Stream Store Cloud is a cloud-based software that allows you to build an Amazon Affiliate Store in any Niche with Least efforts. The Software pulls the products from Amazon and presents them on the fly as visitors browse your site.

Making Passive Income Was Never So Easy.



Amazon Associate is still the most favourite affiliate Marketers. The commissions offered by Amazon in the range of 4 to 6% are not very attractive.

But Amazon pays you commission for anything customer buys once landed on Amazon through your affiliate link.

Stream Store Cloud provides you with an opportunity to make money by building an Amazon Affiliate Store

StreamStore - Quick Review

Name: Stream Store

Owner: Ariel Sanders

Website: Click Here



Stream Store Cloud is Extremely Powerful  Amazon store builder that allows you to build a fully Automated  dynamic affiliate store in minutes! 

You can make unlimited Passive Income with Amazon Affiliate Store due to the Following

  • Amazon is a trustworthy Affiliate Network
  • As your Store will be up 24 hours, You will make money even while you are sleeping.
  • You just don't make money on what you Promote but on all the Items Purchased by the Buyers.
  • Amazon sells millions of products in various categories. Therefore it is easy to find a Product of Your Choice.
  • Amazon allow the Localization of Products. Therefore a person would see the products being marketed in their areas.
  • Amazon Commissions are Paid Monthly and Threshold limit is very low 

Stream Store Cloud Advantages:

New Stream Store Cloud Comes with many Advantages. I have discussed them in Details here.

  1. 1
    Solution 1:
    Stream Store Cloud = No Amazon Keys Required.
    Amazon API KEYS NOT REQUIRED: Amazon has changes the Policy with respect to its API Keys and it has become almost impossible for newbies to use API keys.
    To Automate your store with Amazon API Keys, You must Generate minimum 3 Sales Manually. That is going to be difficult for a newbie.

    Even If You Managed To Make 3 Sales, You May Still Get Denied If Amazon Thinks Your Site Has Thin Content, Lack Of Disclosure, And/Or Misuse Of Amazon Material.

    And It Doesn't Stop There. You Still Have To Maintain Your Monthly Sales To Keep Using The Key. Otherwise, Amazon Will Remove Your API Access.

    That's The Problem That Makes It Nearly Impossible To Create A Fully-Automated Amazon Store.
    Even if you have Generated 3 Sales and do not have enough Contents on Your website, Amazon may not allow you to use API Keys.
    Stream Store Cloud build a fully Automated  Amazon Associate Stores with your Affiliate ID without Amazon API Keys.
    This has been made possible as Stream Store uses its own API.

  2. 2
    Solution 2:
    Stream Store Cloud = No Worry For Contents.

    Your Account can any time be restricted if Amazon feels that your Website does not have sufficient Contents.
    Many Affiliates are not making any money with Amazon Affiliate Program due to this reason and they have quit online Marketing.
    Stream Store Builder Provide you with an Article Generator which can be used to create unlimited number of Articles in minutes.
    The Content generator can also be integrated with Free article Spinner provided by the Stream Store so that your contents are unique and liked by Search engines for Fere trafic.

  3. 3
    Solution 3:
    Stream Store Cloud = Unlimited Products

    With all other Store Builder , You can only import the Products Manually.
    How many Products can you Import?
    It become very difficult to select the products from 32 Millions products available on the Amazon Market.
    Stream Store Allow you to build the Store and import all the products available on Amazon Automatically.
    Not Only this, all the new products will also be streamed live once they are listed on Amazon Network. You are not required to refresh it Even.
  4. 4
    Solution 4:
    Stream Store Cloud = Never Disconnected- Always Updated.

