Affiliate marketing is a legitimate opportunity to make Passive income. I am an affiliate marketer my self and whenever some product related to affiliate marketing is released, it catches my attention.

I know there are a lot of scammers involved in launching shining objects with a motive of looting your hard-earned money. Is Super Affiliate Machine a scam?

This question has been asked by my blog readers, therefore I have decided to write an in-depth, honest, and unbiased Super Affiliate Machine review.

Quick Report

Name: Super Affiliate Machine (SAM)
Owner: Austin Anthony & Taqi Aksari
Price: $147 (Standard License)



Are you serious about making Passive Income?

As the name suggest , Super affiliate Machine has something to do with Affiliate Marketing.

If you have not tried affiliate marketing yet, You are missing out on the most legitimate option for generating Passive income.

Affiliate marketing is not a scheme to make you rich overnight but an online business opportunity to make you your own boss.

Super Affiliate Machine claims to be All in one Solution for newbies to have own niche website with click of few buttons.

No, This does not work. You will have to learn affiliate marketing Step by step and implement it properly so that you can make 6 figure income.

Super Affiliate Machine is not a scam but is not highly recommended. You can make some money with this program but will not be able to make living out of this. 

In case you are ready to work hard, spend sufficient time , here is the most recommended Platform.

In case you are interested to know how super Affiliate Machine works, Please read the complete review. 

What is Super Affiliate Machine?

As claimed by Austin Anthony & Taqi Askari, the Super Affiliate Machine is a software which will help you in building your own affiliate niche websites easily with click of few Buttons.

The software is mainly targeted at newbies who do not possess  required technical skills for building a niche websites and making money online.

The software do the Following for you in  Auto Mode

Hold on. If making money online is that easy, every one would have been a millionaire.

 Do not rush to buy the software without reading the complete Super Affiliate Machine review as I will take a closer look at this product and try to determine whether this is a scam or not.

How Does Super Affiliate Machine Works?

The Creators of Super Affiliate Machine claims that the product is suitable for both i.e experienced and newbie affiliate marketers.

Frankly, the way they have described the Super Affiliate Machine, it makes little sense.

The basic idea of the program is to help you become an authority in a particular niche of your choice.

For example , you can build your website in a health niche promoting weight loss products and become a super affiliate in this particular niche.

Here is how it is expected to work.

Keyword Research:

To drive the organic traffic on your website, you must research the low competition keywords with a nominal search volume. If the competition is low, there are chances that your website would appear high in the searches. You can search for the key words withe keyword research tool provided by them.

I use Jaaxy key word research tool for keyword research 

Expired Domains search:

Expired domains are the domains which are not in use but have back links. Someone might have purchased the domain and build a website. But Business might not have been successful and now domain might be available for repurchase.

You may find lot of expired domains online and Some of these domains may have quality backlinks before they expired. You will get ready made organic traffic and an upper-hand when you buy such expired domains.

Quality backlinks are important and if a domain is linked with spam links then it would not be of any use.

  You will get the tools to research expired domains when you join Super Affiliate Machine.

Create a Website:

You have researched the long tail keyword and have purchased the expired domain, it is now time to build your own niche website using the main software that comes with the Super Affiliate Machine.

Anthony claims that it is very easy  to use this software for creating your website. You can setup your website in just a few minutes using this software clicking  a few buttons.

You can customize the website by adding Tags, Headlines,  video and images. You can also add your affiliate links within the posts which is the main purpose of creating any affiliate website.

The software will also help in optimizing your website for search engine.

The Creator of the Super affiliate Machine claims that once you have completed  the above mentioned steps, you will start making money in auto mode. Money will begin to flow into your bank account. They  claimed that they have made more than $50k with this method in just one month.

This seems to be very good and gives a nice feeling.

 However as an experienced affiliate marketer, I Know , you will face a lot of problems with the steps suggested above and will not be able to make any money.

All done for you systems make huge claims and deliver nothing. That's Why I do not recommend any DFY program.

I am now going to discuss What is Wrong With Super Affiliate Machine?

Theoretically Super Affiliate Machine seems to be a perfect system for making money. 

 But as I have already stated above, there are a lot of problems with Super Affiliate Machine, Some of these problems include:

Automated DFY Website: 

Automated websites do not work any more and search Engine hates them the most. The main reason behind hating those websites is the duplicity of contents. 

Few years back , It was quite possible to rank high with the content copied from other websites and spinning them.

But now search engines can recognize the spun contents and your website may be penalized for duplicate contents. 

