Having a website is not a compulsion for setting up own online affiliate business. Today I am going to share with you the ways to get started and establish successful affiliate marketing without a website.

Affiliate marketers have been promoting click bank products using this method and earning handsome online income. Get ready and get started. 

Selecting a Product from Clickbank.

Click bank is very popular online affiliate marketing network site, where we can found lots of digital products put up by merchants for affiliate marketing. If you are not registered with Clickbank yet, You can register with Clickbank here.

Once You Have registered and logged in on the ClickBank, you can visit MarketPlace to search for the product to be promoted.

Successful affiliate marketing without a website

Under market Place on the left-hand side, you will find Lots of categories and you can choose a category and then the product of your choice.

So We have done three things

  1. Registered with The Clickbank, an affiliate marketing Network.
  2. Logged on to Clickbank Market Place.
  3. Have chosen a product of our choice to Promote.
  4. Click Promote Button to get the Affiliate Link. You may save the link you to it later. You can copy and paste into notepad.

In case you have any doubt, you can reach me by leaving your comment at the end of this Post.

Great! We have chosen the affiliate product and are now ready to promote and establish our Successful Affiliate marketing without a website.

 3 Things to be considered.

There are lots of product available for affiliate marketing on click bank to start with you should choose a product with least competition and high profit. You may also be looking forward to having a recurring income. To identify the right product following must be considered.

Successful affiliate marketing without a website

Gravity (Grav):

The gravity of the product must always be more than Zero but not very high. Initially, you may choose a product of gravity between 10 to 60. Zero gravity indicate that product has not been marketed by the affiliates for long period for some obvious reasons. Higher gravity will lead to High competition in the niche. In this case, the Gravity is 28.68, Just Great

Initial $ / Sale:

Initial $ / Sales is the amount you will be paid for each sale.  In case, If someone buys this product through your link you will get $30.24.

Avg $ / Sale:

Avg $ / Sale is more than the Initial $ / sale  represents upsell. It means whosoever is buying this product will buy some more product or upgrade their membership for same product which will lead to more commission. In this case, people are upgrading themselves and Average commission is $31,61.

Avg Rebill Total:

This represents the recurring commission. In this case, it is $22.27. This means once a person has purchased the product, and they continue to use it, you will get a monthly recurring income of $22.27 as long as they are using the product or services.

Hope you have understood, In case of any query, You may leave a comment below.

Join Auto Responder:

Now it is time for Joining an Autoresponder. An autoresponder will automate your email campaign. There are many good autoresponders available on market like Aweber, get response and MailChimp.  we always recommend getresponse due to its capability of making landing or squeeze page.

Marketing Strategies:

There are two marketing strategies,

  • Out Bound Marketing: Where we approach the customer by Cold calling or taking appointments.
  • Inbound Marketing: Where customer comes searching for the Product and get the product.

We shall use the Second strategy by putting our advertisement on Search Engines using Google AdWords or Bing. Since Bing is much cheaper than Google Adwords, I would advise you to get registered on Bing Ads. Bing Ads would charge you only for actual clicks and there is no minimum requirement.

 Creating Advertisements:

Successful affiliate marketing without a website

While creating a new Campaign you must keep in mind the following

  • Daily Budget: Do not Keep more than $5
  • Target Countries: United States of America
  • Location: Choose the targeted Location
  • Search Bid: Not more than 1% of commision, you would be generating through product Sale.In our Example, the search bid will be $.3 which is 1% of $30.24.
  • Search Bid can be economized using low competition long tail keywords

Searching a low priced Long tail keyword is the most important aspect establishing successful affiliate marketing without a website. Wealthy affiliate provides the complete tutorial for searching Low competition long tail Keywords along with the free tool.  If you choose the keywords with High competition, you will pay more for low conversion rate. You can access the free keyword tool by clicking the link below.


Once you Have researched you Keywords, You can build your advertisement around those Keywords. For one of my campaign

Successful affiliate marketing without a website

My Advertisement on Bing ads Look Like

Successful affiliate marketing without a website

Instead of putting direct affiliate code here, you can use the landing page provided by getresponse and integrate landing page with your affiliate code from click bank. You will get the following benefits

 The visitor
  • will land on your Professionally design Landing Page.
  • will register with your Email Autoresponder.

you will then interact with them and convert into sales.

I will come up with a Post on how to make Landing page using Getresponse very soon or if you want it immediately, Please mention in the comment.

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  1. Very interesting, and comprehensive way of affiliate marketing without a website. I like the PPC idea more than the email marketing plan, however. It seems to me that if you can find cheap key words that accomplish the same thing as the more expensive key words that one has a real chance of making a profit. Well done, and thanks for sharing. Tom

    1. PPC is the oldest form of affiliate marketing which still work and give the desired result if keywords are researched properly. One must know which keyword will give the best result with low advertising cost. I respect your views on the subject.

  2. I love your tips here. Clickbank is something I use frequently. All of your points about how to pick a product is very helpful. Many times people blindly pick products on clickbank to promote simply based on its popularity but that is a mistake.

    Having an autoresponder is definitely important. I urge people to go with one that is reputable and has good deliverability. Do not go cheap when it comes to an autorepsonder.

    As we know traffic is the lifeblood of your business. I purchase a lot of traffic but I have not used Bing yet. Thanks for sharing this tip as I need to give them a try.

    1. Thanks Nate for your valuable comments. One must research for Keywords also while picking the product. An Autoresponder is required to automate the affiliate business and to build a continuous traffic along with building a customer base for you. Once you are able to build an email list of people who trust you, It is a win-win situation

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