Welcome to my Review is an established name already in the field of online tutoring, You may find a lot of reviews written by different people.

In this review, I will first try to establish some basic understanding about the company and then we will discuss the pricing structure, Features and course quality etc.

We will try to find out if you can make any money as an online tutor with or Is their any other better legitimate alternative available for  making money Online?

Quick Report

Owner: Ben and Adrian
Price: Starting at $39.99 Per Month


study-com-review Review Summary is an online education Platform meant for students and online Tutors.

The Business was established by Ben and Adrin in Year 2002 with an aim to make education affordable for everyone.

The video based course is designed to get the college credits.

Online Tutor can earn in a Legitimate way but the earning Potential is very low as compared to some of my recommended resources. I have shared complete details in this Review. 

What is is an online platform for distributing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). The platform can be used by students looking for online study resource and by the people who want to work as online tutors. was established in 2002 and has its headquarter in California which means they are in the market for the last 17 years. At present, they host more than 25000 online video lessons and approximately 50000 online articles on various topics. These courses are available to everyone willing to pay a subscription fee. At present, the platform is being used by more than 30  million students.

On the other hand, if you want to make some money, you can join them as a tutor for teaching various subjects like Maths, Science, Account, Humanities and Computer Science etc.

How to Join the

Joining is very easy. You can join them as a Student by paying $39.99 per month or as a parent or a teacher or a Tutor by paying $59.99 per month. All you have to do is to visit their website and fill the sign-up form and make the payment. You can terminate the contract any time without any further obligations.

What I liked about

1. Contents Quality:

The success of any online education platform ca mainly be attributed to the quality of its content.  A professional platform would like to offer more recognized certification courses led by experienced instructors. The instructor must define the clear deliverables and must lay out clear lesson plans, activities and project ideas. The courses must also be checked for proper sound recording, graphics and visuals before offering to students.

You will find mixed reviews about the courses. That can be attributed to the fact that is hosting a large number of courses for a huge number of students. Each course can not satisfy every student. But in general, you will find many positive reviews.

I found some reviews stating that though the quality, of course, is good, it just offers the basic information. This may happen when an advance learner accessing the basic informative course. In fact, these platforms are not specifically meant for the experienced learner.

2. Additional Features:

Online Education market is becoming increasingly competitive day by day. It is very important to attract users with quality content and engage them with additional Features. The most prominent MOCC platforms have started to offer some additional features to keep their loyalty intact.  These offers can be in the form of Live projects, One to One Guidance, Guaranteed Employment interviews or anything useful.

I will now discuss Various Plans Offered by to evaluate the additional Features Being offered by them

2a. Basic Edition Plan:

The basic plan is priced at $39.99.  The Plan is suitable for the people looking for a variety of short courses which can provide some extra help on a particular subject.

2b. Premium Edition:

You can sign up for premium addition at a cost of $59.99 per month. In addition to the features being offered in the basic plan, You will get addons like individual coaching, personalization, additional study materials, etc.

2c. College Accelerator Plan: web site states that their courses are eligible for transfer credit at more than 2,000 colleges and universities. You can use these self-paced video courses to earn your degree faster and at an affordable price as compared to what you pay to the traditional universities. The College Accelerator plan is available for $199.99 per month. has tied up with a large number of different universities located all around the US. This is to ensure that course content is in line with the college's requirement and the transfer credits granted by are acceptable.

2d. Teacher and Tutor Edition Plan:


This plan is meant for the teachers and Private tutors and is available for $59.99 per month. Teachers can access readymade lesson plans, various activities, games and project ideas. The Plan includes free access to 250 Students enrolled for courses offered by the teacher.

  2e. Enterprise Solutions:

This feature is mainly suitable for those companies who want to train, teach and upgrade their employees.

2f. Easy To Navigate and Use:


An online learning platform is to be accessed by the students and teachers both freshers and experienced. The website must be easy to navigate so that students can find and access whatever they are looking for without wasting much time. Similarly, teachers must be able to use and offer lessons with much ease.

In case you have visited website, you will be impressed with its simplicity. You can search for a course using the search bar and even use the menubar to find a course for a particular subject, for an education level or for test preparation. The courses can be filtered as per your requirement.

Moreover, the absence of pop-ups and annoying banners makes this website looks absolutely professional. You will be quite impressed with the simplicity of the landing page of this website even if you are visiting there for the first time.

3. What I do not like about

3a. Pricing Structure:

I am not convinced by the pricing structure offered by  The sites like offers many courses offered by the reputed universities for free. Even more reputed website like offers at least some the courses for free. does not offer any free trial. In case you are interested to join, you have to buy the membership ranging from $39.99 to $199.99 or more.

3b. A- BBB Rating:

The reason for A- ratings can be attributed to a large number of complaints. Out of 101 complaints filed in the last 3 years against the organization 47 are related to billing and collections and 40 have reported against the product or services. Some of the complainants have raised the issue of billing and charges on their credit cards even after cancelling the subscription.

But further research has revealed that most of the issues with the customers were resolved though the response was very delayed.

3c. Misutilization of Customers Data:

It is observed that some of the reviewers have claimed that the site is selling personal information to various universities based out at the US.  I do not see it as a Scam and feel they are obliged to share the data with the universities who are accepting the credit transfer. You may expect some unwanted calls from the universities but that is quite common in the present era.

4. Who is For: is meant for those students who are looking for some short term courses form upgrading their skills. At the same time it also for the students looking for the credit transfer program and get their degrees at a price lesser than the traditional universities.

The is also good for the people looking forward to making some money online utilizing their teaching skills. I have my doubts that you will get very highly paid assignments on the portal.

5. Is a Scam? is into business for last almost 117 years. Their online courses have been purchased by more than 30 million students. There are some complaints against the billing or the quality of the products but most of these have been resolved by the company. When you are serving a large number of students, some hiccups can always be expected but the company is still there and growing. is not a Scam by any means.

6. BottomLine: is not a Scam but if you ask me that if it is worth joining for making money online, the answer would not be that simple.

You may make some money by selling your skills as a tutor but that may not be sufficient enough for supporting your family and achieving financial freedom.

There are other legitimate alternatives available for establishing your own online business for making passive income working from the comfort of your home. The best possible option is to start affiliate marketing.

You may not become rich overnight with affiliate marketing but will have your own online business which would keep on flourishing with your hard work. I have seen people start earning a good income in a few weeks and if the continuity is maintained for 6 to 10 months, you will see the unmatched results.

Online tutoring may be a good option for some of you but let me tell that the money offered on is very less as compared to the efforts.  But if you put same amount of efforts in affiliate marketing for a few months, you will keep on making money for years. This is the magic of passive incomes.

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