Stream Store Cloud 2021 | Make Money With Amazon Post Pandemic

Stream Store Review: Post Pandemic - Does this Amazon Affiliate Store Software still work in 2021. How to Launch Your Amazon Affiliate Store and Make huge Passive Income. 

Stream Store Cloud has revolutionize the Amazon Affiliate Marketing. 

Building an Amazon Affiliate Store for making Passive income was never so easy. 

If You are you looking forward to building Amazon Store in any niche and Automate your Amazon Affiliate business then Stream store Cloud is right  choice for you ?  . 

It is quite natural to see the hype created for this Amazon affiliate Store software. Seeing the buzz in the market, I decided to write Stream Store Review. 

 Is Stream store a Scam? Are People Still making $10000 or more with it in 2021? Please read my review and decide yourself.


  • Product Name: Stream Store Cloud
  • Web Site: Click Here
  • Owner: Ariel Sanders
  • Price:$29 (Early Bird Incentive)

Stream Store Rating



Amazon Affiliate Program is the oldest and the best Affiliate Network for making money online No Doubt  that experienced affiliate marketers are making thousands of Dollars online.

Stream store Cloud is an Amazon Affiliate Store software that can help you make handsome money online by building a complete Amazon Affiliate Store with all the products, deals and discounts.

You can create responsive landing pages. You will not miss any opportunity to make money as the site visitors would be taken to the Amazon website available in their area.

Stream Store is reasonably good product and can be used for making money by Building Amazon Affiliate Stores but in case you are interested in learning all the techniques of Affiliate marketing that you can make money with any affiliate Program, You can Join my recommended # 1 program.

What is Stream Store?


Stream store is a new Amazon affiliate store software. It creates Automated profit making Amazon Affiliate Stores in a matter of seconds.

Streaming is delivering the live information received constantly from Provider (in this case Amazon) and presenting it to end user.

Unlike other plugins used for building Amazon Affiliate Store, You are not required to pull 100 or 1000 products from Amazon.

As the products are being streamed dynamically from  Amazon , Your site visitor will always find the product they are looking for.

The Information will also get updated Automatically so they will find the latest version of the product, its availability and Price.

It is supposed to be the most noteworthy word press system. It can pull all available Amazon Products, deals and discounts in your store.

Stream Store also develops viral blog posts with customizable templates. You can send these posts to 6 major social media networks and advertise your store.

Furthermore, Stream Store helps you to build responsive landing pages and product pages and attract the visitors. This Amazon Affiliate Store software help in increasing engagement with visitors and therefore improve chances of conversion.

Stream store seems like working better than any other localization Plugin. It identifies the visitor’s location, therefore changes landing page, product page and currency to match the visitor's nation. As a result, Every site visitor will see the product related to his location.

Stream Store innovation utilizes unique powerful and straightforward mobile responsive layouts. Due to this, It helps in creating attractive and professional Stores visible on any platform.

To know more about this amazing Amazon affiliate Store Software, Please continue reading my Stream store Reviews or else you can access my #1 money making program here.

Why Updated to Stream Store Cloud Now:

As I had already communicated in response to one of the comments, There has been drastic Changes in Amazon's Policy.

The previous version of Stream Store used to link with to Your Amazon affiliate ID for pulling the products from Amazon through your Amazon Key  for automating but now has restricted the access to Amazon API. 

One has to has to generate minimum 3 sales manually to keep using Amazon Key.

No Amazon key = No Automation.

It means to start Automating your Store, You must generate 3 sales manually which is very difficult for newbies.

And Even if you manage to achieve 3 manual  sales, the access to security credential may  denied if Amazon feels that  your site does not have enough contents, or due to lack of Affiliate disclosure, and/or misuse of Amazon material.

And it doesn't end there. You are required to maintain your monthly sales to continue using the key or else Amazon will remove your API Access.

The Policy led to creation of the Automated Amazon Store nearly impossible to create a fully-automated Amazon store.

