Starting a home based Internet marketing business is an attractive proposition.

you may be keen to take this opportunity as it gives the freedom to be your own boss. 

Some people get interested in the internet marketing business to earn a passive income besides their regular job.


Home based Internet marketing business won't  require lots of money to start with, but you must be prepared to spend significant time and put your best efforts.

You may have heard of stories about a college student becoming a millionaire in the Internet startup, but you could hear stories about people being scammed online as well.

Scammers are much active on the Internet and finding a legit opportunity is really difficult.

Why home based Internet Marketing business?

Interment has given equal opportunities to companies whether big or small to make their presence online. Through your own website, you can reach buyers without limiting to geographical boundaries. The Internet has expanded the market reach. Now even small-time players can sell their products or services across the Globe. Internet or online marketing is a very broad term and features a combination of marketing strategies.

Internet marketing business ideas.

Out of various options available, following are most prominent. 

1) Selling own product or services, either on your website or marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. You have to keep the physical inventory of the products. You can tie up with dealers or distributors if you do not want to keep inventory. you may be taking the risk in case product goes out of stock

2) Dropshipping: In this scenario, you sell others product and logistics are arranged by seller. Here the actual product is sold on your website and after collecting the payment, you send intimation to seller and rest. You need not have any inventory You can learn more about Dropshipping here.

3) Affiliate marketing: This is the best opportunity for home-based Internet marketing. you may be responsible for promoting the merchants' product and actually take place at merchants' website and you take your commission once the product is sold. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

Each of these marketing strategies though works in different ways but share a common goal, to increase online visibility and to earn you money.·

Plan it well:

An Internet business like any business requires proper planning, research and execution. In case you are planning start an e-commerce store, you should conduct proper research for the product and do not sell any substandard product for small-time gain. It may harm your business and brand.

If you are planning to enter into drop shipping or Affiliate marketing, you must ask for the detailed information and any legitimate business owner will not hesitate in sharing the details. if the seller is hesitant or offers vague descriptions of his business opportunities, you may avoid associating with the seller.

In case business owner demand some amount for joining their affiliate program, please think twice before joining. I will never join such program.

Know Before Joining, ask your self:

  • What would you be selling in home based internet marketing business ? or what your niche would be? If you need any help on selecting the niche, you can find it here?
  • How would buyers find your product on the website?
  • How your website will help buyer taking buying decision?
  • How would you generate income?
  • How many expenses to be incurred for promotion?
  • Find an answer before starting online internet business

How to avoid online Scams?

Scammers will try to persuade you by creating the impression that if you don’t buy their product immediately, you’re going to miss lifetime opportunity.

 They will work on your desire to start home based marketing business and earn money online. Sensing your desire they will emphasize the need to act fast without thinking.

 Scammers Tricks:

You may like to this article to know "How Scammer work"

  • That only limited opportunities are available in your area.
  • Other buyers are ready to block this position.
  • They would like you to take action immediately and invest before you do any kind of research.
  • The scammers know that if you do even little research about their claims, you will be able to find the real picture of other peoples experiences or complaints against them.

Legitimate business opportunities don’t need to use these kinds of high-pressure sales tactics. They will give you time to explore their opportunity before making any payment. If the opportunity is good today, it will be good tomorrow.

Scammers as a part of their sales pitch may offer " no risk", 100% money back type of refund policy to win you confidence and avoid giving any research time. DO not fall prey to these type of refund policies because they have the ways to make it impossible to get your money back.

Scammer’s call

You may encounter advertisement like:


1) Turn One Time $2 into $ 100?

2) Do You Want To Make An Extra $3,500 Per Day From Home?

3) These are few examples; Often, bogus internet opportunities are limited on details and harp on high-pressure sales pitches to persuade you into buying before you’ve researched their offer.


Now-a-days, Home based Internet marketing business has become extremely popular. Many people are making a long-term fortune out of it but Internet has given opportunities to scammers as well.

According to a study, thousands of people across the world are replacing their regular 9 to 5 jobs with the home based internet business every month.

The people who have planned well and have taken a proper training are all successful and making more money than their regular job.

The people who have followed quick rich schemes have experienced scams and lost their money and an opportunity to be a successful businessman.

My Recommendations:

If you’re ready to take this booming opportunity. You can try wealthy affiliate university. I would recommend you to start with free starter membership here without entering into any commitment to buying and without sharing your credit card details. Once you have evaluated the training options and find it worth, you can buy a premium membership.

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  1. Very nice . Thank you for giving us so many ways to try and keep from getting scammed . If there were more reviews in circulation on the web then maybe more innocent victims would become fewer and fewer.

  2. Very nice. Thank you for giving us so many ways to try and keep from getting scammed. If there were more reviews in circulation on the web then maybe more innocent victims would become fewer and fewer.
    I have fallen victim to a few scams myself. I have learned to listen to my instincts now because of it.
    Best Of Luck In All You Do

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