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“Content is the king” and Generating unique content for your blogs or internet marketing is always very demanding. As an internet or affiliate marketer, you constantly require new and unique contents. As per my estimate, you need to put somewhere around approximately 12000 to 15000 words or more on your blog every month in the form of 12 to 15 new Posts.

There is nothing better than writing the content yourself. In case you are not comfortable with writing, you can hire a professional writer for handwritten contents. Though this option is available, most of us may not be able to bear the cost of hiring a professional writer.

There is another alternative – Spinning the article or Rewriting. The Discussion on the article spinning, cannot be completed without discussing one of the best article spinner available by the name of “The Best Spinner”

Quick report:

Name: The Best Spinner

Owner: Jonathan Leger (Internet marketing Software Expert)


Price: $ 47 Annually

Rating: 7 out of 10

In this article, I am going to provide the transparent review about The Best Spinner and discuss its feature. Is the Best Article Spinner a Scam or a software you must have in your kitty as an internet marketer?

What is Best Spinner?


The Best Spinner is probably one of the best article spinning tools for creating and rewriting the articles. The best spinner is developed by Jonathan Leger and was first released in 2010. This software may generate up to 1000 spun articles for your chosen article in a zip file or can show a single article on your window.

The set up of this software is very easy but if you thick article spinning does not need time may probably be wrong.

You can write 3 or more article in the time you spin one article. Therefore if you are looking for just 3 or 4 articles it is not worth buying the Best Spinner.

But after that, it is time effective. You have produced more than 50 to 100 unique articles from one good spun article.

So if you are planning to write say 15 different version of the same article for sharing it on social media or other Tier 1 platforms, it will save you the time and labour and become very cost effective.

The Best Spinner Transparent Review- How Does it Work?

To start with you may think of the best spinner as a basic text editing tool but it is much more than that. It comes with the built-in thesaurus, which has continuously improved over the years. It has the capabilities selecting 1000 of synonymous and replacing for the words and phrases from the source article. The built-in thesaurus can further be improved by the users. In addition, this software allows you to edit the spun articles manually but in case you happen to choose, it can rewrite the article automatically. Rewriting provides the slight different result to improve the uniqueness but keeping the logical structures unchanged.

Though they have the demo version of the software, the fact is I am very disappointed with their demo version as all it does is replace few words with their corresponding Synonymous. Inside the curly bracket, you might see the spintex which would be used to create different text variations. You can manually select any of the option provided in the curly brackets or you can write your own word. Once you are done with one word or phrase, you can move to next till you have processed the complete article. After completing this exercise, you have the spun article ready.


I feel they should have offered the complete free trial of the software, as this would enhance their sales. The basic functionalities are nothing more than available in the free software’s available but its advanced features only make it one of the best Spinners available in the market.

In addition to editing manually, this software can rewrite the complete human readable article automatically. The Best Spinner understands the sentence Structure and will rephrase them automatically in a way that it makes the same sense. If you use this automatic functionality for all the words and phrases, you will have a super Spun article that is capable of producing hundred more articles with a uniqueness of over 85%.

Features of The Best Spinners- What make it Outstanding?


  • Inbuilt Multi-language thesaurus (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese)
  • Adding your own custom thesaurus for any language.
  • Full article, paragraph or sentence spinning.
  • The fastest, easiest interface for spinning articles and creating unique content with lightening speed.
  • Adding you favourite Synonymous in the favourite list and replacing all the words with a single click.
  • Unlimited nested Spinning up to deepest level with the provision of colour coding up to 4 levels.
  • Complete Auto rewrite function to create Super Spun Article.
  • Can Generate up to 1,000 spun versions of your article into a ZIP file or one spun version on screen that can be copied to the Windows clipboard.
  • Check your spun articles for the uniqueness with its built-in “TBS Check” or the Copyscape API.
  • Capability to compare any two articles side-by-side for their uniqueness highlighting duplicated text.
  • The built-in content generation with article word count, spelling and grammar checking functionalities to generate contents and snippets on a large number of topics.

Cost and Profitability?



The Best Spinner is not very costly when you consider its functionalities. You can add to your software kitty only for $47 annually. At this cost, this has become the most favourable tool for the internet marketers.

Apart from the functionalities and features mentioned above, you can save cost on acquiring the backlinks by posting the article generated by The Best Spinner on web 2.0 properties.

If you are not aware of web 2.0, these are the sites like Wikipedia that allow you to edit contents and create links. There are other similar social networking sites, PR Blogs or other article directories also where instead of submitting duplicate contents you can spin your own article or create comments to create your brand awareness.


 Is using The Best Spinner- Ethical?

The Best spinner provides you with the unlimited variation of the same article by rephrasing the sentences. It is much ethical when you use any such tool for your own brand building rather than copying others content and spinning. You can use your self-written article and create the variations for various social media network.

