Source Naturals is one of those well-known USA based organizations which have chosen to sell its supplementary products through MLM route. The company was founded in 1982 and now has a huge product base selling more than 600 products.

I have decided to review the Source Naturals mainly for its MLM connections so that you can check if this is a way forward for you to make passive income.

Many companies like Amway, Herbalife and Natrulo etc have successfully followed the Multi-Level marketing mode for selling the products and have offered legit money-making opportunities to their independent distributors.

At the beginning of my online career, I also got involved with some of the MLM companies but soon realized that it is not my cup of tea. I am not good at direct marketing and do not want to be ignored by close friends by poking them continuously for buying these products.

I am happy making 6 figure passive income online as an affiliate marketer without ever approaching any client. People interested to buy the product visit my website and when they buy the products through my Links I make money.

Before we proceed further,  I would like to share with you the  training that has changed my financial status.

Source Naturals - Quick Review

Name: Source Naturals
Website: Click Here
Owner: Ira Goldberg
Price: Free to Join




Source Naturals was launched by its present CEO created Ira Goldberg  in 1982 with an aim to provide the best heath supplements to people to help them live the optimum healthy life..  

Though there were other health nutritional available in the market but Source naturals supplements came with the unique formula and perfect combination of herbs and nutrients that no company had ever provided.  These combinations however are now easily available with arrival of many similar organizations.

Although the company sells more than 600 products,its multi ingredient products like Life Force Multiple, Mega-Kid Multiple, the Skin Eternal line, Inflama-Res, Male Response etc are much popular.

The owner claims that they the formulations containing targeted nutrients have been prepared after proper research and considering the reasons for system imbalance.

The company believe that the main reason behind most of the health related issues are the functional imbalance caused by malnutrition, stress and pollutants in environment. Proper health can be achieved by maintaining nutritional balance using the unique formulation called Bio-Alignment being sold by the company.  

The company does not provide information about the network marketing compensation and how can you join them for promoting their products as independent distributors. However other companies in the field are more transparent about their Schemes and opportunities being provided by them make money

The products offered by the company are real and offer health benefits. You can definitely make money as their partner by selling their products but company should have been more transparent on that account. How much money can you make would depend on the efforts put in by you.

You can be more successful in a network marketing company if you have some experience with direct marketing and have an extrovert personality.

If you are afraid of direct marketing, meeting new people and conducting meetings and explaining about the products and compensation plans, the MLM is not meant for you.

Then you should look for other ways of making Money.

I would advise you to get started with Affiliate marketing, the legitimate way of making online passive income without any direct marketing. 

Like any other real business Affiliate marketing is also not easy but you can learn it with the step by step training provided by wealthy Affiliate.

Source Naturals Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principles of any organization is the broad philosophy followed by the company with a vision to achieve its mission without compromising the underlined values.

These principals  guide the stakeholders in the organization under all circumstances and irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies or type of work. They help inculcate the companies culture in a way that everyone understands what's important.


The Guiding principles set by the Source Naturals are as given below:

  1. The company believes in the "Consumer First" Policy. The well being of the Consumer is of utmost importance to the organization.  Underlying principle is to provide best quality products to the customers for their health and well being.
  2. The owners respect the nature's law of equilibrium. Whenever human body do not get proper nutrition, this equilibrium gets disturbed resulting into health concerns. These concerns can be taken care by providing sufficient nutrients. The company has come with the new formulation after thorough research and optimizing the combination of nutrients and herbs.
  3. The company maintain high standards of quality and ensure that all the products going out for sale must meet the specifications set by the company.
  4. The company advocate the wellness revolution and is geared up for this. They expect a major change in the way our society think about the health.  The new health model must be more focused on improving the metabolism structure by addressing the malnutrition so that diseases can be avoided. The company has launched the formulation SystemiCare® based on this advocacy.

 Source Natural Products Category:


As per the information available on their website, the company deals with more that 600 products in various categories but their main focus is on marketing multiples, the multi ingredient Products.

These multi ingredients are referred by Source Naturals as "Bio-Aligned-Formulas" . These are designed to help realigning the metabolism structure by eliminating the root cause of Body Imbalance.
SystemiCare®  has been designed to support and balance 12 essentials metabolic systems in body essential to health.  The SystemiCare® follow a very simple and clear approach to maintain homeostasis for the optimal functioning of all body systems. 

The award winning Natural Source Wellness Formula® is claimed to be the first immune support product in supplement industry, launched almost 35 years ago. The Wellness Formula® has received  14 Vity Awards for Best Immune Product to still be at number one position.

The Products for the different solutions have been broadly classified by Natural sources as listed below. 

  • NightRest™ for Sleep Solutions
  • Wellness Formula®  for Immune Solutions
  • Vegan True® for Vegan Solutions
  • MBP® for Bone Health Solutions
  • Serene Science® for Relaxation
  • Life Force® for Energy
  • Essential Enzymes® for Digestion

Source Naturals Quality Standards

Source Naturals maintain high quality Standards to win and maintain consumers trust by providing safe and superior quality products to enhance customers’ health and well-being. To  maintain these high quality standards they put the checks at various levels.

1. Raw Material :

Company source raw material like botanical powders and extracts, Organic and non-GMO verified ingredients from the verified source.

Since Company use own manufacturing plants for manufacturing the formulations , they can have the strict control over the Procurement of material as per specification, formulation process and quality testing.

Various tests are performed on the raw material to check the purity and potency of ingredients by using the advanced analytical assessment techniques.

2. Consumer Notice:

Source Naturals does not mean all Naturals. The company tries very hard to use Natural ingredients wherever possible however some synthesized ingredients may also be used to minimum extent possible, if required. 

In most of the cases company buys herbs as whole and mill them but when extracts are required , they buy it from the suppliers that have own mills and use standard extract practices. 

3. Manufacturing Process and Finished Products:

The Raw materials are tested and manufacturing standard followed for the manufacturing process.

The Raw materials are tested and manufacturing standards are effectively followed for the manufacturing process.

The company test every batch of the finished products very strictly before packaging and selling. They ensure that actual product specification matches with the description on the label. 

Bottom Line - Can You Make Money With this MLM Company?

Source Naturals may not be totally dependent on Multi Level marketing Module for their sales like many other companies.

The company has not put any details on their website about recruitment process of MLM executives or  compensation plan etc.

Mot of the companies do not openly want to be recognized as MLM companies as the reputation of Multi Level Marketing have been ruined by some Pyramid Schemes.

Let me tell you if people are making money by selling quality products and also recruit new members for selling the product , then the MLM is not considered a pyramid scheme. I mean the products must hold the worth.

Source Naturals is a legitimate company and if they offer a home based business, it must be legitimate.

I am not a big fan of MLM due to some other reasons. In most of cases People just attempt to recruit down-line without sharing with them the efforts required to sell the products and make new member.

You should not join MLM if some one lure you into it with false promises like being millionaire overnight. That is not possible in any Legitimate business. 

Direct marketing is the toughest Business around. Apart from direct selling, you must be a master in building a sizeable down-line and be able to teach your down line. As Most of the people do not possess such qualities, 99% of the people fail in MLM business.

Believe me it is not easy to sell the products at Kitty Parties.

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