The AWOL Academy Review-Is AWOL Academy a Scam?

I have been approached by Lot of people interested in Joining AWOL academy. If you have not heard so far, AWOL is a hight ticket training module to train you on how to make money online.  

There are different types of Scams on the Internet. It is better to read a review before investing your hard erned money.

There are some programs that can be catagorized as 100% Scams and are created to make money for the website owners only. Few other programs may not be 100% scams but may be overpriced or providing a lesser value.

While I have unearthed many scams, I have found few programs to be worthier. You can find those programs under my recommended List in the Menu.

Before I start my review and in case you are fed up with reading reviews of online Scams,  You may like to join a trainng program that has helped in making $10000 per month or more last year.

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 is AWOL ACADEMY A SCAM ? -  quick review

Name: AWOM Academy
Price: $99 – $5,497 (Starts out at $99)




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

AWOL is a High Ticket educational Stuff consisting of 5 different Modules. If you buy every single Module, It is going to cost you more than $10,000.

Due to its high price, I decided to write the AWOL Academy review to potentially save your money. Is AWOL Academy worth its price? Is AWOL Academy a scam or Legit?

AWOL (Another way of Life )Academy was launched by Keala Kanae and Kameron George in 2015. 

They already have this Another way of Life program running in the name of Project AWOL since long but it was not academy then. They were running this MLM program for another High ticket online program known as Empower network or EN. 

Project AWOL was providing training to the people joining EN. It seems that they have now moved out of EN after a disagreement in 2013 and have launched the new version of the same old program.

AWOL academy training program starts out at $99 and goes up to $5497. There are five different levels in the Academy.

In case you can not afford to spend you hard earne money on  such high ticket Programs and still want to learn , you may join my recommended program that has helped over a million people in making money online.

Pro Academy($99):


As the name suggests Pro Academy is for the beginners. As per the information on their website, it is a step by step training to create a sales funnel, generating traffic and leads. You may get a website, domain and lead pages as part of this package.

Inbox Academy ($447)



Under this module, you will learn to write stories using hypnotic language. You will write the stories those converts using live presentations or create a desire using emotional bonds. You will learn to convert the visitors into paying customers.

Traffic Academy($2997)


No traffic, No business. In this module, you will learn to drive targetted traffic to website or landing pages build for you.

Masters Academy ($5,497)

Here you will learn about long-term wealth management from successful Internet marketers or Internet Gurus. You also learn about tax savings and reinvesting the earned money.

If you have come up to this level and have purchased this training, you would definitely be making enough money and maybe now thinking of how to maintain that surplus money?

Whom AWOL Training is for:

This training seems to be for only extra rich people.
If you are planning to start with the pro level, it is not going to work.

As I have explained above the different levels, you may have now acknowledged that you have to buy at least first 4 modules to be somewhat successful in internet marketing following their training.

Moreover, once you buy level 1, other pieces of training will be pushed on you. It is not like that you can buy training as and when you want.

Apart from the money spent on buying the training, you will have to spend money on advertisements also as in traffic generation module, they focus on generating paid traffic.

As I stated at the beginning, the success of any internet marketing business depends upon the traffic you generate for your links, websites or landing pages but there are ways to generate free traffic.

To start with, I never recommend going for paid traffic.

Once you start earning you can think of paid traffic.

The Hidden Secret:

You may still be interested in AWOL Academy training.

You may be thinking that you can build a business with their training.
You may be ok with the paid traffic.
But Will you be building your own business?
No, Never.
All the landing pages, websites are designed to make sales for the AWOL Academy. You shall be promoting their business and getting some commission.

But what if you buy their training and want to sell your product or Amazon products then what?
You cannot promote on their landing pages.

You can apply their training but have to build a new website and will have to start from scratch.
That means the people who are making the big money out of this AWOL academy are the creators of AWOL Academy.

And suppose some they wind up this program and they are used to, what will happen to your business.

Is AWOL Academy a Scam?

AWOL is high-ticket training. I will not call it a scam. The training provided by AWOL Academy seems to be good.
These high proceed training program normally have their affiliate programs also. People who join these type of program some time have a mindset that they will get started with the lowest priced training and promote their high-value products to earn high commission.

But that is not possible because selling high ticket programs has never been easy. If you are not ready to buy high ticket program, how can you think of selling?

Again the catch with these kinds of the program is that you can sell what you buy.

So if you bye a training for $ 99 and by chance your referral buy a high priced training, you are not going to get rewards unless you upgrade.

Bottom Line:

I do not recommend AWOL Academy. AWOL Academy is not only overpriced but they are just training you to sell AWOL.
That means rather than paying you, they are taking money from you to sell their products.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

My Reccomrndation :

I would still rank wealthy affiliate above all such programs.

You can join wealthy affiliate free but I would advise you to upgrade to starter level at $19 for the first month.
You get access to all the modules without any restriction upon becoming a premium member.
Can you consider whole training for $19 and 50 free websites where you can promote any product you like

Do not trust me. I may be biased for wealthy affiliate as I am a premium member.

Join for free. Decide to upgrade, if you like

Come back, Leave a comment below to share how you like the training inside wealthy affiliate.

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