It can rephrase the copied and do the rephrasing in such a way that content would be almost 90 % unique and plagiarism passed and google and other search engines will treat the contents as fresh. But what about Intellectual Property rights?

Moreover gone are the days when you could use the backlinks from any site. Now if backlinks are not generated from Authority site, It may affect your ranking.

Therefore if you spun your own article, You must on very high authority sites to obtain the backlinks.


Advantage and Disadvantages of the Best Spinner:


  • Cost Effective.
  • Built-in Thesaurus in multi languages.
  • Functionality to add your Thesaurus.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Direct Post to Your Blog.
  • Inbuilt Grammar and Spelling Checker
  • Continuous Updating its Database.
  • Manual and Automatic Mode



  • The time spent to check and refine the spin article in manual mode is quite high. But if you consider 50 to 100 variations, it is the best tool available.
  • You need to install this software on your computer to log in to the system but you need internet access while using it.
  • Mac Version is not available.

Bottom Line:

The Best Article Spinner is a Useful Tool in helping you create many variations of your article. These Variations will help you to build a brand by posting good contents on Social Websites and you can generate links from reputed Websites rather than purchasing Black Hat Links.

Many people use it to create content by copying the others content.  They may successfully create unique contents with uniqueness up to 85% by using The Best Spinner and then minutely adjusting them manually before posting.
I do not advise to use The Best Spinner that way. I have never used any Article spinner for my main Blogs as I love writing the contents.

In case you have any Question, Please Leave a comment below. I will respond at the earliest.

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  1. Fantastic post. I did not know about spinning tools. Very informative and useful. I still can write some posts on my own but I am sure that the time will come, and I will need some help. Thank you for sharing. I feel positive about using the tool.

    1. Hi Nadja
      I would like to Thank you for passing by my website.
      Yes, many people are not aware of Spinning Tools and how to use them effectively. Most of the website you visit will simply state that spinning is just waste of time. They do not want to share their success formula.
      Spinning Tolls are not meant to copy and paste others content and post your articles just by spinning. I have never used any tool on main blogging site but have been effectively been using them to generate a post on Facebook and other social media spinning my own article some time. The advantage is you are not making many copies of the same article and still telling the people what you want to. I may not spin the whole lot of article but maybe a paragraph or two and then advise the fans to visit my blog. Here they can read the real article which is to help them and solve their problems.

  2. Hi there,

    Such a great tool to have. Unfortunately, it is not available for MAC. But it sure is something all internet marketers would love to get their hands on. Thank you for sharing. I never knew such a tool existed.


    1. Hi Kay
      I have MAC too and I am using this software with my MAC. I have installed Parallels on my MAC with windows 10 which enable me to use all those Softwares which otherwise you can not use with your MacBook.
      As a Blogger, You may come across similar situation a lot of times and there will be a solution for every problem.

  3. This is very helpful, I’m getting into the affiliate marketing business and I always find writing new articles challenging, I’m glad there are services like this can can help. Thanks!

    1. Hi ShanLo
      Yes, there are services like this and these have to be used very judiciously. This software is very easy to use and have Microsoft office like interface. It comes with a lot of features. It checks the spelling, Grammer and uniqueness. You can compare 2 posts side by side and edit them. You can add your favourite thesaurus in the list and can use them to replace all the synonymous word in one click. The best part is the competitive pricing. For $47 for a year, you can create thousands of article.

  4. Wow! I am very interested in a tool like this. It seems to me it could save writers a lot of time. Especially if they are working on multiple blogging and writing projects .

    Do you have experience with this tool? How has it affected your SEO and Google rankings?

    Very interesting! Thank for sharing.


    1. Hi Steven
      You are absolutely there. It definitely saves a lot of time and can be effective both for the new and experienced marketer as well. At a time when you are working on say 3 or more website, it is not possible to create article variations since you are already spending time on writing, SEO and social media promotions.
      I have this tool in my kitty and have been using it very effectively.
      I have never used it to write an article on my blogs but for posting on web 2.0 sites and for building backlinks.As long as you are using it as a promotion tool it will come very handy.
      You need to rank your website but not facebook or say Wikipedia. If you can write an article for these sides with a link to your website, it has served the purpose.

  5. I tried a spinner years ago and did not like the amount of re-write I had to do to bring the post back to my style of writing. I want to put out quality posts that make sense. Maybe they have improved over the years – do you think they produce articles with good readability?

    1. Hi Heather
      There are a lot of spinners available in the market both free and paid ones. But the Best Spinner is different. It comes with the manual and Auto mode.
      I would not advise you to go for a spinner if you are looking for 2 to 3 posts but these are very useful for say 50 variations of the same article. You will spend some time initially. Say you spend time on editing one spun manually which is equal to 5 posts otherwise written. Then you shall be saving precious time ob the rest of 45 variations. These 45 variations you can use to promote your main article and the method is very effective in affiliate marketing.

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