You have landed on the right page if you are looking for the complete review of an Audio Book called Starting from Zero by Fred Lam.

The successful version 1 of the Book was published in 2018 and now it has been updated and relaunched.

Just for $ 1.99, Fred Lam has shared the methods used by his students to establish 7 figure income business from zero. Does the Audiobook offer some value?

Is it worth to spend your time on learning 5 step system for making 7 figure income?

I will reveal the transparent fact about Fred Lam and his audiobook in this review so that you can decide if Starting from zero by Fred Lam a Scam or Legitimate online opportunity.

Starting From Zero Review - Quick Report

Name: Starting From Zero
Owner: Fred Lam
Price: $1.99 + Upsells



Starting from ZERO -Summary

 Starting from Zero is claimed to Five Step Frame work designed by Fred Lam to teach his students exact methods deployed by hime to make millions of Dollars online.

He is offering an Audio book for $1.99 and to get access to the actual training, you have to buy costly upsells. 

He does not share all this on his sales Page.

I would never advise you to Join a program where owner is not transparent and is trying to get you into the program by paying a small amount and then sell his actual training videos.

The training is not upto mark and outdated.

In case you are looking forward to regular source of passive income, You can join my recommended program by clicking the button below. 

Who is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam has launched many training products in E-com and Dropshipping Domain. He was one of the three kids in the family and faced financial hardship. He had seen the difficulties faced by her mother in managing the Household.

To help her mother meet both the ends, He started his journey as a dishwasher. To earn passive income, he started looking for online options.  He started making money with Google AdWords and moved from Hongkong to Vancouver.

He got mastery in Facebook advertisements and used them effectively to run his e-commerce and Dropshipping business. He achieved major success in 2008 with is an online store selling Physical products.


After achieving success in online marketing, Fred Lam started his own training products. Starting from zero is one of those many products.

I have reviewed many other online business scams like 22 minutes to profits, Profit Genesis 2.0 and  where the owner do not disclose their real identities.

At least Fred Lam is not hiding behind the curtains and selling his training products in ethical ways.

Fred LAm's courses sell in large quantity since he offered them at a very low entry price but they come with many upsells at the back end.

I personally do not like the courses with low entry points and costly upsells. I feel the owner must be transparent from the beginning so that person joining the program should not feel cheated.

What is Starting From Zero?


Starting from Zero is an Audiobook and pdf copy from Fred Lam which provides you with the basic 5 step system to create passive income.

He claimed that he is going to reveal the complete system for creating 6 figure income business in this Audio Book but I feel he would just touch the basic concept of the training in this Audio Book and then will convince you to buy the upsells.

Bump Offer:

Once you have purchased the Audiobook for $ 1.99, You will be offered this Bump Offer for $47. Fred Lam has shared 6 different strategies so that you can start making 6 figure income per year. The training module concentrates on 6 different online business models and how to drive traffic to your online Business.

Upsell # 1 -eCompreneur

The eCompreneur is a 12-Week training on the dropshipping module.  This upsell will cost you $147 for 3 months and $49 per month thereafter. You also get 2 Automation Softwares.

Shopzilla is an automation software for Shopify drop shippers and is as a URL shortener for Facebook advertisements.

I have my doubts that any Automation software is going to help you create a successful Dropshipping business.

Being Affiliate marketer and Dropshipper my Self, I do not believe in Short cuts.

I Joined wealthy affiliate for a step by step training in affiliate marketing and have established an online business to make 6 figure monthly income.

For dropshipping, I always recommend buying Alidropship word press plugin by paying a one-time lump sum amount.

Shopify is a very costly option for creating your own dropship store as you have to pay a monthly fee for the store apart from paying a hefty sum for using advanced features.

Downsell # 1 -eCompreneur:

In case you do not consider buying the upsell above, you will be presented with the next Downsell.

You will be offered a 7 days trail course for $ 1 and $49 per month after the trial period.

Upsell #2  Influencer Masterclass: $197 USD

Influence marketing a step by step training by Connor James. He will train you to establish and grow your business using the influencers in the field.

Influencer Masterclass: $79 USD x 3 Payments

In case you say no to the second upsell, you will be asked to join this Downsell by making a commitment of paying $79 for 3 months.

How much Starting from Zero will Cost you?

The complete training module will not cost you just $1.99 as you had anticipated.

You are being offered the business at a very low value just to make you a member and put you on an email list of upsells.

A simple calculation will reveal that you will be spending around $392 at the front end with a monthly fee of $49 for the rest of your life.

The annual cost of the training comes around $833.

Would you consider buying this?

I would never buy a course with upsells as the owner is not transparent.

Fred Lam has created many similar courses that offer a low entry and once you have purchased the course you would start regretting as you may not have a budget to buy costly upsells.

These costly upsells come with one-click joining and you need to be careful or you could spend more than $400 to your credit card  even before you realize

I have seen many people end up buying these course treating them as a cheaper option and end up paying huge money while ignoring the best legitimate business opportunities.

Bottom Line: Is there an Alternative available:

I started my online career with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best online business module.

Affiliate marketing is not a quick rich scheme and you will have to work at least 6 to 8 hours for close to 6 months to achieve success.

Once you have done the hard work, system start working for you and you earn money on a 24X7 basis. The money would definitely be in proportion to the efforts but after the initial 6 to 8 months, you can relax a bit.

 Affiliate marketing training is not meant for someone:

  1. Who is looking for a quick rich scheme
  2. Not ready to work.
  3. Not ready to follow the step by step training.
  4. Looking for fully automated money making Scam.
  5. Not interested in achieving Financial Freedom.
  6. Do not like to be own boss.

In case you do not fall under any of the above categories, Here is my recommended # 1 resource for making 6 figure income business.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review, in case you have any further question, Do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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