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BulletProof Profits System is a newly Launched website which claims that you will make $3750 on the very first day with Just seven clicks and you will be making more than $50000 per month by spending just $9.

The system would be a Goldmine if it helps you make even 25% of what they Claim?

The sales video claims that they’ll provide you complete training to make money with Amazon through their FBA and associate program.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of similar overhyped done-for-you programs therefore I can sense a Scam just by viewing the sales Page or Sales Video.

I have recently reviewed similar scams Global Affiliate Zone, Traffic Robot and ClickBetter.

BulletProof Profits does not seem any different.

The video of BulletProof Profits goes round and round without giving you much information about the program and they want you to believe that the system will make you rich overnight.

That is not different from what all other scammers say.

Quick Report

Name: BulletProof Profits
Website: yourbulletproofprofits.com
Owner: Justin Tyler
Price: $9 + upsells




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

BulletProof Profits is a training program for finding most saleable Amazon FBA products and earn profit by selling them.

Amazon Associate is a legitimate business but you can not make $3750 on the first day with 7 clicks.

BulletProof Profits sales video pass on the misleading information.

There is no doubt that you can make passive income with Amazon FBA and affiliate program but not the way it is described in the sales video.

There are many other redflags. Please read the complete review before buying BulletProof Profits

What is the BulletProof Profits System?


BulletProof Profits is a money making system being Promoted on ClickBank. The Product Offer ebooks and training video to teach you to make money with Amazon FBA program using Private Labelling.

Amazon FBA means Fulfilled by Amazon. Under Private Labelling, You sell the Product under your own brand.

If you are not a manufacturer, you can buy the product from OEM or a Distributor and send it to Amazon fulfillment Store who will ship to the customer once You have received the Order on Amazon.

The idea behind the training is to find the most saleable product on Amazon and market them under your Own Brand.

It is not that easy as it seems to be. It is highly unlikely to find the buy the products from a manufacturer at a most competitive price if you are not buying in bulk quantity or do not have a special contract.

You may not like to buy in bulk initially and build an inventory.

Amazon FBA and Amazon Associate programs are absolutely legitimate but it is not possible to make money overnight as claimed in the sales video of BulletProof Profits.

To make money as an Affiliate marketer, you must follow a step by step training and must be willing to work hard.

The money comes with Patience and persistence.

In case you are really interested to start your online affiliate marketing business, I will advise you to join Wealthy Affiliate, the best affiliate marketing training Platform.

How BulletProof Profits System Works?

Like many others, You might have found this product upon receiving a mail for this new money-making opportunity in your inbox. That is the starting Point.

Once you follow the link given in the email, You will land on their sales page containing the Sales Video.

Justin Tyler is supposedly the owner of the Program.

I said supposedly as I could not find any millionaire with the same name. If the man is a successful online marketer, it is not difficult to find the socials status and establish an online identity.

The sales video presented by Justin Tyler is full of misleading information.

You are informed that you can make an amount of $1000 on your first day with just seven clicks and Site guarantee that within a month you will start earning $50000.

No program can provide a guarantee that way. Your online income directly related to the efforts put by you. Even if you are ready to stretch yourself to any limits, it is almost impossible to make that much money on the first day or month.

Affiliate marketing though is a legitimate business opportunity and can lead you to make 6 figure income but it needs lots of efforts, patience, and consistency. You can not become a millionaire overnight.

The system is not designed for you but to take away your money.

In case you feel you can buy it for $9, be ready to welcome upsells immediately.

You would then be tempted to buy upsells as you would not like to miss the money-making opportunity.

Irrespective of whether you buy the initial product or upsells, the training provided is very basic and would not help your cause of being a rich man.

Forget $50K per month, I have my doubts if you can make a single penny with the system.

BulletProof Profits RedFlags:

  1. Fake Testimonials.
  2. False Income claims.
  3. Misleading information.
  4. Limited Positions and False Scarcity

I have reviewed many similar programs like My Cash Formula, Inbox income and 22 minutes to Profit and all of these turned out to be big scams.

Is BulletProof Profits a Scam?

Making money online is not impossible but you can never make money with just 7 clicks.

The sales video of BulletProof Profits is full of misleading information.

If the system is true to its potential and work as being advertised, the owner of the system would definitely be making much more money.

If he can teach you to make $50k per month with just 7 clicks, then the owner would be multi-millionaire.

I really failed to understand why Justin Tyler does not have a verified social Account.

Why the hell he is selling the money making program for just $9 when he is already making huge money with Just 7 Clicks per day.

The Actors used in the sales video are hired from Fiverr. They read the pre-written script just for a small fee.

The presentator of sales video says that you do not require any special skills to make money with the program and the whole system is set up for you.

But when you see their earning Disclaimer, you will find the contradiction. The Earning disclaimer on the website states that they can not give any money making guarantee and your success will be dependent on various factors.

Bottom Line:

I do not recommend the BulletProof Profits system. You will definitely be disappointed upon buying the program.

Making money online is possible but I would advise you to stay away from such programs for making easy money.

There is no shortcut but you have to learn the actual techniques and apply those techniques to build your online empire.

When I started affiliate marketing, it took me close to 3 months for making my first commission and that too was a very big amount.

It took me almost 12 months to just touch 4 figure income per month landmark and now I am making 6 figure income every month.

I followed a system which is beginner friendly and taught me affiliate marketing step by step. The program is designed in such a way that each day you learn something new and reach new milestones.

Within a few weeks, you will start getting the results and then replicate your success to earn regular passive income.

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