Super Affiliate Machine scrap through other websites and get the content from other websites. After copying and merging the contents from other websites , the inbuilt spinner would spun the contents and publish it on your website. 

The spun contents are not human readable. Though nowadays some spinners like Spin Rewriterhave started using AI for producing human readable contents. 

The websites with spinned contents will have the least probability of ranking high in search engines.

Moreover, You may not have the control over the number of people using the Super Affiliate Machine in the same niche. Everyone in the same niche may end up having an almost very identical website with every other person that bought this software.

Automated SEO:

Automated SEO do not work any more. Frankly speaking,  I am not aware how this Automated SEO works?

If there was any ways to do Automated SEO, the world has moved on from it.

Super Affiliate Machine still offer you an  outdated way of Search engine Optimization. You get an Automated SEO with the program which may not work in present Scenario.

 Expired Domain may not be good:

Most of the success of  Super Affiliate machine depend upon finding an expired domain in your niche. All the expired domains may not be Goldmine as described by the creators.

Apart form regular failure of business , many people abandon their Domains after these have been de-indexed by search engines. If you buy such domains all your efforts and money would go waste. These de-indexed domains will never be ranked by search engines. 

It is obvious that for their personal benefit, the creators of the program do not reveal this truth.

It require lot of skill and expertise to find an expired domain without Spam. 

It is not possible for me to cover the various techniques to find a Spam Free expired domains. You can use Wayback Machine to find   how website looked years before.  Here are few possible spam indicators.

  1. 1
    Keyword Stuffing 
  2. 2
    Porn or Unsafe Contents
  3. 3
     Duplicate and Hacked Contents
  4. 4
    Non English Language

No Support System: Pay and Forget:

Super Affiliate Machine do not offer any support or after sales service to its members. Once you have joined the program after paying , you will be left alone.

The program is not cheap and they are charging a high premium for this. After charging so much hectic amount for membership, they should provide proper customer support and assistance. Unfortunately after taking your hard-earned money, they do not bothered about your progress.

 Super Affiliate Machine Pros: 

 They suggest the right Path:

As I have already informed affiliate marketing is legitimate opportunity for making passive income.

If you are trying to make money online , you will have to follow all the steps advised by the Super Affiliate Machine. 

I mean you should have a niche and write contents with low competitive keywords.with low competition but the path followed by them is not right.

You will have to do all this manually and automated site won't work.

You can generate 6 figure passive income with affiliate marketing but you must be willing to learn and do hard work

The Promoters are well known and  established:

I have reviewed more hundreds of online money making products like Tube Profit Sniper, Inbox Income and 22 minutes to Profit  etc and most of them turned out to be scams. In most of such cases, the creators would be hidden behind the curtains as no one like to get associated with a scam. 

But here the case is different and the promoters are well known online digital marketers and have created many good products already. 

They are not scammers but unfortunately program has not lived up to expectation.

You Get something for your money:

I have also reviewed Ponzi schemes like InclusiveFX and Infinity Residualswhere you don't get anything apart from membership Dashboard. You become a member and sell membership for making money.

But after joining the super affiliate Machine, you will get the working software which would performed as described.

How much does Super Affiliate Machine costs:

The basic membership is for $47 for building just one website with their software.

In case you want to build more than one website then it will cost you $147 for upto 3 websites and $167 for more than 3 websites.

Bottom Line-Is Super Affiliate Machine a Scam?

I will not categorize Super affiliate machine as a scam but an over hyped program which can not be used for making money.

The program is created by the experienced marketers. The software you get  will find expired domain for you , build a website and perform automated SEO.

It does everything as advertised except making money for you as the procedure adopted for making money is not right.

If you are able to learn affiliate marketing step by step and do all such activities manually, you will be able to rank high in search engines and start making money.

It will not happen overnight and it may take 3 to 6 months to make your first affiliate commission but you will not look back thereafter.

Is there an Alternative available:

You can join a training platform called wealthy Affiliate which provide step by step training in affiliate marketing. They do not offer any automation software and train you fully and equip you with all the skills to be a successful Affiliate marketer.

Please remember that there is no shortcut to success and wealthy Affiliate is also not an exception. 

Initially you may have to spend minimum 15 to 20 hour a week for at least 2 to 3 months before you start getting the results.

I can assure you that if you are ready to spend time and follow the training , you may soon be on your way to make 6 figure passive income.

In case you need more information about Super Affiliate Machine or Wealthy Affiliate, Please leave a comment below

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