Stream Store Cloud is offering the Solution to above Problem. 

  • Do Not Require Amazon API Keys
  • No Need to wait for 3 Manual Sales
  • Provide Ultimate Time Saving. Your Amazon Affiliate Store would be up and running in One Day
  • No Need to worry for Contents. This Software provides you a the fastest and easiest way to create thousands of Articles automatically.
  • Will Send you Free Organic Traffic by Ranking your Store in Search Engines.
  • Sell All over the World. Do not lose the Sale as the new Stream Store Cloud will automatically detects the country origin of your site visitors and Automatically transform the Store to match with the country of origin of every Site visitors.

How to Build A Complete Amazon Store Network In Minutes with Stream Stores!

Step #1:

Pick an especially relevant niche either by keyword or by category to create one Store Or Your own Network.

 Step #2:

With Stream Store PWP system, you can customize your money-spinning Posts Dynamically and share them on 6 top socials media platforms.

 Step #3:

Sit back and relax to see your Paypal account start filling.

 Solution to all the Old Problems:

Amazon affiliate marketers were not only facing 7 real-time problems.but also losing their profits to great extent. Stream Store has resolved these problems:


Problems and solutions


All other Amazon Store Plugins allow you to import 100 or 1000 Products. But in case buyers are looking for something else they won't find in your store whereas Stream Store Stream pulls the unlimited Products on Demand automatically . You are not required to import the Products


Other Amazon Store builders allow you to import the products and then get disconnected from Amazon. Any changes in the Products later on will not reflect in your store unless you update it. Which means spending lot of time daily in updating. Where as with Stream Store the whole process is totally Automatic.


Earlier Plugins would force you to chose any one of the Amazon Site but Stream Store have resolved the Problem Permanently. Stream Store have the potential to detect the area of your customer and divert to same site. All you have to do is Put the secret Keys and Amazon ID for all Amazon Sites only once.


Only Stream Store Allow you to created landing pages for your Amazon Affiliate Store. Previous Store Builder Softwares do not any such functionality.


Stores Build with Stream Store are 100% Mobile responsive.


Stream Store can build the Store very Fast. All you have to do is choose category, Sub category and Keywords..


Stream Store comes with Dynamic Post Plugin which can be used for creating Dynamic Posts for driving organic Traffic and these posts can directly be shared on 6 social Media Platforms Like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn

Other Benefits:

  • Allow you to build the website based on main categories like Man’s Grooming or more specific subcategory like Face care.
  • You can build a store around your researched keyword like baseball.
  • You can make a discount store for only showing discounted products.

What you get with Stream Store:

  • You can build an online store with all the products being sold on Amazon.
  • You can share the same posts directly on Social Media,
  •  Take advantage of Localization and earn profit worldwide.
  • Mobile responsive Stores.
  • Allow you to create either one niche or a network of stores.
  • Most of all, Beautiful Landing Pages.

Who can use Stream Store:

All the internet marketers looking to earn through the Amazon Affiliate program can use Stream Store. You can build a responsive Amazon affiliate store on few clicks. Therefore,  You won't require the services of a web designer for creating an affiliate store with full functionalities.

Stream Store Review - Conclusion:

The stream  Store is much easy to use as a result Stream Store is a good Option for building  Amazon Affiliate Store and making Passive Income.

You can set up an Amazon affiliate store just on a click of a button and start making money round the clock.  You can generate huge profits by allowing your visitors to find your products links and buy them. Your audience will be sent right to the Amazon shopping cart by clicking the link.

In addition, you will also get an exclusive bonus of 5 plugins with Stream Store

  • WPTUBE monetizer
  • WP Email countdown
  • WP affiliate Rockstar
  • Rapid traffic secrets
  • Social Quiz Plugin

You will be able to immediately launch a brand new Amazon affiliate site that would engage your visitors longer and therefore increases conversions ratio and profit.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you can learn affiliate marketing step by step by visiting this post.

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