You are here as you want to know- What is Super Affiliate Success System About? Is it a Scam or money making the opportunity.  

They state that with this ready-made system, you will be able to make  4-6 checks in a month following very simple steps. Are these claims genuine?

 In this Super Affiliate Success System review, I will transparently share my views.

The Super Affiliate Success System - Quick Review

Name: The Super Affiliate Success System


Price: $37/month + Upsells

Super Affiliate Sucess System


What is Super Affiliate Success System about?

Super Affiliate Sucess System

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of earning money and That is how I am also earning 6 figure Income.

In Affiliate marketing, you promote the products offered by the third party and earn commission on Sales. Many online marketers are promoting products offered by Amazon, eBay or ClickBank Etc on their websites and making huge money.

Affiliate marketing involves some hard work but Super Affiliate Success system claims that you can make money without doing anything. They are offering some done-for-you system so that you can start making money just after signing them up and becoming a member after paying $37. 

This comes as a surprise to me. And not just some money but thousands of Dollar without doing any work. That is next to impossible.

When I watched the sales video offered by them, I could sense that I have come across such systems like The Secret Society of Millionaires earlier also and I had not recommended it then.

Actually, Super Affiliate Success system is not a system but they are promoting another program called The Super Affiliate Network which they do not reveal it in their sales video.  

This is not an ethical way of doing business. This business opportunity is being offered by Misha who is online marketer and promot many affiliate programs.

She had earlier came up with the same system with another name as "My Super Affiliate Mentor".

Though selling affiliate products is legitimate, you will end up promoting the Super Affiliate Success system and will not make any money as claimed by them.

I always advise starting your own affiliate marketing website and make money your self rather than promoting such network for others. 

To Start Affiliate marketing business, You must join a legitimate training and learn your self how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Once you have learned the steps involved you can start making money by working on your own website.

How Super Affiliate Success System Works?

In this system, you shall be promoting Super Affiliate network which in fact has nothing to do with  Affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate Network is a Multilevel marketing program or MLM for selling training to be rich online.

When You Join this program, you will be selling the same training to other people for making money.

Rather than being trained on affiliate marketing, you will end up promoting their training videos for making money.

After signing up You will realize that you are being trained to get others to sign up their program. This is just like promoting a pyramid scheme for making money. 

To be honest I will not rate it as a 100% pyramid scheme as they do offer little bit training but you will have to acknowledge the fact that the training is to teach you to promote the same training to others for making money.

They do not train you to promote any affiliate product which is the main drawback of the system.

 In fact, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you must learn the techniques which can be applied to promote any product and not only one product.

Therefore I do not recommend joining this programs even if there may be some money making opportunities. These type of Program do not work for a longer period and may not help you achieve your financial goals.

Problem Areas | Why to Avoid Super Affiliate Success System

You may be able to make some money with super Affiliate Success System but chances are that you may end up losing more.  

All such type of programs are sold at a very low price so as to make you believe that you just need to spend  $ 37, $29 or some times $1 only for making money.

However, once you Join them, you will come across a lot of up-sells. Then soon you will realize that in order to make money, you will have to buy those up-sells or else there will be no money for you.

As I disclosed that they are promoting others product and you will have to buy  these products in order to make money and all these products are very high ticket products ranging from $2500 to $50,000.

To make a commission worth $ 1000, you will have to buy the product worth $ 2500. That means, you will spend an amount of $2500 to buy the product and will have to sell at least 4 to 5 products to achieve break even (considering advertisement cost also).


Selling high ticket products is never easy even for experienced affiliate marketers.

They make you believe that they will provide you with personal coaches for selling these high ticket products.

But in Reality these personal coaches are their sales representatives who would push you in buying these products so that they can earn a commission. 

The Coaches get the commission when you upgrade. And you will not earn if you do not upgrade. You will get stuck in a highly vicious cycle. 

In case you decide to continue only with $ 37 module and start promoting the training, you will not earn a high commission if someone joins through your link and upgrade.

Is Super Affiliate Success System a Scam?

Though many people will end up treating it not less than a Scam, I will just not call it a scam.

This a high ticket selling program meant for highly skilled affiliate marketers.

The problem is with their methodology of promoting the system They are not transparent while offering you the membership at the lowest slab of $37. That is not ethical.

The Promoters of this system do not reveal the upsells and do not share you that you will have to promote some other program.

They are unethically making $37 before sharing the programs details with you. Truth is that most of the people would stay away from high ticket programs in case they know beore joining. Just to promote high ticket trainings, they have created this shell program.

If they believe that what they are promoting is worth and salable then they should disclose it before accepting your money.

Therefore I do not recommend this program and leave it up to you to make what is super affiliate success system about- A Scam or not.

Bottom Line - Is there as Alternative available?

I am making money with Affiliate marketing and anyone can make money online with affiliate marketing. But there is no magic involved.

You have to follow some training and have to do work. In case you are not prepared to work, you can not make money.

The program I reccommend is trusted by more than millions and I am one of them and making money with the program without spending much.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate training free and start your own money making website in few days

I hope you liked my transparent review, In case you need more information, do not forget to leave a comment below

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