's requirements. Once you have done the job, deliver it via DashBoard.

 SociEmpire Main Features:

The Main Features of SociEmpire are mentioned below.

  1. Your Own Agency Website
    1. Can be set up with One Click
    2. Fully Hosted on Cloud
    3. Beautifully Designed
    4. High Converting Sales Copy
    5. Fully Customizable
    6. Well crafted series of Email Sequence for Autoresponder
  2. DFY Funnels for Your Clients
    1. 4 Funnels with drag and Drop Builder
    2. Ready to Copy and Deliver
    3. Highly Convertible
    4. Hosted on Cloud
    5. Some gifts for Influencers
    6. Inbuild Traffic for Your Clients as Well
  3. Step By Step Video Training.
    1. Newbies Friendly
    2. Watch at your Own Pace

SociEmpire Review - Front End pricing and OTO's

Soci Empire Front End:

The cost of a complete DFY Agency website & System is $18.97. At this price, you will get your own agency Website, Follow up email sequences, 4 customizable Funnels, Graphics, and Inbuilt Traffic

OTO 1 - SociEmpire Advanced ($27)

When you buy this OTS, you will get an advanced onboarding system for clients in place of the regular one. In addition, the advanced onboarding system will automatically upsell additional services and training to manage each sale.

OTO 2 -Funnel Blowout Packages ($47, $297 per year, and $29 per month)

This upsell will allow you to choose your niche and have a time-tested winning funnel designed, fully hosted, and full of handwritten emails will affiliate links embedded.

OTO 3- SociJam Bundle ($67)

The SociJam is a software suite for managing social media posts creation and publications. You will get this software when you buy this upsell.

OTO 4 -Reseller Rights ($47)

This upsell is for affiliate marketers. When you buy this upsell and promote the system,  you will keep the 100% amount of FE, OTO1,2 and 4

SociEmpire Pros :

  • Completely Done For You
  • Easy to Use
  • Training to use the system is included
  • No Closing Script Required
  • Can be used without any technical skills.
  • Fully Cloud Hosted
  • Pre-written emails for Autoresponder

SociEmpire Cons: 

1. Search Engines won't like it:

The system is being promoted as 100% newbie-friendly, but in reality, it is not. Yes, you may be able to create a duplicate agency website by clicking the button.

Everyone who would buy the system will get the same website, and hence every such website will have the same content.

However, this website will not be search engine optimized as the search engines do not like the duplicate content.

Your website will neither rank on search engines nor drive any organic traffic. 

Moreover, Since all the contents are duplicates, there are chances that the website gets penalized by search engines.

2. Where You get Traffic from :

The founders of this system say that traffic is inbuilt, but There is no mention of where you will get this traffic. Instead, all they are giving you is a funnel, a sequence of emails, and some graphics.

The funnel or emails will not bring the customer to your website, and it has to be promoted by paid ads. 

There is some mention of paid ads, but they have not disclosed the budget required for social media ads.

3. SociEmpire is not Newbies friendly:

A newbie can't get success with social media ads. They may provide you some training for running the ads, but that's not enough.

A successful campaign would require split testing or A/B testing. It means you will be running many variations of

All variations of ads are run for a few days, and Data is collected to test the winning ad.

The winner is decided based on the number of conversions. For example, if the ad "A" receives more conversions than the "B," A is declared the winner.

This type of testing, in any case, is not possible for a newbie. There are chances that you would lose your hard-earned money.

4. Hidden Cost of Auto Responder:

They are providing you the sequence of the pre-written emails for using them with Autoresponder. Still, nowhere have they mentioned the recurring cost of the Auto Responder. You may check here the monthly fee of GetResponse For your reference before buying the system.

5. Will Influencer marketers (High Level Paying clients ) convert ?

They may be providing you a list of influence marketers in various niches. Still, the same list will be shared with everyone buying the SociEmpire.

That means all the influencers will get the same sequence of emails for 30 days, and there are high chances that they would block all these emails and won't even see them.

SociEmpire Review Conclusion - Is SociEmpire a Scam?

SociEmpire is not a scam as they are providing you some product against your money and the training to use it.

But you will not be able to make any money with SociEmpire. There are many red flags, as discussed above.

I won't recommend SociEmpire to any newbie. However, experienced affiliate marketers can make some money by promoting the SociEmpire.

I don't promote DFY systems, and you should avoid shortcuts if you really want to make money online.

There are legitimate ways of making money online. Still, all those require hard work, patience, persistence, and training from the masters in the field. Learning is important.

If you are really interested in making money online, you check the same training by clicking the link below. The training has helped me making $10000 or more per month for the last few years.

I hope that my SociEmpire review will help you in making the final decision more accurately and quickly. If you still have more questions,  leave a comment below in the comment section and I will respond at the earliest.

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  1. The main thing that we did not like about the Sociempire review was the SEO part. Google will not like duplicate content; you are right. It defeats the purpose of making money. It would be impossible.
    We like your second choice; WA is one of the best platforms on the internet.


    1. Thanks, Matthew/Deloris for reading my article and leaving the comment. This is the Power of writing unique content fully optimized for SEO.
      I never knew that the post will be ranked within hours of posting.
      I learned complete Affiliate marketing from Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They have been training the people for last more than 20 years now. Live Weekly webinars give you the opportunity to remain updated.
      Making money online is not impossible but it needs hard work, skills, and patience. If you are ready to put in hard work and have the patience to follow the system, Skills required to make 6 figure income will be imparted by Wealthy Affiliate
      Thanks again.

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