    All other Store Builders push you to import the products into your Database and then pull them to your affiliate store.
    This means your store is not directly connected to Amazon and whatever changes happen at Amazon won't reflect in your account unless you refresh your Database. 
    All other store Builders allow you to update your store manually which is really a tough process. You have to keep on watching the Amazon website and as and when seller change something , you will have to update the same manually so that changes can be reflected on your Amazon Store.
    Your Store build with Stream Store Cloud is streamlined with Amazon on 24 X 7 Basis. Whenever something is changed at Amazon, It would immediately reflect on your Amazon Store and you won't miss any opportunity of creating a Sales.
  5. 5
    Solution 5:
    Stream Store Cloud = Localization

    All other Store Builders allow you to select promote products from One country Branch. Say, if you chose USA, the products will be shown from USA and you will not be able to sell the products to the lot of visitors coming to your website from other countries.
    This will add to huge loses particularly considering that 40% of sales is generated by Amazon from non USA countries.
    The store build with Stream Store will automatically Localize for the country of Origin and show the products from the country where the visitor is coming from.
    There will be no barrier and you can sell the products to 100% Amazon customers which would add more profits in your Bank.
  6. 6
    Solution 6:
    Stream Store Cloud = Cool Landing Pages

    You Don't get the eye catching Landing pages with other Amazon Store Builders. Pages created with them do not leave a good impression on the Site visitors.
    A poor landing page would correspond to less Conversions and Loss of Profit.
    The Landing Pages created on your store with Stream Store Cloud will immediately grab the attention of your site Visitors.
    Stream Store Cloud uses advance Web4.0 technology and allows you to use either Video, Image, Search Capability or Discount Slider  for creating a perfect landing pages to catch the attention of the buyers.
  7. 7
    Solution 7:
    Stream Store Cloud = Easy to Use

    In case of Other Store Builders, You will have to perform steps like CSV Import, Bulk Import And SKU etc which are extremely hard to Learn. It may take hours or even days to created one Amazon Store and that too would be poorly designed.  
    Otherwise you will have hier a webmaster to correct the design and import the products correctly.
    Stream Store Cloud Amazon associate Store Builder will allow you to build multiple Amazon fully Automated Stores in few minutes.
    You can choose the products based on a category, Sub category or Keyword and that's all you require to build the your own money making Store.

What you Get With Stream Store Cloud Builder?

  • Fully Automated Affiliate Store without Amazon API Keys.
  • Stunning Landing Pages for High Conversions.
  • Unlimited Product Import.
  • 1 Click Setup.
  • Fully SEO Optimized.
  • 100% Live Streaming and Product Updates.
  • Country Localized Store.
  • 90 Days AMazon Cookies Benefits.
  • Article Generators for content Writing.
  • Article Spinner for continuous flow of Unique Contents.
  • Optin Form for Subscribing visitors and Email Marketing.
  • Can use on your Domains or Sub Domains.
  • complete Analytics of Webstores.

Stream Store Bonus:

This is the right time to buy the Stream Store Cloud at special Price through Links provided here and you will get the Following Bonuses.

Bonus 1 : Checkout Maximizer


WP Checkout Maximizer can increase the conversions and hence sales by enhancing the site visitor's  experience. The Plugin will drive tons of Social Media viral traffic and increase the conversion rates upto 10 times. 

Bonus 2: Squeeze Questions


WP Squeeze Questions plugin will help you getting the targeted  traffic by launching the Product Surveys.

The people responding to surveys and landing on your Product ;landing pages are rhe one's looking for the product and ready to Buy. 

Bonus 3: Video Attention


WP Video Attention is a wordpress plugin will serve as a smart widget to help you to clip your video easily to any corner of your page.

The video will continue to play and follow the site visitors wherever they Scroll on that page.

As the visitors will continue to watch and hear the video to increase site visitors engagements.

Is Stream Store worth Your Money?

If you are planning to get started with an Amazon Affiliate Store, Stream Store Cloud is the right Solution for you.

Some of you may have the question if Automated Affiliate Store still work in 2020, My answer would be yes.

Though I prefer to make money on my websites by writing the product review. there are many affiliate marketer still making six figure income with their affiliate Stores.

Stream Store is a Software to help you ease the process of store creation and having unlimited number of products on your Store, However like any other business it still require efforts on your part.

You can promote it on your social media accounts to increase the visibility of your website and also can write few product reviews so that your store can be ranked on google.

Stream Store has the Feature of Article generation and Spinning which would help you create the required contents still I would advise you to write few articles your self  with the targeted Long trail keywords for generating Organic Traffic.

The software will not make you rich overnight but it will help you making passive income. This may be a beginning in the right direction.

The key is to take the action and start making money online.

I hope you have enjoyed my article. Do not forget to share it with your friends on Social Media.

In case you need more information, Please leave a comment below.

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